Sunday 5 February 2017

January 2017

As usual I am late in writing about the month gone by, it honestly does not seem so long ago that I was writing about what we had been up to in December. January was a funny old month, I suppose it always is, everyone is on a Christmas come down, bank balances look a bit bleak and the weather is rubbish. It was certainly a strange month for me, I ended up in hospital after getting bitten off my cat, who knew cats could cause such damage? The month was not all bad, though, so let's have a look at what life was like for us in January 2017. 

Personal Life

The new year kicked off for us with a quiet day at home enjoying a family meal and watching films, long gone are the days where I used to go partying. The children went back to school/nursery really early in the month after the Christmas break, just a few days into the new year. It was nice to have a bit of normality and routine back after the craziness that Christmas brings. We did not have any family days out this month as the other half was back at work, although he did take the girls to see Sing at the cinema one weekend. 

As I mentioned I got bitten off my cat and ended up in hospital at the start of the month, which was so strange as I never knew they could do so much damage. We have had our cat for about 7 years now since he was a kitten and he just attacked me out of the blue, attaching himself to my arm with his claws and mouth. I went to the minor injury clinic as the bites would not stop bleeding after a few hours and they referred me for plastic surgery where I had to get the wounds washed out, and spent a week going to and from hospital getting the dressings changed daily. Luckily it has healed well now but I have no feeling at all around the bite area. 

The children have had a quiet month too, they have had a few days out to soft plays and the girl's have been to the cinema and for a meal. They have also spent a lot of time with their grandparents this month too which is always nice for them. They are all doing great at school and nursery and I am loving watching the bond between the little two grow every day, although they do fight a lot. 

I rejoined Slimming World this month (again) and I was so happy to have lost 5lb in my first week back on plan. I am really hoping I can stick with it this time as it really is the only 'diet' that works for me. Myself and the other had a night out cooking Thai food this month at Thaikhun cooking school which was actually lots of fun. I have loved having cosy nights in watching Celebrity Big Brother this month, I never thought I would say this but I so wish Jedward had of won the show. 

Blog Life

As it was the new year I really did plan on working really hard on my blog and trying to improve things, it never happened. My blog was well and truly neglected for most of the month as I was unable to type after the cat attack on my arm. Even though I was unable to blog much during January I was amazed that my stats were almost double what they were in December thanks to old Slimming World recipes doing well on Pinterest. I was also pleasantly surprised that I reached number 50 in the Tots 100 parent blogger chart, it was my third month in the Top 100 but I am totally expecting a massive fall after a disastrous January. 

January is always a quiet month blog-wise but I have still worked on a few nice projects such as the Thaikhun cooking school, visiting Catpawcino cat cafe on the quayside and enjoying a family meal at Brewers Fayre. I also started work on a new Talk to Mums campaign, handing out samples of Knorr products and seeing what fellow mums think of them. I really enjoy doing this type of work as it pushes me out of my comfort zone a bit and makes me talk to other mums at the school gates as I am naturally quite shy. 

That is what we have been up to in January, how was your January? 


  1. Looks like you have been busy. Your snow lasted a little long than ours did. We had it for about a hour. My kids were not to happy when they came home from school and it had all gone.

    1. Aw bless, my little girl was amazed when she seen it she thought Elsa had made it xx

  2. Sounds like quite a good month, despite the little incident with the cat. It's so strange that the cat did that to you, hope you are ok now! Catpawcino sounds like an amazing place, we didn't get a chance to visit a cat cafe when we were over but hopefully we'll be back later in the year and I can go!xx


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