Sunday 4 January 2015

My Ten Personal Resolution's For 2015

Every single year I vow to make new year resolutions and every single year I get as far as thinking about changing stuff and never actually do anything to change. Normal resolutions for me are 1.) To lose weight and I can normally still be found eating my own body weight in selection packs on New Years Day 2.) To join a gym, realistically this is probably never actually going to happen 3.) To be some kind of super organised, amazing mummy, domestic goddess with an immaculate home. That is never going to happen as my house is a mess as it is lived in rather than a show home. I will never be the kind of mum who prepares organic wholesome foods, I'm a rubbish cook. And I will never spend hours each day doing fun educational activities, my children like playing and watching TV and visiting the local soft play too much.

But this year I have decided that I am going to make some resolutions as now I am a mum of three I do need to change some things in my life. I thought that by writing my resolutions down in a blog post rather than just thinking them in my head might actually give me the nudge I need to do something about changing my life, or that's probably just wishful thinking. So here are my personal resolutions for 2015.

1.) Lose weight. I say this every single year, and every single year nothing changes. I often start off with good intentions and join Slimming World, which normally lasts a few weeks. I lose weight then have a takeaway, think I have ruined my diet so pig out on crisps and rubbish and then avoid going back to group as I know I will have gained weight. I have actually lost weight twice in my life though. A few years ago I lost three stone in three months by going to the gym and not eating as much. And also after Sophia was born I lost two stone as I had gallstones so could not eat anything with fat in, if I had of kept my gallbladder I would so be super skinny by now. 

2.) Be more adventurous in the kitchen. As I am planning on losing weight I thought that it was about time I learnt to cook more. I am so boring when it comes to meal times and normally stick to a few trusted meals mainly lasagna, spaghetti bolognese, roast dinners, fajitas, pasta bakes and curry. And the other half often comments that he is bored of eating the same meals. I also want the children to grow up to not be fussy eaters and to eat anything we serve. So as I am planning on losing some weight and eating healthy I thought it was about time I started experimenting a bit more in the kitchen. If you have any recipes, especially slow cooker ones I would love to see them as I have no idea what to cook in the slow cooker.

3.) Get organised and Declutter the house. I am really disorganised, like shockingly bad. I am getting much worse since having my third child. I aim to be a lot more organised this year, I am going to start using a diary and calendar to record appointments etc. I also plan on making meal plans each week. I also need to make a blog planner and get more organised with my blogging. And I massively need to declutter. Having three children has meant we have acquired a lot of stuff over the years and our house is full. So  I aim to have a massive declutter and reorganisation of the house this year and plan on buying lots of storage and get the house all organised as well as my life.

4.) Move house. As I have just mentioned our house is full of the children's things and we have no room at all. We only have a two bedroom, very old terraced house, so this year we will hopefully find a bigger house and move. We are a bit limited as to where we move to as we cant move too far for Chloe's school and the other half's work, so I think we will be staying in the same area. I can not wait to move and start decorating a new house and turn it into our family home.

5.) Think about a new job. In a few months, my maternity leave will be coming to an end and I will have to think about returning to work. I don't have to return to work as I we could manage on the other half's wages. But I want to work, I have always had my own money and I don't think I could cope with not earning my own money and just staying at home all day.

6.) Make more time for Lee. This is something I really want to work on. Before we had Sophia me and Lee done so much together, we had weekly date nights, we ate out often, had weekends away and just had a brilliant relationship. Since having Sophia and then Jacob we have had no proper couple time. We have been out about twice on a date in nineteen months. We rarely even get time just to spend alone at home together anymore since Jacob arrived. We are going to make sure once a week we have a date night at home just us having a nice meal and watching a film or something, and when we can get a babysitter having a date night out somewhere.

7.) Have more fun as a family. We always used to have brilliant family days out. On my days off from work, we always use to take Chloe out somewhere nice such as the cinema, meals out or a day trip. Even when Sophia was born we still had nice days out as a family often going for meals and days out. However, since having Jacob, we have rarely had any family days out or meals out. Jacob suffered so badly with colic and we could not really go anywhere due to his constant crying. Now he is getting better so we plan on going out more as a family. I also plan on doing something with each child on there own once a month, so they are all getting some much-needed one on one time with mam and dad.

8.) Make more time for me. I am hoping I can get more time for myself, even if it just having an hour in a bubble bath with a magazine every other night. Since having Jacob four months ago I have not seen my friends at all or had any alone time. When I do get the odd hour to myself here and there I find myself either doing housework or blogging.I need to stop this and maybe read a book, paint my nails or watch a film or the TV. Just something for me as I feel a more relaxed happy mum will make happier children as I won't be so stressed out and tired all the time.

9.) No more babies. This might sound like a crazy resolution but I had Sophia in 2013 and then Jacob in 2014. So I don't want another baby in 2015. Sophia was only six months old when I fell pregnant with Jacob and my body has been through so much in the last two year,s I have had two baby's and I also had surgery in between my two pregnancies. I think our family is complete now, I want to enjoy the children we have and give them the best childhood possible. If anyone hears me say I am broody then please tell me I am crazy.

10.) Have fun. Since losing my mum almost ten years ago I have realised that life is to short. We could go at any moment, just like that. I want to make sure I have fun, I want to look back on 2015 and be able to say I had a great year and I want my partner and children to say the same. So I plan on having lots of laughs, lots of adventures and lots of family time to make 2015 a great year for myself and my family.

Hopefully, I will stick to my resolutions this year, it will be interesting to look back on them at the end of the year and see how many I have actually stuck to. Have you made any resolutions this year?


  1. Great resolutions - it is a good idea writing them all down as you can come back to them and it feels more important! Good luck xx

    1. Thank's Sam. I am hoping that by writing them down i actually stick to them for a change xx

  2. Some fantastic resolutions here! I never really make any and if there is anything I want to change I keep it in my head - writing them down means I have to stick to them ;) LOL x

    1. Thank you Alex, i am hoping that writing mine down means i stick to mine for once xx

  3. Good luck huni. A few of yours are on my list too! Thanks for inking up to #TheList x

    1. Thank you. I know we have some similar goals for the year ahead , probably as we have daughters who are the same age. Thanks for hosting #TheList good luck with all your goals this year i am sure you will achieve them all xx

  4. Great resolutions and good luck with them. I have crohn's disease and have lost a lot of weight in the past year before I finally got my medications right so my aim this year is to try and put on a bit of weight and to follow a lactofree diet, as lactose plays havoc with my stomach!

  5. Wow good luck with your resolutions, i must say i have very similar ones in my head. Maybe i need to write them down too to make me more inclined to try and follow them through!

  6. Wow great resolutions but a lot of them, I hope you have a great year and achieve them all x


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