Monday 15 July 2019

A Life Update 2019

It feels like such a long time since I sat down and wrote on here, life has just been so busy that this blog and my social media channels have been severely neglected. I have loads of work planned for this week so rather than just kicking off with sponsored posts (gotta pay the bills) I thought I would fill you all in with what's been going on lately - if anyone is interested of course. 

So the big news is that we got married at long last, after two years of planning we finally had our big day and it was just perfect. It was amazing celebrating with all of our family and friends and we were so lucky with the weather (we got married on the hottest day of the year), I am just so glad we got married at last. We are waiting for our professional photos back but once they are back I will be sure to share lots more about our big day on here. 

Newcastle Family Life blogger wedding

Getting married is weird, it doesn't feel any different - although a new surname is taking some getting used too and I still don't have a new signature yet. In the months leading up to the wedding, all I could think about was the wedding, I was reading wedding blogs, I was in tons of wedding facebook groups, I spent hours on Pinterest and a small fortune on wedding magazines. Now we are married and I am not into all that anymore (I think I was a bit wedding obsessed) I have so much free time, it has been a revelation. 

After the wedding our house was chaos with wedding stuff all over, our dining room table was filled with gifts, my wedding dress was just dumped in the bedroom and the living room was overrun with cards. I was totally exhausted for days after the wedding though, I have never felt tiredness like it and it took me almost a week to recover! We are slowly putting things back to how they were and the wedding now feels like a distant memory even though it was only two weeks ago. 

semi naes three tier wedding cake and cupcakes decorated with fresh berries

We haven't had a honeymoon as we couldn't afford one straight after the wedding as we ended up going well over the original wedding budget. We were hoping to go away later in the year but my husband (feels so strange saying that) couldn't get time off during half-term. We booked two weeks in Greece for next year, which I am looking forward to already as I have never been to Greece before. We are super lucky to be able to have two holidays next year to make up for not having one this year.

My teen Chloe has been full of busy lately, she has finished her GCSEs and is waiting for her results in August if she passes she is off to sixth form to study for A Levels. She also had her prom, two days before the wedding and looked beautiful - I know everyone says that but it is crazy how fast kids grow up! She has also got herself a little part-time summer job, just four afternoons a week but she is happy to have extra money to spend on make-up and clothes. She is off to NCS later in the month so she is full of busy. 

The little two are in their final week of school before the summer holidays and I can't wait to have them home for the summer. We don't have any big plans, we will have lots of local days out and we are planning on visiting Flamingoland again and Jacob will be turning five. They have both loved school this year and have enjoyed after-school clubs such as Rainbows and Football training, I need to try and get them some swimming lessons booked for September as everywhere has such long waiting lists. 

Newcastle Family Life blog

As it is the summer holidays in just a few days I won't be blogging a lot as I want to spend time with my children. I am sure most of us parents will be doing the same and no-one will be wanting to read blogs so I will probably only post once or twice a week. However I know how the holidays can be long and it can be a struggle finding new things to do in the holidays, so every day I will be posting a day out idea over on my Facebook Page

Last September I planned on blogging full-time but life just got in the way as for the first time since starting my blog I actually had child-free time as my youngest turned four and started school. However, my mind was on the wedding and getting the teen through her GCSEs and Over the past year, my blog has been a bit neglected. I have thought of stopping blogging on more than one occasion, I was even offered a social media manager job recently on the back of this blog. However, after lots of thought, I decided not to return to work as I know what it is like being a full-time working mam and it is bloody hard and a constant juggling act. So from September, I am going to be blogging full-time and I will see where that leads me. 

So that's a little update on what we have been up to and our future plans. I hope you all have a wonderful summer making memories with your families and the kids don't drive you too mad - let's be honest having kids home for the summer is lush at time's but it can drive you bonkers too. 



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    1. Thanks Sam, you too. We don't have much planned as Lee is working most of it xx

  2. You have been busy recently! I remember well how rime consuming getting married was and how much free time it felt like I had afterwards.

    1. It is so strange having free time after a wedding isn't it. My latest thing is searching for holidays to kill some time haha x

  3. I love your blog. Have a wonderful Summer making more memories x

  4. What a beautiful family picture, you look stunning! Congratulations on both the wedding and the decision to blog full time.

    Have a wonderful summer 💕

  5. What a beautiful wedding! And a honeymoon in Greece will be amazing!

    1. I am so excited about Greece as we have never been before but it looks so laid back xx

  6. Aww your wedding looks beautiful and that cake looks absolutely delicious!! Having Greece to look forward to next year is very exciting too :)

    1. The cake was wonderful, I only tried one of the layers but I was told they all tasted amazing x

  7. Congratulations on your wedding, you and the family look stunning!!


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