Saturday, 11 July 2015

Slimming World Week 13

This week i was hoping for a 3 lb loss so that i could get my one and half stone award after last weeks surprise weight loss. I stuck to plan all week and tried lots of new recipes and ate tons of speed foods, there was no take-aways or meals out consumed so i was feeling hopeful for a loss this week.

However the scales said otherwise and i stayed the same, i was a little bit gutted as i thought that i had done so well this week and was expecting a loss so i was a bit disappointed,  but at least i did not have a gain which is the main thing. 

Last week  i ate sticky gammon with noddles, i also tried chicken foo young with slimming world chips, chicken and slimming chips, pork salad, chicken with nandos rub, rice salad and corn on the cob and i also tried the new Iceland Slimming world burgers which were delicious, convenient and syn free.

 I also made some syn free Strawberry ice cream which was so good during the recent heat wave and was just 2 mullerlight yogurts, fat free natural yogurt, sweetener and two egg whites mixed together and placed in a Tupperware box in the freezer and stirred every 20 minutes until ready. I served mine with a few fresh strawberry's on the top and it was so good i will be making it again as even my 12 year old daughter enjoyed it.

This week i have meal planned again and planned lots of healthy slimming world friendly meals although i have ate way to much bread as star week is approaching so i will be heading towards a gain if i don't start focusing again. But i am only human and i do crave bad things sometime and some week's i do have bad weeks, i have not slept for the last six weeks with my baby boy as he wakes 6 times per night and is wide awake at 4.30 every single morning,so I'm tired and sometime i do not eat as well as i should. But i am losing weight on this plan it might be coming off slowly but it is coming off and i really do think that i have managed to change my bad eating habits for good and my taste buds have defiantly changed.

Next week i am just hoping for a loss and even a 1lb loss will be nice although i am not getting my hopes up after my bread overload the last few days. If you are on a diet how do you keep motivated if you don't lose weight? 

You can find out more about the Slimming World plan or find your nearest class on the website 

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  1. I've done slimming world a few times and although I am managing to maintain without really sticking to the plan now I completely understand where yo are coming from. A loss will be yours next week! Great meal ideas x

    1. Thank you Julia, their is so many lovely meals to enjoy on the plan. xx

  2. That meal looks lovely! A maintain week is so much better than putting weight on, there's always next week x

    1. Thank you Donna, yes a maintain is much better then gaining weight and hopefully i should have a loss next week xx

  3. Well done for a maintain. I find i need to have a cheat meal once a week or i don't loose weight x

    April | The pampered mum

    1. Thank you April, i have actually lost the most weight when i have ate a take-away or something during the week , i think it must be because i know have cheated so need to be extra good the rest of the week xx


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