Monday 17 March 2014

Why Write A Blog?

Since going on maternity leave from my job as a support worker in 2013 I have found myself a bit bored, to be honest. I miss going to work, earning my own money and having a life away from home. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love being a mum and I know that I am very lucky that I can afford to stay at home with my children for the next couple of years. I have been a full time working, single mum in the past and I know how hard it can be.

But I sometimes feel like I am unfulfilled, that surely there is more to life than school runs, housework and cooking, all day, every day. I miss adult conversation and using my brain (although to be honest I think I have major baby brain at the moment). I thought about going back to work but we just wouldn't be able to afford the childcare and I don't think anyone would employ someone who is four months pregnant! I contemplated setting up a craft business from home but I'm not very crafty or taken up a hobby but I'm a bit limited in what I can do with being pregnant and having a baby and sulky tweenager in tow.

I have also found I simply just don't seem to have the time for myself, I find it a luxury just to have a shower these days. And after a day of school runs, baby classes, shopping, housework, cooking and taking the eldest to numerous after school clubs I don't have the time or energy for anything other then slobbing on the sofa watching t.v for half an hour once the children are in bed. I am normally flat out in bed myself by 9pm.

By chance I came across blogging, someone I know has a family blog and I always thought it was a nice idea to have a record of places you have been, I have even visited a couple of places recommended on the blog. Then by chance one day on twitter I came across lots of other family-related blogs and I started to think maybe it was something I would like to do one day.

As a family we are always eating out and going on days out, I thought a blog would be a lovely way to record and remember things we have done in years to come. Also with being pregnant again, it will be a lovely way to record my pregnancy, as i have no records of my previous pregnancies. When looking at blogs there does not seem to be that many Newcastle based family blogs about, so in a nutshell, this blog will be a record of my pregnancy, places we have visited, places we have eaten and my normal everyday family life in Newcastle.

We are just a normal working class northern family, we don't go to fancy restaurants or on amazing holidays; so I don't think many people will read my blog. I am not doing this for free stuff or to earn money, although that would be fabulous I realise it is unlikely to happen. I am doing this blog to keep me sane and to give me a break from watching Doc Mcstuffin 5 times in a row, to use my brain and to give honest reviews of places we have been in the Newcastle area. My views on pregnancy and being a mum, the main reason is because children grow up so fast and I think this is an amazing way to keep track of our family life, we will be able to look back on this in years to come. Thank you so much for reading I hope you come back to read my blog again soon.


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