Tuesday 20 January 2015

Review : Oxo Tot Sippy Cup

I think that most parents who have a young child will know how hard it is finding a cup for your toddler that does not leak. I have brought numerous toddler cups and beakers over the last year for Sophia that all claim to be 'non-spill' and 'leak proof' but every single one of them has leaked! I was forever finding little puddles of juice on the tray on her highchair and she was constantly getting spilt juice down her front and I would end up having to change her clothes a few times each day. I gave up on ever finding a cup that did not leak as every other parent I spoke to also seemed to have this problem too.

pink oxo tot cup

So when Oxo Tot got in touch to ask if I wanted to review one of their cups I was expecting it to do the same. We were sent the Sippy cup set, which is recommended for children aged six months plus. It is an ideal first cup for baby's as it has large easy to grasp handles which are perfect for little hands. The handles are removable so when they get a little older they can learn to grasp the cup without the handles on. It also comes with two lids so that when your child is old enough to start learning to drink from a normal cup you can change the beaker lid for a training lid. The training lid will allow the child to drink from the cup without spilling the contents everywhere as it has an insert which will control the flow of liquid when the cup is tipped up. Then once they have mastered that you can take the training lid off and it becomes a regular cup for toddlers to drink from. So it is a cup that will last your child ages as it grows with them from babyhood to childhood.

We were sent the Raspberry coloured cup which is a lovely bright colour and perfect for a girly girl like Sophia. It is also available in Aqua and Green which are lovely bright colours too.

We have been using the cup with Sophia for a few weeks now and even though she is 19 months she is not quiet ready for the training cup yet as she loves to make a mess and tip things upside down, so we have been using the sippy cup lid on it. Sophia finds it is so easy to hold and she finds it easy to drink from. I like it too as no matter how hard she bashes the cup upside down it really does not leak at all! No more puddles on her highchair or wet clothes thanks to its leak proof valve. 

The cup is so well made and it has been dropped and bashed so many times and it still looks brand new. It is so easy to take apart and wash too and can even go in the dishwasher. It is BPA, Phthalate and PVC free too, which is always good when it comes to baby products.

I highly recommend this cup if you are looking for a baby cup that will not leak. You can buy them online from Oxo Tot priced at £10.21. This is more then I would normally pay for a baby/toddler cup but the fact that it really does not leak makes me think that it is worth paying that little bit extra for.

* Disclosure: I was sent this cup from Oxo Tot free of charge for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 



  1. This sounds good, I like the fact it adapts as baby gets older and needs a different type of cup.x

    1. I love that it adapt too as it means it will last ages xx

  2. This sounds perfect for my daughterQ


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