Tuesday 16 July 2019

Home Renovation Plans

Collaborative post. 

A couple of years ago we moved into our forever family home, it is a 1950's semi that needed a lot of work done to it when we moved in as it still had a lot of original 50s features and was rather dated decor-wise. When we moved in we got to work replacing carpets, getting a new boiler and fitting a new kitchen, however, there is still so much to do. We had underestimated just how much work, time and money it would take to bring our home up to date.

Two weeks ago we got married and the wedding had taken over our lives for the past year, all of our spare money went on paying for the wedding and house renovations were firmly put on hold. Now that we are married and actually have money again we have decided to crack on with the house renovations as we still have so much to do.

First, on our list, we are planning on completely redecorating our lounge area as we have a lounge /dining area that really needs some t.l.c to make it homely. The woodwork such as skirting boards, doors and batten above the windows are really dated and bit shabby looking. So we are planning on getting some new skirting boards fitted from skirtingsrus.co.uk. We are also hoping to replace the doors in the lounge as they are really dated with floral door handles on them.

We then plan on decorating the lounge area in a light grey colour scheme as it is currently white and I am not a fan of white in the lounge when we have young kids. We also plan on getting new flooring fitted, we have laminate down at the moment but it gets dirty so quickly that I am leaning towards getting carpets fitted instead. We are also hoping to get some new sofas as the ones we have are really old and I really don't like them. Lastly, we are going to get rid of all the toys out the lounge as they drive me mad and make the place look so cluttered.

We had a new kitchen fitted when we moved in, however, I really dislike it as our kitchen is tiny. Hopefully, in a few years, we will be able to knock the kitchen and dining room through to create one big kitchen area with patio doors leading into the garden.

Upstairs everywhere is just white so all we have to do is add a bit of colour and get some new carpets and add some new accessories to add a splash of colour and brighten things up a bit. Eventually, we would like to completely redecorate the stairs as they are really dark with mahogany woodwork and doors but I think we will have to wait a few years to do that as it will be a big job. We also want to get the loft converted in the future and maybe add a conservatory or extension to create a separate dining area.

We also have the garden to sort out as that is full of ivy, rose bushes and we even have a rhubarb patch at the bottom of the garden. We plan on getting this sorted during the summer to make it more child-friendly and easier to maintain as we are not really gardeners. 

So those are the plans we have for the house over the next few months, hopefully, the lounge and bedrooms will be finished in the next few months and we can start saving for the future renovations we have planned. Fingers crossed I eventually get the house how I wanted it when we first moved before wedding planning took over. Have you got any plans for your home over the coming months? 


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