Thursday 1 May 2014

Sophia's 10 Month Update

Sophia turned 11 month's old last week just one more month until she is one whole year old! Time really does fly by when you have children. Since starting this blog just over a month ago I decided to write a monthly update on what she has been like so that I can record her milestones and have a lovely record to look back on in years to come, this post will be looking back on what Sophia was like at 10 month's old.

 I have not been to get Sophia weighed for a while now so I have no idea what she weighs but she is defiantly getting a lot bigger. She is wearing 9-12 month clothes but she still fits into most of her 6-9 months too, she received some 12-18 month clothes for Easter and I thought they might fit her but they are far too big.

 She still has the same routine as always, she wakes around 7am and she comes downstairs gets changed and sits in her jumperoo and watches Doc Mcstuffin for a bit on t.v then she has her breakfast and spends some time playing. She has a nap around 9am for an hour after dropping her sister at school and then we either go out shopping/park/baby classes we return home for lunch and she has another nap at around 1pm for an hour and a half. She then spends time playing before picking her sister up from school and then spends time playing with her sister then its tea, telly, bath, story and milk and bed by 7pm. She normally goes to sleep no problem when we put her to bed but she has been taking ages to fall asleep lately and thinks its play time when we put her in her cot - I'm blaming the light nights.

Sophia's eating habits are better now she eats three meals a day and she eats most things, we just give her whatever we are eating now she still loves cheese and carrots and she seems to like broccoli, roast dinners are defiantly her favourite meal. We have not tried her with meat yet though as she doesn't have many teeth to chew it with. She is actually taking food off a spoon now which is a break threw she loves yogurts and custard and will say "mmmm nice" if you give her these she deffinatly has a sweet tooth. She still has baby milk but she only has bottles to fall asleep now so we just make them up when we need them which is so much easier.

Sophia still only has eight teeth four at the top and four at the bottom. Her speaking is coming on great she is such a little chatterbox , a lot of it is still just baby talk but she try's to copy what you say and she can say mam, dad, Lee( her dads name) Chloe gets called eeee Sophia is yayyay and she can say cat, hiya, yes, bath, juice, cheese, doc (for Doc Mcstuffin) see saw, bear, sock, peg (she loves pegs) bum bum (if she wants her nappy changed) there it is, wow, nice, and hey( if you are ignoring her) she shakes her head no and nods for yes waves hello and bye, claps her hands and points at things. She will kiss you if you ask for a kiss and she dances if you say dance or if she hears music by waving her arms about and wriggling from side to side. If she wants her bum changed she will say bum bum or she will go and sit on her changing mat and wait for you to do it.

She loves playing peek a boo, books, Doc Mcstuffin and Sofia the first, she will actually laugh at them if they are on the telly we also put frozen on and she loved it and sat staring at the telly and dancing along to the songs. She loves going on the swings at the park and she loves playing with her toys she actually plays with them now she kisses her teds and trys to give them a drink out of her play cups. She loves toddling along with her baby walker and she still loves her jumperoo. She has a strange obsession with socks she pulls hers off and collects them out the laundry basket and she will walk around with a sock in her hand. She also loves pegs and if she gets her hands on a one when i am sorting the laundry she will keep tight a hold of it for the rest of the day.

 She still shuffles on her bum and crawls sometimes, she spends most of her time on her feet now cruising along the furniture and walls. She has actually started to walk, she can walk right across the living room but she normally just takes a few steps and then sits down. I don't know if it is because we have laminated flooring and she feels a bit wobbly on it or if she is just being lazy.

starting to walk
There is probably loads more things that she has done this month that I have missed out as I have really bad baby brain at the moment. Her personality is really grown now and she is such a happy funny little girl, she still hardly ever cry's and always has a smile for anyone she sees and she is not clingy or afraid of strangers or anything. She is turning into a proper little toddler now and is not really a baby any more, I cant wait for her birthday next month.


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