Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Friends Of Sylvanian Families

A little while ago we were contacted to see if we would like to become Friends of Sylvanian Families, of course I had to say yes as who doesn't love Sylvanian Families ? I remember playing with them myself as a child and my eldest daughter use to love them and has so many sets packed away for her little sister to enjoy. We have houses, cars, fish shop, village shop and a cake shop to name just a few along with lots of adorable families. 

If I am honest I think that I love them more then my two girls do as they bring back so many happy memories from my own childhood, this year Sylvanian Families celebrate their 30th birthday which just goes to show how loved they are. They originated in Japan all the way back in 1985 and now they are much loved worldwide. 

Sylvanian Families 

Sylvanian families are really cute animal families that come dressed in adorable tiny outfits, they are sold in packs of families and each family member has a name and brief description of their personality on the box, making them extra magical for children to play with. You can also buy lots of sets to create your very own Sylvanian world with beautiful homes, shops and vehicles. My eldest has so many sets and she use to set them all up to make a little village which she spent hours playing with. So of course being a family that is such big fans of Sylvanians we had to agree to becoming Friends of Sylvanian Families to help them celebrate their very special 30th birthday. 

So what does being a friend of Sylvanian Families mean ? Well it means that we were kindly sent a lovely package full of goodies, it also means that between now and Christmas I will be bringing you some posts such as a showcase of all of the products we own (we have lots). I will also be bringing you a guide to are favourite products for Christmas, as I am sure any child would be over the moon to discover some of these super cute characters on Christmas morning. 

In the pack we were sent we received an adorable family which luckily is a set that we don't already own. As I mentioned each character comes with a name and a brief description of what they are like. So let me introduce you to the Kangaroo family we have daddy Kangaroo who is called Bruce Springer he runs the cricket club and is also captain of the team. Mummy Kangaroo is called Sheila Springer, a great all round sportswomen who is great at netball. She works hard on her sports and encourages her children to do the same. Daughter Kangaroo is called Joanna Springer she is also sports mad and loves long jump running. Baby boy Kangaroo is called Joey who loves playing bat and ball with his daddy but he normally misses the ball. 

Sylvanian Families Kangaroo family
I love the names and stories that come with each family as they show just how much care and thought has gone into creating these wonderful families which will capture any child's imagination. They are so well built and will last for many years to come. So happy 30th birthday Sylvanian Families, here is to another 30 years of helping children make wonderful memories.

Did you play with Sylvanians as a child or does your child play with them ? 

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  1. Ah I used to LOVE my Sylvanian collection - I had the school, bakery, windmill, bus and a few other bits and bobs. My best memory is my grandad made me a house for them complete with furniture one Christmas - wish I still had my collection now to hand down to Heidi. Heidi doesn't have any Sylvanian families - I may look at them this Christmas though as I love how you can add to the collection over the years and they are timeless toys x

    1. Oh wow I bet that was amazing and a great Christmas gift. They really are timeless toys, Chloe only had the barge boat and a house for years and then she suddenly really got into them a few years ago and built up a massive collection. They last so well too all the ones we have are still in boxes ready for Sophia to play with when she is a little older. I bet Heidi will love them xx

  2. I loved them as z kid. My sister had hundreds of them. Wonder if the girls would like them... Hadn't thought of them!

    1. I loved them as a child too but only had a few sets , I went overboard when Chloe liked them as I secretly liked them still too. The girls will probably love them, my toddler does xx

  3. I never had any when I was little (although I always wanted them! Boo!) but my youngest two are Sylvanian mad we have quite a collection now!

    1. I only had a few when I was little and I always wanted the house but never got it. When my daughter started to like them I think I went a bit crazy and brought her so many sets and families, as I still like them too xx


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