Monday 4 March 2019

4 Months Until I Say I Do

In just four months time I will be saying I do and getting married and I am feeling very overwhelmed and nervous about it all now. The wedding diet I said I was going to go on hasn't happened, we have so much to still organise and pay for and I am wondering if we will get it all paid for and organised in time. Please, everyone, keep your fingers crossed we manage to pull it off! I know people plan weddings in such short spaces of time and all the big things are in place for the big day but I am a natural born worrier. 

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What We Have Done This Month

This month we finally made a start on sending out invites, we still have more to send and I haven't even got evening invites yet but it's a start. We also bought the stuff to create our table plan as we have decided to make our own as it was working out rather expensive to buy the kind that we wanted. I spoke to our cake lady and have finalised the cake design and flavours and our favours as she is making those for us too. 

I managed to get my wedding shoes this month from Rainbow club and they were such a bargain which means I can treat myself to some nice flats for the evening. I also ordered some cute personalised stickers to seal our invitation envelopes from Bellaboos gifts and I have ordered hangers for the bridal party. 

One of my oldest friends has taken charge and started to organise my hen party for next month which I am looking forward too, I haven't had a proper night out on the toon for years! I have no idea what we are doing all I know is the date and that we heading to Newcastle on the lash to get mortal haha! 

Still To Do

We have so much still to do, we have most of the wedding still to pay for, yikes! We have a few more payments due to our venue for catering and we also need to pay the final balance to the registrar this month too. The other half and the groomsmen still need suits but he is planning on going this month when he gets his bonus from work. We are also planning on getting our rings ordered this month as we still don't have any, although we know we just want plain gold bands as that's all the other half can wear for work. 

I need to arrange my hair and makeup trials, my dress fitting is booked for April and I still need to get all my accessories for the big day too. We need to have a meeting with the registrar to finalise our vows and readings and meet our photographer, videographer, DJ and florist soon to finalise everything. We also need to have our wedding rehearsal at the venue and I need to decide where I will be getting married on the morning of the wedding as I am still undecided.  

I also have all the little bits to sort out, little finishing touched such as confetti, menu cards, signs etc. I also still haven't decided on chair sash colours and centrepieces, really must get a move on with those. 

I really wanted to go on honeymoon straight after the wedding but I don't think we can afford it so we are going to book a mini-moon instead for a couple of days and then have a familymoon either later this year or early next year. We just can't decide where to go so far it is between Greece, Croatia and Mexico although the other half fancies the Dominican Republic. If anyone has any recommendations let me know. 

So that's what I have been up to wedding wise this month, hopefully, I will be more productive next month. 



  1. Oh gosh! I can't believe you only have 4 months until the big day! Eek! I am sure it will be the most amazing day. It sounds like you have got loads done and lots organised! Good luck x

  2. How exciting! I am sure everything will go well and you will have a wonderful day.

  3. Sounds like you've got loads sorted, so exciting. For a mini-moon I'd go to either Rockliffe Hall, Seaham Hall, Wynyard Hall or for mine we went to a place called the Hideaway in Scotland which was so romantic and secluded. Enjoy the rest of the build-up! Melis x

    1. Thank you for the recommendations, I love the idea of a spa break to chill out. I have never heard of the Hideaway, sounds amazing for a mini moon xx


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