Saturday 20 December 2014

Sophia's Toddler Christmas Eve Basket

I love Christmas as it such a magical time of the year when you have children. As a mam, I am always looking for new Christmas traditions and new ideas of things that can make Christmas that little bit more magical and special for my children. Last year I seen a few people mention Christmas Eve boxes/baskets they had made and I thought they were such a lovely idea. So a Christmas Eve basket will be something nice for them to have on Christmas Eve morning to occupy them (hopefully).

wicker basket with treats for a one year old girl for Christmas

This year I have made Sophia a toddler basket and Chloe a Tweenage one, I was going to make Jacob a first Christmas one but he will only be four month's old and will not have a clue what is happening. I have really enjoyed buying little bits and putting the baskets together, I hope that the girls enjoy them as I think that this will become one of our new family Christmas traditions. So here is what is inside Sophia's basket, who will be 19 month's old on Christmas day.

contents of a Christmas Eve basket, sweets, slippers and colouring book

I got the basket from Home Bargains for around £5, I think the red material makes them look rather festive and because it is a basket I can keep them after Christmas and use them to store things in her

wicker basket with red inside trim

I think that as Christmas Eve is so long and boring for children that it is a nice idea to include some kind of activity to keep them occupied. As Sophia is still so young I have got her a Christmas colouring book which was from Poundland and some Crayola first crayon as they are nice and chunky so they can not snap them.

Christmas colouring book and chunky crayons

I also thought it would be nice to include a Christmas book, again as she is still young I did not want to get her a book she could rip the pages out of so I got her That's Not My Fairy book. Sophia has a few of these books and she loves them, they are great books for toddlers. I got this from Amazon for £4.

That's not my fairy book

A letter from Santa, I love the idea of children getting a letter from Santa and I recently reviewed the Lapland mail room recently which you can read about here. 

Letter from Santa

Sweet treats, I did not want to get her lots of sweets as she is so young but I have included a chocolate lolly Sainsbury's, some white chocolate coins from Tesco, a little Cadbury mouse and some Cadbury festive biscuits. Obviously, I won't let her eat all of them but we will give her some of the chocolate and a few biscuits on Christmas Eve while we watch Christmas films.

Christmas biscuits, snowman lolly, chocolate coins

A tradition that we have had in our house since Chloe was very young is to sprinkle reindeer dust outside on Christmas Eve before bed - so the reindeer can find there the way to our house. Chloe normally brings some home from school every year but now she is in high school so won't be, I saw this in the card factory for 99p and brought some although I know most people just make it them self with porridge and glitter.

Reindeer dust

Nice cosy pyjamas. Sophia loves Sofia The First and we saw these Sofia the First PJs in Asda for £8 and couldn't resist them. 

Sofia the first child fleece pjs

Slippers, we have never actually brought Sophia any slippers before but she loves Doc Mcstuffin and we thought she would like these. They were £6 in Asda.

child pink and purple doc Mcstuffing slippers

A Christmas bib. This one is from Zippy suit and is really cute and festive, it only cost £1.50, total bargain.

Santa bib

We also got this personalised stocking as I have a similar one from when I was a child and Chloe has a similar one too, so I wanted to get Sophia one she could keep and use every year. It was only £5 from a little stall in the shopping centre where we live.

red and white personalised Christmas stocking

So that is what in Sophia's Christmas Eve basket. Do you make your children a Christmas Eve basket and if so what do you put in them?



  1. Aww this is such a lovely basket :D

    I have old shoe boxes wrapped up with Christmas paper that we give to the kids each year. I'm trying to think what we put in there this year - I know they both have new pyjama's, reindeer food and a DVD, then Stacey has a pack of loom bands in a plastic Christmas Tree shaped box, a pack of Wispa Bites, a Moshi Monsters Annual and some pink straws that have milkshake inside (and probably loads of other stuff I've forgotten about lol). And Oscar has a That's Not My Reindeer Book, some penguin shaped rubber ducks and a strawberry shaped sponge. I still need to get him some other bits and bobs but as he's only 1 it's a bit tricky!!

    Louise x

    1. Thank you for reading, this is the first year i have made them so i had no idea what to put in them. It sounds like your children have some great gifts in there boxes. I struggled with my one year olds too as she still does not understand who santa is or what is going on. I hope you have a lovely christmas xx

  2. Love Sophia's Christmas Eve basket, especially the pyjamas and slippers. We haven't got a Christmas Eve basket for this year but might start this tradition next year :-)

    1. Thank you, this is the first year i have done them but i seen so many people do them last year and i loved the idea of them so i made them this year. I just got the baskets cheap and then brought little bits to put in them every time i went shopping and seen something i thought they might like. I am hoping they enjoy them when they get them xx

  3. Brilliant idea! Wonder if I can hash something together before Xmas eve..

    1. I am sure that you could as everything we have put in the basket is fairly small and cheap things that you can easily pick up from the local shops. Good luck with making a one x


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