Tuesday 16 July 2019

Things I Loved June 2019

June was the best month ever as I got married! We had the most amazing day and I am still in a happy little newlywed bubble at the moment. I have written briefly about the wedding but I will be writting more about the day once we get the professional photos back in a few weeks as our guests hardly took any.  June was not all about the wedding though, we had a lot of other stuff happening too so here is a look at some of the things that I loved in June 2019. 

1.) We Got Married

Everyone is probably sick to death of me talking about the wedding now but the day was brilliant and it went much better then I imagined it would. After weeks of rain, I woke up to glorious sunshine and the day turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far! I left most of the wedding stuff to the suppliers we booked and they all done an amazing job and everything exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed catching up with friends and family and having all the people we care about in one place together was just lush.  It was most definitely one of the happiest days of my life and a one we will all remember forever. 

2.) Wedding Preparation

I loved the few days before the wedding as I got my nails done and had a bit of a pamper before the big day. We had our wedding rehearsal, I collected my dress and it just felt like everything was starting to come together. I was really calm on the lead up to the big day but I was also a teeny bit excited too. 

3.) Prom

My biggest daughter had her prom two days before the wedding at St James Park in Newcastle, she looked beautiful and so grown up. I did feel a bit of mum guilt as we didn't make a huge thing of prom for her as we were just so busy with wedding stuff, but she had her hair and makeup done professionally and she had a nice time with her friends. 

4.) Other Half Turned 30

The other half, or should I say my husband (still feels weird saying that) Lee, turned 30 in June. I felt a bit bad as we didn't do anything at all to celebrate as he was working and we didn't have any pennies to do anything as all our money went on the wedding. I got him a few small gifts from the children and have promised to take him out for a meal and get him something nice when he is next off work. 

5.) The Teen's Job

My teen got a job recently, it is just a part-time summer job four afternoons a week to earn some extra money. She loves earning her own money and being able to buy whatever she wants at the end of each week when she gets paid. 

6.) End Of GCSEs

June also signalled the end of the teens GCSEs, I think I was as relieved as her when they finished. She sat 23 exams which seems a lot more then I remember sitting, she spent hours revising and she was a bit worried and stressed out about them so when they finished I was happy to have her back to normal again - well as normal as a teen can be lol. 

7.) Football Presentation

My youngest Jacob goes football training every week and he really enjoys it, he is only four so he is still too young for proper matches at the moment. He had a football presentation night at the start of the month and he really enjoyed getting a trophy and spending the night with his little teammates. 

8.) Love Island 

I blooming love watching Love Island, it is my guilty pleasure and I watch it every night without fail. I am not enjoying this year's show as much as previous years as there does not seem to be many couples but it is still entertaining and I think I will be a bit lost when it finishes in a couple of weeks time. 

9.) Time Off Work

The other half had two weeks off work in June for the wedding and it was so nice having him home and being able to share the school run and after school club drop off and pickups. We got to spend some time together, we went out for a nice meal without the kids and had some super lazy days at home after the wedding as we were exhausted for days afterwards. 

10.) Time Off Blogging

I took most of June off from blogging as we were just so busy with wedding stuff, this week I have started catching up on emails and work and I feel so much better and more motivated after a break. I won't be blogging much over the summer as I want to spend time with the children so hopefully, I will be raring to go blog-wise come September. 

So those are some of the things that I loved in June, how was your June? 



  1. Oh fab! Well done to Chloe for getting a job and congratulations again x

    1. Can't believe how fast she has grown up, it won't be long before Harry leaves school and gets a summer job xx

  2. You have had such a fantastic June. Congratulations on getting married and brilliant news that the weather was great :)

  3. Wow June was an amazing month for you! I love how Love Island featured in your top 10! It would totally be in my top ten too! ❤️

    1. I love it, going to be gutted when it finishes soon haha x

  4. Oh wow what an incredible month June was for you! Congratulations on getting married too :)

  5. Loads of fabulous milestones here, it goes too fast!

  6. Agree with Love Island - also a guilty pleasure....and congratulations on your marriage!!

  7. Well done on getting married! Can't believe what a busy month you had!

  8. I remember the stress of GCSE's particularly with my twins. They are both teachers now so they obviously survived. It is great that your teen has got a job. She must feel quite grown up.

    1. She does, I think she is glad to have money all of the time now to do what she wants with.

  9. Congrats again on your wedding. You both looked so lovely.


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