Wednesday 14 October 2020

L.O.L Surprise Movie Maker App Review


My 7-year-old daughter is a huge L.O.L Surprise fan, she has built up a huge collection of the dolls, pets and babies over the past few years. She also has some of the bigger items like the glamper and playset too and she spends hours playing with them all. So when I heard about the new L.O.L Surprise! Movie Maker app I thought she might enjoy it so downloaded it for her and she absolutely loves it!

What Is L.O.L Surprise Movie Maker? 

L.O.L Surprise Movie Maker is a free to download app that is available now on the app store and Google Play, you can find out more via the L.O.L website. Downloading the app was straightforward and once it was downloaded you can play straight away. My 7 year old managed to work the app on her own within minutes, it is that easy to use. 

L.O.L Surprise Movie Maker lets children create their own L.O.L videos that they can put their own voices over. They can choose backgrounds for their movie, pick L.O.L characters and props and even add music. They can then create voice-overs they can add to their little video clips, just like the popular youtube videos my children love to watch. 

At first, you only have a few different backgrounds, characters and props to use but each day you get a surprise ball to virtually unwrap. Each surprise ball contains a new character, prop and background to add to your virtual collection. My daughter loves unwrapping these and is excited each day to see which character she will get. 

The more videos you create the more coins you earn and coins can be saved up to buy extra surprise balls to unwrap. You need 1000 coins to buy an extra capsule or you can buy them with an in-app purchase. We haven't bought any but its 99p for 1,000 coins, we are just saving our daily coins up and have about 500 saved from the past week. You don't need to buy extra capsules to have fun with the app. 

What Did We Think? 

My 7-year-old loved the app, she has gone on it daily over the past week. As a parent I have not really downloaded many apps for my children, they have a few educational ones and a couple of games so they have never used an app like this one before. It was really easy to use and my daughter figured it out on her own within minutes and she has enjoyed making her own movies. She really likes the daily surprise ball to unwrap and discovering which new character she has. She will happily sit and make a L.O.L movie, spending ages moving the characters around, adding props and changing the background. She really, really loves that you can add voiceovers and will often narrate little scenes for the L.O.L's or sing songs to add to the videos. 

The app is super easy to use, it is fun for children and I think that any L.O.L Surprise fan will enjoy playing it. It gets a big thumbs up from us. 

Join In With The #LOLSurpriseMovieMaker Twitter Party

To celebrate the launch of the L.O.L Surprise Movie Maker app there is a Twitter party happening this Friday - the 16th October between 1-3pm with You can find out more about the app and there will even be the chance to win some prizes. So make sure you follow and myself @nefamilylife plus some other bloggers and follow the hashtag #LOLSurpriseMovieMaker to join in the fun. 


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  1. What a superb super easy app that is loads of engaging fun


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