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Other Bloggers Family Lives Featuring Edinburgh Life With Kids

This week on Other Bloggers Family Lives I am featuring Laura who blogs at Edinburgh Life With Kids which is a family lifestyle blog. Laura blogs about her family life, things to do in Edinburgh, food, style and fitness and a whole host of different subjects. So let's find out more about the family behind Edinburgh Life With Kids. 

blogger Edinburgh life with kids

1.) Tell me a bit about yourself and your family?

My husband and I are both teachers - and work in classrooms opposite each other! We have three kids - Ben, Katie and Thomas. Our lives generally follow a routine of ferrying the kids around various places, but we are obviously lucky to have the school holidays off together so really enjoy this time as a family. 

2.) Where do you live? 

We live in Edinburgh. We are really lucky to live in a place with loads to offer families and the surrounding area is beautiful. 

3.) What is your favourite thing to do as a family where you live?

Our favourite thing to do as a family is probably to go out to dinner! The kids love Wagamama but more recently our local bakery has been hosting a jazz festival on Sunday evenings. They do the best pizza and the younger two have just been utterly transfixed by the musicians. It's been a great way to spend time together. 

4.) If you could live anywhere where would you?

This is a tough one as we do love Edinburgh. Occasionally we talk about moving to the country but I don't think I could survive without coffee shops. We spend a lot of time in Brighton as I'm from that area originally and my Mum still has a house there. We really love it as a city so that is probably where we would go if Edinburgh got wiped off the map!

5.) Did you grow up close to where you live now and what are your favourite childhood memories of where you grew up?

I still visit the area I grew up in a lot so feel like my kids can experience the things I enjoyed. My favourite childhood memories aren't really linked to places though, I more remember spending time with my best friend and all the things we did together. I still try to see her at least once a year and we headed to her house in Norfolk in the summer. We loved to play imaginary games so my favourite memories are of escaping to make believe worlds with her, having midnight feasts on sleep overs or animatedly discussing whatever scheme we were plotting. 

6.) Have you got any exciting family plans for the year ahead?

My second nephew is due to be born in October, I'm not sure anything could top my excitement for new baby cuddles!

7.) What is your favourite thing about family life?

My favourite thing about family life is probably just the company they provide. The absolute knowledge that I have people who are always happy to see me (and I them!). I love that when I come in the door, Thomas and Katie will scream "Mama!" and run to see me. I'm sure this will not always be the case - but it's a lovely welcome for now. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions Laura, I love to visit Edinburgh and I bet it is amazing living there. I hope that your new nephew arrives safe and well soon and you get to enjoy all those wonderful newborn cuddles. 

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  1. How cool that the work at the same place and do the same job! Our favourite family activity is eating out, too!

  2. I love the sound of the jazz festival at the bakery - what a fun and different meal out :)

  3. A jazz festival at the bakery? How cool is that!!!

  4. How awesome that they both work in the same industry, I would love to have that with future hubby if possible lol

  5. We love Wagamama too! The jazz festival sounds really good! x

  6. Thanks so much for hosting my post! Very happy to report that the jazz festival continues and I'm going this weekend!

  7. I always love getting to know the blogger behind the blog lovely to get to know Sarah better!

  8. My sister in law is from Edinburgh and we keep saying about doing a trip there with her showing us around. It's somewhere I've always wanted to go to. Love baby cuddles!

  9. I love that you'd live at pretty much opposite ends of the UK. And that you work next door to each other!

  10. I would love to live in Edinburgh, such a beautiful and vibrant city. Will be checking out the blog

  11. Lovely interview. I have visited Edinburgh before. It is a lovely city. Expecting a new baby in our family too. Can't wait!

  12. My son loves live music and is always transfixed too. I'd love to visit Edinburgh. It's been on my wish list for a while now!

  13. Love Laura and her gorgeous blog. Would love to visit Edinburgh properly one day, only been once briefly x

  14. Oh how cool that you work at the same school! Going out to dinner together is so nice isn't it.

  15. Oh, hello Laura, how fun to come across you here :) I really hope Edinburgh doesn't get wiped off the map!

  16. Edinburgh is such a beautiful place, I'm quite envious that you live there - always so much to see and do there

  17. Wow. Both parents at home with the kids during the holidays - that is mind blowing. Why din’t my partner and I think of being a teacher so we could both take time off during the holidays! I wonder. Edinburgh is a beautiful city to live indeed.

  18. So true, nothing is better than the anticipation of a new baby!


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