Friday 8 September 2023

Gamezone Events Gaming Party Van Review


Last month my son turned nine and we booked a gaming van from Gamezone Events and it was such a hit! It is perfect for a gaming themed birthday party and it was the most stress free party we have ever had. If you have a gaming fan and your looking for a party idea then read on to find out what we thought of Gamezone Events. 

Gamezone Events Gaming Party Van 

Gamezone Events gaming party van is a mobile gaming van that is decked out with eleven of the latest video game consoles and they are all stacked with games. They have two vans that are identical and you can even book both if you are having a larger event. Children sit on a big bench style seating in the back of the van and there are screens attached to the opposite wall and they can sit and play on video games. 

Gamezone Gaming Van Review

The van looks amazing, it is top of the range and really well done out. It is really roomy and comfortable inside and it has lighting and music and it just looked so much fun! 

It has five PS5's and five Xbox's plus a switch and you can have up to ten people in them at once. They come with staff who help with setting the consoles up and helping the children with the games and the staff we had were amazing and all the kids loved them as they were playing music requests and helping them with the games. 

You can have the gaming van at your home, they just need enough room to park the van safely outside your house or on a drive and to have access to a plug socket - they have all the information on the website. Parking is really bad outside our house so we had the party at my sons football clubhouse instead and this was not a issue at all. 

Booking A Gamezone Events Gaming Party

I booked online and it was so quick and easy. I clicked the website link on the Facebook page and this let me search the date to see if the date we wanted was available and what times it was available. You can then book a 90 minute or two hour party, we went for the 90 minutes and this was £180. 

I paid a £50 deposit to secure the date. Gamezone Events are based in Sunderland so I did have to pay a travel fee but it tells you how much before you book, It costs us an extra £20 in travel fees which is just added to your total. Altogether it cost us £200, a £50 deposit then the remaining £150 on the day of the party. 

We got a email confirmation and then a reminder of the party about a week before and then the day before they contacted us with a arrival time and to double check the address etc. It was so straight forward and simple to book. 

The Gamezone Gaming Party Experience 

All the children were so excited when they seen the gaming van arrive and couldn't wait to get onboard. The staff do need a little bit of time to set everything up so bare that in mind. 

As it was my sons birthday he was given a Gamezone t-shirt and the birthday child gets to pick which console they want to go on. He was also given access to a Fortnite account that had rare items which he enjoyed. The consoles had loads of games everything from Peppa pig to Fifa. Every child was playing something different. 

The children were having so much fun that we didn't see any of them for the full 90 minutes as they were all just sitting engrossed in the games they were playing. They were living their best nine year old lives, playing on video games with their friends in a super cool van, with their favourite music playing and the van all lit up inside. 

They all really enjoyed it and at least four of them came out asking their parents if they could have a Gamezone gaming party for their birthdays. 

After the party we just served hotdogs, bags of crisps and donuts for party food to keep things nice and simple. 

Would We Recommend? 

100% yes. From start to finish the whole thing was so simple and stress free. Booking online was so quick and easy, you are kept updated about the booking before the party. Setting up was quick and the staff were lovely and friendly with the adults and kids. The children loved the gaming van and there was so much choice with games and consoles for them to use. It honestly was the most stress free party we have ever had. 

It was £200 in total (including travel) for 90 minutes which may seem a lot for 10 children. However I think it is good value and is similar to what we have paid for party entertainers in the past. For us personally it was worth every penny and my son said it was the best party he has ever had. 

You can find out more and book via the Gamezone Events website or follow them on Facebook  so you can see the vans properly as I did not take many photos.  

Please note we paid for this ourselves and Gamezone Events have no idea we were writing this review, I just thought I would share our experience as we were impressed. 

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