Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Other Bloggers Family Lives Featuring Me Becoming Mum

This week I am joined by Naomi who blogs at Me Becoming Mum on Other Bloggers Family Lives. Naomi has a family blog all about life with her two little girls and family lifestyle topics. So let's find out more about the family behind Me Becoming Mum. 

Me Becoming Mum and family

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Afternoon Tea With Santa At Wyevale Garden Centre Gosforth

This year I am so excited for Christmas as it is the first year my little two (aged 3 & 4) have properly understood what Christmas is all about. They have already written their Christmas lists for Santa, they keep asking when we can put the Christmas tree up and they are amazed by the twinkling lights from the shopping centre decorations. They are so excited and each day they race downstairs in the morning asking if today is the day we can put our tree up. They truly believe in Father Christmas and the magic of Christmas and it is heartwarming to watch. 

Monday, 20 November 2017

Thinking Of A Family Cruise

One of my favourite bloggers Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks has just returned from a family cruise and after reading about her experience I really want to go on a family cruise myself. I have never been on a cruise before, to be honest, I always thought they were for older people and not for young families like mine. Over the past few years I have heard just how family friendly a cruise can be and as my partner is desperate to go on a cruising holiday I have been looking into them lately. 

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Crepe Affaire Newcastle Review

Last year Newcastle's Eldon Square opened its new Grey's Quater which is home to a great variety of place's to eat and drink. Tucked away on the ground floor near the escalators is Crepe Affaire, a small and very modern looking Creperie serving a selection of sweet and savoury French crepes. This week Crepe Affaire is celebrating its first birthday in Eldon Square and to celebrate they will randomly be handing out vouchers for a free crepe to ten purchasing customers per day during its Birthday week (this week). They will also be handing out a free glass of prosecco to all customers who place a crepe order after 5pm this Thursday (23rd November) too. 

Friday, 17 November 2017

Starting The Day With Ready Brek & Despicable Me 3

Now that it is winter and the mornings are cold and frosty we have been starting the day with a nice warming bowl of Ready Brek each morning. I fondly remember having Ready Brek for breakfast when I was a child and now my own children enjoy it for breakfast too, especially my four-year-old daughter Sophia. Packed full of vitamins and minerals and only containing natural ingredients it is the perfect way to start the day before school. Plus it is super quick and easy for us parents to whip up in the morning too, bonus! 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Behind The Scenes At McDonald's

Last week I was invited to McDonald's Silverlink to go behind the scenes and see what new changes they are making to the restaurants, and also to make my very own Big Mac! We were greeted at the store by franchisee Bill who was the 6th McDonald's franchise owner here in the UK and now has several branches here in the North East, including the Silverlink branch which has the busiest drive-thru in the North East. Bill employs over 600 people here in the North East, and funnily enough my partner actually worked for Bill and the store manager Simon many years ago when he was a teenager at the Silverlink branch.

McDonald's Big Mac I Made

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Other Bloggers Family Lives Featuring My Chaotically Eclectic Life

This week on Other Bloggers Family Lives I am featuring Debbie who blogs at My Chaotically Eclectic Life. Debbie blogs about family life with an older child and two younger ones, just like me and she features days out in Yorkshire, reviews and crafts. So let's find out more about the family behind My Chaotically Eclectic Life.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Cote Brasserie Newcastle Review

A couple of weeks ago Cote Brasserie opened a new branch here in Newcastle, I was invited to the press night but unfortunately could not attend and luckily I was booked in for an evening meal a week later instead. Located in the former Barclays bank building on Grainger street you will find Cote Brasserie, and what a transformation it has been under. The building has been transformed with rustic, yet luxurious decor that almost makes you feel you are at a Parisian bistro and not in cold Newcastle. 

Photo via Cote Brasserie

Monday, 13 November 2017

Silver Cross Pioneer Doll Pram Review

My little girl Sophia is 4-years-old and she loves playing with her dolls and pushing them around in her doll's pram. Now that she is getting older her current dolls pram is getting a bit small for her and we were thinking of buying her a new one for Christmas this year, then just like magic Play Like Mum got in touch and asked if we would like to review a Silver Cross Pioneer 5-in-1 doll's pram (perfect timing). 

Silver Cross Pioneer Vintage Pink Doll Pram in garden

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Planning A Winter Family Holiday

In May we are off on our very first family holiday abroad as a family of five, my eldest daughter has been abroad lots of times (and has recently returned from another holiday) but my little two have never left the UK before. Now that they are getting a little older (3 and 4) and easier to manage we are really looking forward to taking them on lots of holidays to create some magical family memories. As a child I was really lucky that I used to go abroad twice a year, a two week family holiday in March and then a week last minute holiday every October. As we often holidayed out of season we often visited the Spanish Canary Islands as they have all year sunshine. I spent most of my teenage years holidaying in the Canaries and I have visited the main four islands numerous times. 


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Chocolate Clothing Wishlist

As a mum one thing that I love is buying clothes for my children, I think children clothes are just so cute. I love creating little outfits for my children and seeing them looking all smart, they are so much better dressed then I am. I am not a fan of shopping on the high-street for clothes for them as I much prefer shopping online, luckily my children wear clothes true to their age so this makes things easier. 

Whilst browsing online recently for new winter outfits for my daughter Sophia (I am finding it so hard to find her a nice winter coat this year) I discovered Chocolate clothing. Founded in 2007 it is a luxury children clothing designer retailer selling top named brands. I don't normally buy designer clothing for my children but I do splash out on them from time to time for special occasions. 

Other Bloggers Family Lives Featuring Trinimamabebe

This week on Other Bloggers Family Lives I am featuring Trini who blogs at Trinimamabebe, which is a family lifestyle blog about life as a first-time mum, money saving and reviews. So let's find out more about the family behind Trinimamabebe. 

Trininmamabebe blog logo

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Halfords Black Friday Competition

Now that it is November everyone is starting to get ready for Christmas, I know I certainly am. I have started my Christmas shopping and I am hoping that I can get it finished by the end of this month (maybe that is wishful thinking) so that I can relax and enjoy the festivities that December brings. I like to try and be organised for Christmas but I often find myself holding out buying a lot of gifts until the end of November, to see if I can grab myself some Black Friday deals. 

Halfords Black Friday competition

Monday, 6 November 2017

Christmas Songs That Keep My Children Entertained In The Car

Now that it is November everywhere seems to be in full Christmas spirit, there are Christmas adverts on TV (Asda is my favourite so far), the shops are full of Christmas gifts and festive decorations are appearing in shops. My children are starting to get really excited, especially as it is the first year my little two properly understand what Christmas is about. All three of my children have already written their lists for Santa and we have some festive activities planned to get them in the festive spirit and I have about half of my Christmas shopping already done. 

Friday, 3 November 2017

Chaophraya Thai Cooking School Review

Last year Eldon Squares new grey's quarter opened which is home to a great range of dining options, one of these is Chaophraya Thai restaurant. Chaophraya is located on the top floor with wonderful views of the city below, I had heard great reviews but had never actually visited myself although I have visited sister restaurant Thaikhun in nearby Metrocenter many times.  While Thaikhun has a very family-friendly, street-food type vibe to it Chaophraya has a more elegant and upmarket vibe, making it perfect for date night or a meal out with friends. 

Thai Tom Yung Soup starter

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Things I Loved October 2017

I am so happy to see the back of October as it was an awful month for us, it was a month full of job uncertainty, money worries and yet more broken appliances. The other month our fridge died and this month our very expensive TV died (fingers crossed it can be fixed). It has also been a month full of illness, poor Sophia had a chest infection and was on antibiotics and then we all had the most horrific sickness bug over half-term, I am still recovering from it now a week later! 

Even though the month was pretty rubbish compared to last month I still like to try and see the positive so let's have a look at some of the things that I loved in October. 

white rabbit light at sunderland illuminations

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Other Bloggers Family Lives Featuring The Money Whisperer

This week on Other Bloggers Family Lives I am featuring Emma who blogs at The Money Whisperer. Emma blogs about a host of ways to make and save money and her blog is full of really useful tips on how to easily save money - something I really need to get better at as I am terrible at wasting money! So let's find out more about the family behind The Money Whisperer. 

The Money Whisperer UK blog logo