Tuesday 8 September 2020

Embracing Mischief As A Parent With A Little Help From MAOAM


With 6 months of lockdown under our belts, the children are finally going back to school! It has been a long time for children and us parents to be home and away from school, friend and family. As a mam of three, including a teen, 7 and a 6 year old (who fight often), I hold my hands up and admit that lockdown was challenging at times. When boredom hit and tempers frayed, I found that laughter was the best medicine and quickly brought harmony back to our family life. 

I recently told you all about the MAOAM Mischief Hub, which launched in April and is home to resident, Mischief Maxer, Max. The site is full of mischievous ideas to prank your family or take part in fun crafts and challenges, even featuring children's favourite pranksters, Dick and Dom

If you have never heard of MAOAM before, they are a mischievous sweet maker. They are best known for their delicious chewy treats, such as Stripes, Pinballs and Joystixx. They are super popular with our whole family and we each have our own personal favourites  - I like the apple Joystixx, the husband and teen are a fan of Pinballs and the little two love the cola and cherry flavoured Stripes.

New challenges have been added to the MAOAM Mischief Hub and they are ideal for us parents to use on our children. They are perfect in helping parents generate mischievous ideas with the family - something that is more important than ever at the moment. Being in 'lockdown' changed me and made me realise that family time at home, having fun, and being more carefree is what matters in life. 

Embrace Some MAOAM Mischief

I don't know about you but sometimes being a parent is tough. You are constantly juggling so many things - school runs, work, housework, appointments, bills, shopping, after-school clubs, the dreaded and ever-growing laundry pile, and cooking to name just a few things on our never-ending to-do list. I was always busy and constantly tired and sometimes it is easy to forget who you are, as you are so busy being a parent. 

The recent lockdown changed all of that for me. There were no school runs or after school runs to do and we had a lot more time to just relax. Honestly, it was rather lovely and made me realise that even though I am a grown-up, sometimes embracing my inner-child for some mischief is just what I need. Being mischievous, having fun, chilling out and heaps of belly-aching laughter have done so much good for me and for my children. It is something that I previously did not do enough but I recommend trying more often. 

How To Unleash Some MAOAM Mischief

If you are nodding along, thinking you need to be more mischievous and have some fun with your family, then head on over to www.Maoam.fun , where you will find some great ideas. There is a great section called 'Five Hilarious Magic Tricks to Perform to the kids', and these blew my 6 and 7 year old's minds. They are super-simple magic tricks that us parents can show our children, all using everyday objects that you will probably have around the home. 

I showed them the Mischievous Cola-Pinball Fountain which they loved! Especially as they got to eat the left over Pinball sweets before their dad and big sister got to them! The Ninja Banana Trick baffled them and the Crayon Trick made them think I have some kind of super vision (totally going to use that to my advantage next time they are being tinkers). 

I really do recommend you try them on your own children, as the tricks amazed my little ones and it was good fun. Being home during the pandemic, for such a long time, definitely got boring at times. But, by using the MAOAM Mischief Hub, I discovered super-simple yet very fun ways to prank, scare and challenge my family, which caused lots of laughter. 

The mischief doesn't have to end just because the tinkers are back at school. If you and your family also like to get up to mischief, make sure you tag MAOAM on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, for the chance to win some yummy MAOAM sweets. 

Being a prankster and a magician towards my kids has made me realise how fun being mischievous every now and then is. So, go on. Unleash some MAOAM mischief during parenting and see what fun you can get up to with your own family. 

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