Monday 15 June 2020

We Got A Puppy

We got a puppy! Everyone meet Teddy the Poochon puppy (his dad is a toy poodle and his mam is a bichon). He was only two weeks old when we reserved him and we have had him since he was 8 weeks, he is now 13 weeks - we have had him for 5 weeks but it feels like he has been part of the family forever. 

Yep I know it sounds like such a lockdown cliche as apparently everyone is buying puppies at the moment (have you seen the price of them? people are charging crazy prices now), but we actually reserved him all the way back in March. The kids and husband have always wanted to get a puppy and I have always said no as the teen is allergic to dogs. Late last year we heard about poochons which are hypoallergenic dogs - they don't shed hair and are great for allergy suffers. So we agreed we would get a poochon puppy this summer after our holiday, in March our holiday in May was cancelled and the same day we found out about a litter of Poochon Pups and we ended up with Teddy. 


Teddy (the kids named him as he looks like a fluffy Teddy Bear), is the first puppy I have had so I don't have anything to compare him too but he is hard work and a joy all at the same time. He likes to chew everything, he is into everything and he is not fully toilet trained yet (he does use puppy pads), he wants attention all of the time - it is very much like having a toddler at times! However he is no bother really and doesn't bark or cry much, he has been crate trained from the day we got him, he loves going for walks and he is quick at picking up training and thankfully Marmalade the cat is ok with him. 

Having a puppy has brung a lot of joy to our home as the children love playing with him and taking him on little walks. It is so nice to have a dog that the teen is not allergic too and to have no dog hair anywhere In the house. We previously had Bob stay with us but it was only temporary as his owner moved and couldn't take him but now they have moved again and have him back. So I am pleased that I eventually agreed to getting a puppy as a dog really does make our family feel complete. 

Obviously, Teddy is still only small and as a family, we are not really going anywhere yet, but when life is a bit more normal and he is a bit bigger I will be posting lots of dog-friendly content - walks, dog-friendly places to visit and stay etc. If dogs are your thing then I have also set up a doggy Instagram account for him (yep I really am that sad) called teddy_poochons_life if you fancy a follow. 

If you have a dog or puppy be sure to let me know in the comments below of any dog-friendly places worth visiting in the North East or any puppy training tips or toys as I would be very grateful. 



  1. Aww! Teddy is just adorable!
    He sounds like quite a handful but a joy to have around. x

    1. He really is a handful at times, mainly because of the little two winding him up or leaving toys lying around he pinches lol. It is so nice to have him though and I am so glad we got him xx

  2. Aww we got our poochon on boxing day Buddy hes 8wks ,absolutely adorable, teddy is gorgeous too.

    1. Love the name Buddy, hope he has settled in well and your enjoying him

  3. I was interested to read this as we have viewed a Poochon puppy twice now. My son and I are asthmatic and have allergies so we want to be sure before getting him. So far we have had no major problems on our 2 wee visits to see him. We would love to buy him but are just nervous on the allergy side. Would appreciate your advice. Thank you

  4. Hi so sorry for the late reply. My daughters are both asthmatic and my biggest has a pet allergy but she is fine with our poochon, she reacted the first day or two and had to take piriton but is fine now.

  5. I have a 12 month old poochon, also called Teddy! Hes a lot of work but hes loving and playful and I cant imagine life without his fluffy little face now ❤


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