Saturday 29 March 2014

14 Week's Pregnant

I know I will sound a bit mad saying this but I am still finding it hard to actually believe that I am pregnant, which is crazy as I have seen the baby on the scan with my own eyes. I still don't have a bump or any pregnancy symptoms, which is probably why I am feeling like this. Although I am sure I have been feeling the odd little fluttering in my tummy. I know it is still very early to be feeling movements, but I felt movements from 16 weeks with my girls and they say you feel them earlier in subsequent pregnancies.

My mood swings have been really bad this week, I feel sorry for the other half having to put up with me. I have been vile to him recently, I lose my temper at the slightest little thing and shout at him and I am being really snappy. He hasn't even done anything wrong, damn you hormones. Talking about hormones in my last two pregnancy's I had lovely thick shiny hair and amazing glowing skin but this time around I still have lank greasy hair and pale spotty skin. I actually look like I have been partying too hard and look hungover, which I haven't done in almost two years! Everyone seems to think the fact I am not 'glowing' and have not been sick this time means that I am having a boy this time, I still think I am having another girl.

I went to the midwife this week to get my bp and urine checked and everything is OK, I have to go weekly to get them checked because I am at risk of pre-eclampsia, so they just want to keep an eye on things. That's all I have been up to this week, its still early days so not a lot to report pregnancy wise.  We haven't started baby shopping or anything yet which I must start getting around to, luckily we don't need to buy very much as we have most of the baby equipment we will need off having Sophia.

How I am feeling this week

As I just mentioned I still do not have a bump. I just look like I have gained a bit of weight and been eating to many pies, which I actually was doing last week - I have gone off them this week. This week I seem to be craving cans of full-fat coke which I am trying to limit to just one every few days due to the high sugar and caffeine content. I am also still liking kebab and garlic sauce but I have been trying to be goodish and just having them once a week with salad and ordering a small one.
I am still fitting in my normal clothes, my mood swings are still terrible and I am still so tired all the time and going to bed really early on a night time. So much for thinking I would feel great in my second trimester.

Baby's update this week

I have a pregnancy app on my phone that gives me updates on my pregnancy each week which I like to read to see how the baby is developing. According to my app baby is the size of a lemon and weighs about one and a half ounce, they can even suck their thumb.

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