Friday 29 May 2020

Banishing Boredom With The MAOAM Mischief Hub


Hands up if your children are getting a little bit bored? Mine are now that the novelty of staying home during the pandemic has worn off. My children are 6 and 5 so they don't really understand what is going on and they are missing their friend, school, and after school clubs. Things are starting to get a bit mundane now as I am starting to run out of ways to entertain everyone, as we have played every game we own, watched lots of movies, spent hours in the garden and in the kitchen baking alongside our daily learning. 

May is also a tough month for us as we have had to deal with cancelled holidays abroad and cancelled birthday parties (the 6-year-old is turning 7) so I have been looking for fun ways to try and cheer us all up. So when I heard about  MAOAM's new Mischief Hub (yep the yummy sweets) that launched last month - I knew this would be something my own family would enjoy. The MAOAM Mischief Hub is home to 'Mischief Maker', Max, who is a bit of a tinker (very much like my own children). 

MAOAM Mischief Hub

The MAOAM Mischief Hub is, as you expect, full of mischievous content for families to discover and learn some new pranks, get creative and take part in mischief missions, perfect whilst staying at home. Mischief Maker, Max, is joined by kids favourite, Dick and Dom, to help families embrace their inner Max from the safety of their own homes. I don't know about your children but anything involving pranks, mischief and family participation gets the big thumbs up from me. 

Using The MAOAM Hub

The MAOAM Mischief Hub Is really easy for the whole family to use. It is bright, colourful, appealing, and easy for everyone to navigate. There is a welcome post, a fun introduction to Max and then some mischievous craft ideas which are all super simple and can be made from things you will have at home - we will definitely be trying them out. There are Mischief Missions as well as the chance to win yummy MAOAM sweets, by pranking your kids and sharing on social media, tagging MAOAM and using the hashtag #MAOAMmischief (full details and t&c's can be found at the bottom of the Mischief hub webpage.)

Mischief Mission 

I let the children have a look at the Mischief Hub and they decided they wanted to take part in one of the missions - 'Could I be Wearing Anymore Clothes'. The challenge is to see who can put on the most clothes in 60 seconds. There is a video on the website of Dick and Dom taking part in the challenge and after watching it, the children could not wait to take part. So we gathered up lots of random items of clothing from around the house - winter clothing, summer clothing, woollen hats, summer hats, swimming goggles and sports kits. We set a timer to 60 seconds and battled to see who could put on the most items of clothing. Our five-year-old son was actually the winner as he managed to put on lots of shorts and football tops, as well as two hats, swimming goggles and sunglasses. Sadly us parents were a bit too slow; so I think we will have to have a re-match soon and maybe I will get the teen to film it and put it on my Instagram Stories - so keep an eye out for that. It was hilarious and lots of fun, especially when we challenge the kids vs parents round. 

At the moment, I think laughter is important and we certainly had lots of laughs taking part in the challenge and it was fun to be mischievous with the children for a change. As a grown-up, I sometimes forget what being mischievous, playing pranks and just having fun is like and the Mischief Hub has been a great way to reignite my own mischievous side. The children have been enjoying us parents playing pranks on them and it has certainly lightened the mood in our house recently. I think it is about time us parents reignited our mischievous side and encouraged the kids in some silliness!

If you're looking for something fun to do with your children then you really should give it a go as it caused lots of laughter in this house. 

Visit to find out more and don't forget to visit MAOAM on 

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Remember to share your mischief with them and use the hashtag #MAOAMmischief for your chance to win MAOAM prizes.

Disclosure I am working with MAOAM and have been compensated for this post however all opinions are my own. 


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