Friday 8 March 2019

Things I Loved February 2019

February was a quiet month for us, I know it is a shorter month but it really did seem to fly by this year. We didn't really do anything exciting as we have been limiting days out as we are saving like crazy for our upcoming wedding. The kids had a week off for half-term and it was lush to spend time with all three of them at home, we had lots of lazy mornings in our pj's watching films with the heating on keeping cosy. Things were quiet blog-wise this month, paid work was really good this month but reviews and days out were a bit quieter than normal. For the first time ever I struggled a bit picking ten things that I enjoyed this month, as I feel like we haven't really done much. 

So here is a look at some of the things I loved in February 2019. 

wrap, chips and salad

1.) Lebanese Meal

I love Lebanese food and late last year a Lebanese opened in my hometown of Cramlington and I had been wanting to visit for ages. The other half had a rare weekday off work (he works Monday to Friday) so we went to the Lebanese for lunch. It was not the nicest meal I have ever had but it was cheap, cheerful and tasty. It was nice to actually go out for a meal together without the kids in tow. 

2.) Half Term

I always love when the kids are off school over half-term, it's nice having a break from the school runs and to actually spend time with the kids just chilling out at home. We had such a lazy half-term, the other half was working and we didn't do a lot really. We had lots of days at home watching films, playing board games and just spending time together which was nice. I am already counting down to the Easter half term. 

3.) The Handmaids Tale 

I finally got around to watching The Handmaids Tale on sky boxset and I loved it! I binge watched both series and was totally hooked, it was one of the best things I have watched in a long time. I can't wait for series three and I really want to read the book now too. Highly recommend a watch if you haven't seen it yet. 

4.) Wedding Shoes & Planning

I have been on the hunt for wedding shoes since I got my dress back in October and I had not found any I liked. I eventually managed to get some Rainbow club ones from the Rainbow Club eBay store, brand new for just £3.64, total bargain as they sell the exact same ones for £75 in John Lewis. As they were such a bargain find I can now splash out on some nice flats for the evening too. 

This month I picked the cake flavours and confirmed everything with our cake lady, I eventually ordered invites and started sending them out, I have finalised some of the venue decor and been working out how on earth we can pay for it all as I have gone over budget. I had no idea planning a wedding would be so time-consuming. 

trampoline park

5.) Airbox Bounce 

I took Sophia to Airbox Bounce trampoline park in Cramlington for a party at the start of the month and she absolutely loved it. She had so much fun and was fearless jumping and bouncing around, it was lovely to watch her having so much fun. She enjoyed it so much I will have to take her back soon. 

6.) Teen Planning Future 

My eldest is 16 and in just a few months she will be sitting her G.C.S.Es and leaving school and she has no idea what she wants to do in life. She has never known what she wants to do job wise and is always changing her mind. After much thought, she has finally decided to head off to sixth form in September to study A Levels. She has also signed up to NCS program in the summer which will hopefully make her a bit more independent and teach her valuable life skills. 

7.) Being Busy

I know I said we haven't done much this month and that is true but I have been so busy with blog work, wedding planning and house stuff. I am having a big declutter, selling stuff on eBay and finishing off all the little decorating jobs that need to be done around our home. I much prefer being busy as I hate just sitting around doing nothing or watching the telly. 

8.) Giving Up Dieting

This might sound a bit bonkers as I am overweight and need to lose weight, plus I have a wedding coming up. However I have decided to give up dieting, for years I have done slimming world and I am a typical yo-yo dieter, I start on a Monday cheat by lunchtime then give up and think I will start again next week. So I have decided to give up dieting and just try and eat healthier and move more. I will see how I get on and let you know next month. 

9.) Jacob Reading Star

My youngest is only 4 and he is one of the youngest in his reception class at school (his birthday is the end of August) so we were a bit worried that he would be a bit behind the other children in his class but he is amazing. He is so smart for his age and he just wants to learn everything, he has taken to reading so well and tries to read everything and will read to us three times a day. He recently got a golden high flying reading balloon at school for his reading and he was so proud, bless him. 

10.) The Life I have

This might sound like a bit of a cop-out but over the past year, I have been feeling so lucky and grateful for the life that I have. I am so lucky that I have three, happy, healthy children and a partner who I am planning on marrying very soon. We have a nice family home, enough money to live on and have the odd treat, we can afford holidays and we have each other. In the past year, I have sadly known three young children who have died, I have seen relationships fall apart, people struggle to afford to live and it just makes you realise just how lucky you are in life. 

So those are some of the things I have loved in February 2019. What did you enjoy last month? 


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