Wednesday 13 September 2023

YuMe World Newcastle Review

Looking for something fun to do with the kids in Newcastle? Then what about a visit to YuMe World located in the Gate.  I visited recently with my 9 and 10 year old and they both had so much fun. 

What Is YuMe World? 

YuMe World is a arcade and virtual reality centre located upstairs in the Gate complex, right in the centre of Newcastle. It is packed with arcade favourites from grab a prize machines, 2p machines, air hockey, video games and it even has a virtual reality area. It is quiet big inside and there are so many different machines and games to play on, there really is something for the whole family. 

There are family friendly games like Mario Kart and Lugi mansion and just dance aswell as slightly older shooting and racing games. There are no gambling slot machines or anything it is just fun games to play with your friends or family. 

Yume World Newcastle

Visiting YuMe World 

YuMe world is open 7 days a week and as it is a arcade you just turn up, no need to book. To play the games you have to top up a card which you can do on the multiple machines near the entrance. It was our first time visiting so we just followed the instructions on the screen and purchased a game card which I topped up £20 and got 10 extra bonus credits giving me 50 play credits. You can top up from £5-£100 and the more you top up the more extra credit you get.

Once you have your card you are free to play and to play a game you just tap your game card and it will deduct the points from your balance. Different games cost different points but these are clearly stated on the games before you play with most around 3-4 credits. I really liked that you topped a card up as it meant you could decide how much to spend in advance and stick to it. 

Yume World Mario Kart Game

The £20 we topped up lasted us about an hour the children each played air hockey, Mario Kart twice, Lugi's Mansion, had a few goes on grab a prize machines, played a wonka game, a jet ski game and a motorbike game. 

Some of the games you get the chance to win tokens that you can exchange for prizes at the end. 

What We Thought

I really liked that you topped up on a card so I could set a budget and stick to it and the children knew that when the card ran out it was time to leave. It was really nice and clean and there was plenty of staff dotted about if you needed any help. 

The kids loved the choice of games available and could easily have spent all day at YuMe World, there really was something for everyone. From games we have never seen anywhere else before as well as much loved classics. 

There was a separate Virtual Reality area at the back which looked like fun with plenty of different games to try. We didn't try any when we visited but it looked popular. We visited during half-term and it was mostly families enjoying themselves. I normally avoid arcades as they are full of groups of teenagers but it wasn't like that at all at YuMe World when we visited. 

I would visit again with the children as they enjoyed it and it was a nice activity for them when in Newcastle. YuMe World often have special deals on like student nights, date nights where you can get extra credit and discount days when you can save 30% off games making your credit go further - please check YuMe World social media or website for full details. 

Yume world Newcastle


It was a fun time for the whole family and I would recommend a visit. 

YuMe World 
Level 1 
The Gate 

Open 7 days a week 11am - 10pm

Visit the YuMe World website for more information. 


  1. We walked past this a couple of weeks ago and my girls begged to go in but we only went in the Gate to use the loos. It looks like a really fun place. x

    1. If you are ever back in Newcastle then I bet your girls would enjoy it x


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