Monday 25 February 2019

Boxy Girls Dolls & Fashion Pack Review

My five-year-old daughter is really into surprise toys, any kind of blind bag type toy really interest her as she loves the surprise element of opening things up and discovering what is inside. So when I heard about Boxy Girls which are fashion dolls that come with surprise boxes of accessories I knew these would be a huge hit with her. She could not contain her excitement when she saw we were sent two dolls and a fashion pack to review, as she had seen these dolls on YouTube and was eager to have some of her own. 

Boxy girls dolls and fashion pack

We were kindly sent Riley and Brooklyn dolls (£17.99 each) plus a Fashion pack (£9.99), there are also two other dolls to collect called Nomi and Willa. Boxy Girls are rather cute dolls, they look childlike with big heads and huge box-shaped eyes, long brushable hair and fully moveable arms and legs. They come in nice outfits and each doll comes with four small surprise boxes which contain accessories. 

Boxy Girls Brooklyn doll

Boxy girls love to shop online for fashion accessories so each of the surprise boxes that come with the dolls is designed to look like a delivery box, they even have added packaging material and cute little thank you for your purchase cards inside the boxes. Sophia could not wait to open the boxes and see what was inside, they were really easy to open and so much fun for her to discover what was hidden within. Inside the boxes were things such as handbags, shoes, jewellery and hair bands for the dolls which Sophia quickly put on her new dolls. 

The Fashion Pack contains six boxes for children to open, these look like the boxes that come with the dolls and are made to look like real packages. Each box contained an accessory to use with the dolls, we received shoes, an outfit, make-up, sunglasses a handbag and earrings. The extra accessories were a real hit for my daughter as she loves dressing her dolls up and changing their clothes and shoes. 

What did the kids think?

For the past week, Sophia has played with her new Boxy Girls dolls with her other dolls and has enjoyed dressing them up and making up games with them. She has kept the boxes that the accessories came in and will often put the accessories back in the box and get the dolls to open them as a surprise. She finds it easy to play with these dolls as they move easily and can sit down and she can easily change the clothes and accessories on them herself. She is already aware that there are two more dolls in the collection and has asked for them for her birthday in May, as she wants the whole collection. 

Boxy Girls Riley and Brooklyn dolls

What did I think?

I think these are nice little dolls for children to play with, at £17.99 each I think they are well priced and the surprise boxes that come with the dolls really appeal to children. The dolls are well made, the accessories are fun and I would happily buy my daughter more of these dolls in the future. 

Boxy Girls doll Riley

You can buy Boxy Girls and the Fashion Pack now from Smyths and Amazon, season two of Boxy Girls will be out soon with more dolls and accessories to collect. Children can also join Club Boxy Girls for Boxy Girls news and monthly chances to win at

Have your children discovered Boxy Girls yet? 

Disclosure I was sent these toys for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 


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