Friday 28 March 2014

13 Week's Pregnant

I had my scan when I was exactly 13 weeks pregnant giving me the due date of 26th of August 2014.  There is only going to be 15 months and one day between my youngest two if baby arrives on time which  I am not counting on as my girls were both overdue. When I went for the scan I felt so nervous, I was half expecting there to be no baby there due to my lack of symptoms. I even said to the sonographer I don't think I'm pregnant because I don't feel at all pregnant, she must have thought I was crazy! But as soon as she put the probe on my belly up popped baby on the screen in front of me and there was defiantly a baby there all right, I heard its heartbeat and it was wriggling around non stop. The baby looked so big even though it is only 9.8 cm big, I couldn't believe the difference in size and how clear a 13-week scan is compared to a 12 week one.

The sonographer said the baby is measuring spot on for 13 weeks and everything seemed perfect. It felt so strange seeing the baby and it is so hard to believe it is inside me wriggling away. I haven't even got the slightest hint of a bump yet and feel so normal. After the scan I had an appointment with the consultant as I am under consultant led care due to being high risk, I have the same consultant I had last time. I have been prescribed labetalol tablets to take twice a day for my blood pressure as it was slightly high and also low dose aspirin to take daily - as I am at risk of pre-eclampsia due to my mum having it with me and I also had it in my first pregnancy. I don't really want to take medication when I am pregnant but I have been assured these tablets are perfectly safe in pregnancy. I have also been booked in for lots of extra scans in my final trimester to check baby's growth and the placenta due to me being on medication.

I had to go back to the hospital two days later to the maternity assessment unit so they could see how I was getting on taking my tablets and to check my blood pressure and everything was fine, which it was. I now just need to go to see my midwife weekly to get my b.p and urine checked, just to be safe. Since we had the scan and everything was OK and we have now passed the first trimester we could finally tell everyone we are having a baby! Chloe was over the moon she is having another sibling and is adamant it is another girl, she has been making lists of baby names although most of the names are off her favourite TV shows icarly and victorious. Obviously, Sophia is far too young to understand as she is still only a baby herself at 9 months old.

Everyone else has been so nice and supportive of our news and lots of people have said having babies with small age gaps is not so bad. This is a huge relief as I have been worrying about how I will cope with a newborn, a 15-month-old and an almost 12-year-old who will be starting high school around the time baby is due.

How I am feeling this week

I still feel totally normal and still no sickness, I still can not bear the smell of cheese and onion crisps though and they are still banned from the house much to the other half's disappointment as he is a bit of crisp monster at times. This week I have been craving savoury mince pies from Gregg's bakery and I even ate a kebab with garlic sauce, anyone who knows me will be shocked at as I never ever eat kebab. I think it looks disgusting, baby obviously has its daddy's taste buds.

Still no sign of a baby bump yet so I am still wearing my normal clothes this week, no sign of the much sought after pregnancy glow pregnant women often get either. I just look pale, spotty and have lank and greasy hair. I have been having lots of mood swings lately too and burst into tears at the slightest thing and I am snapping at everyone which is no fun at all. I am also still feeling really tired and going to bed early as well. I am hoping this passes soon though and I get a second-trimester energy burst.

You can read all about how I found out I was pregnant here. 

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