Wednesday 8 November 2017

Other Bloggers Family Lives Featuring Trinimamabebe

This week on Other Bloggers Family Lives I am featuring Trini who blogs at Trinimamabebe, which is a family lifestyle blog about life as a first-time mum, money saving and reviews. So let's find out more about the family behind Trinimamabebe. 

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1.) Tell me a bit about yourself and your family

My name is Trini, I'm a 30-year-old partner to Drew and Mother to 2-year-old Parker. 

2.) Where do you live?

We are from Lincolnshire, which is classed as part of Yorkshire and Humberside. 

3.) What is your favourite thing to do as a family where you live?

Where we live is kind of central to quite a lot of things - we love Yorkshire wildlife park for a nice walk around and to feed the animals. Cleethorpes for Fish & Chips, Big Fun in Lincoln for a run around to let off steam and Doncaster Dome for a family swim session. 

4.) If you could live anywhere where would you?

Right where I am now! There is no place like home for me and my family. As long as I am surrounded by my family and loved ones I am happy. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't say no to a holiday somewhere hot for frequent visits though. 

5.) Did you grow up close to where you live now and what are your favourite childhood memories of where you grew up?

I grew up in the family home that my Mum and Dad still live in, which is exactly a 3-minute drive up the road. My favourite childhood memories of where I grew up is that my best-friend lived just 5 doors away so we didn't have far to go to hang out and for sleepovers. There was also everything we needed around us - a park right behind our house and all the shops we needed at the end of the street. Still to this day 30-years later we are still the best of friends. 

6.) Have you got any exciting family plans for the year ahead?

We are not massive forward thinkers me and my partner. We tend to plan excursions and days out pretty last minute. We went to Butlins at the beginning of the year and we all massively enjoyed that so I hope we go again next year.

7.) What is your favourite thing about family life?

Just being together is our favourite, whether that means watching Disney films and eating sweets, making mud pies in the garden or a family day out. As long as we are together we are happy.  

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions Trini, it must be so lovely living so close to your parent's house where you grew up. It is so nice you still have the same best friend all of these years later too. It sounds like there are lots to do for families where you live and you can't beat a day of Disney films when the weather is colder, it is something we do often too. 

If you would like to find out more about Trini and her family visit her blog

Don't forget to check out last week's post featuring The Money Whisperer if you missed it. If you would like to take part in Other Bloggers Family Lives just send me an email at



  1. Really interesting post this. It's fascinating to read how every family is different in how they approach their life.

  2. Another new blogger to read about! It's lovely to discover new ones and to read about how they lead their lives too.

  3. Lovely to find out a bit more about Trini - my husband's family are from Lincolnshire! I also completely agree - just being together is the best :)

  4. Aw I love that you featured someone who is so connected to her family and her home. She sounds like such a lovely and genuine person too!x

  5. A new blogger for me to discover and you can't beat a good fish and chips, they are always my favourite too!

  6. I love how she is happy living where she is and being close to family. I definitely feel like this in regards to where I live too.

  7. Hello to you and Trini too! I love that Trini doesn't want to live anywhere else than she does now and I love the idea of making mudpies in the garden!

  8. Good to meet Trini on your blog. I like her sound of happy times - sweets and Disney films. Perfect!

  9. Nice to get to know someone better - kind of the person behind the blog :)

  10. Really lovely to get to know some other bloggers - love guest posts!

  11. Aw thank you! I really enjoyed doing this
    Feature guest post. Thanks for having me xx

  12. I love this, I can relate so much! I live a few minutes from the home I grew up in and would never want to leave my village!

  13. Ahh, a lovely post! I'll have to pop over to Trini's blog! :D

  14. Ah lovely post, we're like you, just love being with each other. Family days out are perfect to us.

  15. Lovely to read about trini :) oh we all love a good Disney film here ! Xx

  16. We are not massive forward thinkers either, although sometimes you do need to plan ahead sometimes

  17. This was an interesting read. I love being close to family too. Off to check out the blog.

  18. I love these blogger series. Lovely finding out more about our fellow bloggers

  19. Lovely interview, sounds like our family, happy being together, watching movies and eating!

    1. We are the same, sometimes the simple things are the best x


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