Saturday 29 March 2014

15 Week's Pregnant

I am finally starting to get the smallest hint of a bump at last although it seems really high, I can't wait to get a proper bump and actually look pregnant and not just fat! I had a huge bump by now in my last pregnancy, I was wearing maternity clothes by 12 weeks but I am still in my normal clothes at the moment in this pregnancy. Although I am starting to get a small bump I do currently just look like I have put on weight rather than looking pregnant. It probably doesn't help that I am still eating kebabs and lots of stodgy food's like crumpets, bread and potatoes. I seem to be hungry all the time at the moment, at this rate I will have a 14lb baby and put on 4 stone in pregnancy weight.

My mood swings are still bad I seem to go from happy to angry to crying in about one second flat. I am finding this pregnancy such an emotional roller coaster. I just want to be happy and relaxed and enjoy this pregnancy after having two awful previous pregnancies. I am still feeling a few fluttering movements and kicks off baby which is lovely, although I think I was half expecting to feel big kicks and rolls like I was feeling at the end of my last pregnancy. I honestly forgot what the early movements feel like.

I am starting to feel a bit more human again now and not so tired anymore so we had a nice family day out on Sunday. We went out for Sunday lunch and to Mothercare to look at baby things, in particular, double buggy's as we are going to need one as Sophia is only going to be 15 months when baby arrives - we just can't seem to find one we like. I need one that is suitable for a newborn and a 15-month-old but I don't want to spend too much because we are probably only going to be using it for about 6 months. We also still have Sophia's oyster pram which we are thinking of keeping for the baby, as it is less than a year old and in immaculate condition - plus I absolutely love the oyster pram. When we went shopping I couldn't resist buying the baby a cute little baby grow from next saying born in 2014, Sophia had the same one when she was born saying born in 2013.

How I am feeling this week

I am finally starting to feel less tired and I am actually staying awake until about 9 pm lately, which is an improvement from the 7 pm bedtime I have been having for the last few months. As I said I have started getting a small hint of a bump and I am feeling baby's movements.

I am still craving cans of coke and kebabs but I am also wanting lots of chocolate and ready salted hula hoops this week too, I am dreading getting on the scales! I have started being sick this week I have been sick every single night after my tea, I thought I had been lucky and escaped morning sickness this time around but obviously not.

Baby's update this week

According to my app baby is about 4 inches and weighs 2 and a half ounces, about the size of an apple and is forming taste buds.
You can read last week's pregnancy update 14 week's pregnant

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