Wednesday 14 April 2021

Things I Loved March 2021

I can't believe we are halfway through April already, I am sure Christmas was only a few weeks ago! Time has been zooming on by. March was another quiet month as we did not do much, nowhere has been open with lockdown (again) so we have stayed home and took the dog on lots of local walks. There is hope on the horizon though and I really do hope that this time we can maybe return to some sort of normality, as it has been a tough year. I will be honest I won't be rushing on days out or visiting beer gardens or anything like that just yet, but I am looking forward to seeing family again and the return to the children's activities and some outdoor days out hopefully. 

Anyway despite not really doing much March was still an ok month, so here are some of the things that I loved from March. 

1.) Teddy Turned One

Teddy our family dog turned one in the middle of the month and we got him a doggy birthday cake from Doggy delish in Monkseaton, North Tyneside. I know it might seem silly celebrating a dogs birthday but it was just a £5 treat cake. Getting Teddy has been the best thing we have done and he is like part of the family now. He has got us out of the house every day on walks during lockdowns, he makes us laugh, he snuggles up to us if we are sad or unwell and he is just lovely. 

Don't get me wrong some days he drives us mad with his barking (he deffo has small dog syndrome), or when he finds anything he can get his paws on and runs off and hides under the table with it. But he makes us laugh every day and we have been very lucky with him as he is so friendly and placid, he really is the children's best friend and never leaves their sides. 

2.) Return To School 

The children all returned to school at the start of March and it was very much needed. I love having them home and keeping them safe and I would happily keep them home if I could but they need school. The little two need the routine, seeing their friends and learning at school as homeschooling was not fun and we had lots of tears. The teen is also in her A-level year and she has done no mocks or assessments or anything yet, so who knows what will happen with her A-Level results as she only spent 6 months in sixth form before covid struck. 

3.) Vaccine 

I was lucky enough to have been offered my first covid vaccine in March due to a health condition. I had the oxford one and a month later I have luckily been ok. I did feel a bit rubbish about 24 hours after the jab, just tired and achy and no appetite but I was fine by the next day apart from my arm which ached so bad for about a week. 


4.) Mothers Day

We did not do much for Mothers Day but it was nice to have a day off from housework and cooking the Sunday roast for once. I got some Wax melts, chocolates (which the kids ate) and the teen arranged for a mothers day cake delivered, which was delicious. 

5.) Fat Hippo Burgers 

We had Fat Hippo burgers from a street food van and they were delicious. I have missed going out for meals and even though we normally get a takeaway a couple of times a month it is not the same, so it was nice to try something different. 

6.) Football

Football started again at the end of the month so Jacob was happy, he loves his football and the husband is actually one of the coaches too. They spent the end of the month at a football camp (outdoors) and he enjoyed it, although he did badly hurt his toe so had to miss the last day. It is just nice for the children to have a little bit of normality doing things that they love again. 

7.) Firefly Lane 

I watched Firefly Lane on Netflix recently and enjoyed it. It was a nice easy watch and I have ordered the books which the show was based on as I normally enjoy books more. 
It is worth a watch if you want something easy to watch about friendship. 

8.) Teen Business Busy 

Last year my 18-year-old daughter set up her own craft business called Rainbows and Daydreams after losing her part-time job due to the pandemic. It has been plodding along ok with a few orders a week but recently it got super busy on Etsy and she had hundreds of orders. I got roped into helping her as she was a bit overwhelmed with Easter orders and it was nice spending time with her. She has plans to grow the business even more with lots of new products and a website once she finishes sixth form in a few months time. 

9.) Spring 

Spring has sprung and it has been lovely to see some sunshine again, although we have also had snow and ice which is crazy. The children have loved being able to visit the local park again and to play outside in the garden. 

10.) Easter Break 

The children broke up for Easter break and it was lovely to have them home for two weeks, the biggest is still off as she goes to sixth form in a different county and their holidays are different. It was nice to have a few lazy days, the husband had some time off work and it was nice to spend some time together as a family. 

So those are some of the things that I loved and that made me happy in March. How was your month? 


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  1. Time really is flying over.
    What lovely things to love. Happy birthday to Teddy. He really is a cutie. Good on you for getting him a cake. He's part of the family so why not.
    Hooray for getting the vaccine. I felt meh after mine but it was worth it to know I am that little bit safer.
    I am so pleased your daughters business is going well. x


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