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Review: Degustabox

As I keep mentioning all the time since I started blogging and joined twitter at the start of the year I have discovered so many amazing new company's . Well I recently discovered another company Degustabox a monthly food subscription box service, I love food and I love subscription boxes so I was rather excited when I heard about this, and I was even more excited when I was offered a one to review as I had been planning on buying a one as they looked rather good.

Degustabox is as I mentioned a monthly food and drink subscription box service which means that you pay just £12.99 per month including delivery and a box of surprise food and drink items will be delivered to your door- amazing! What I love about subscription boxes is the surprise element to them as when you receive and open your box you have no idea at all what is inside and it is a great way to try out and discover new products that you may never have tried or heard of before.

We received are very first Degustabox last week and here is what was inside.
  • One Kent's Kitchen jalfrezi meal kit RRP £2.50. I have never tried these before but they look really good as you just add meat and vegetables and it makes an authentic curry. My other half and oldest daughter Chloe both love curry so this is sure to be a hit.
  • Two bottles of Blue Dragon sweet chilli sauce RRP £1.39 each. The other half loves sweet chilli and we actually buy this sauce a lot and use it for dipping or to add to stirfry so he was pleased with this.
  • One packet of Special K barbecue flavour crisps RRP £1.29 . As I am trying to lose some baby weight these were perfect as i love crisps and these are healthier then normal crisps although my one year old ate a lot of these as she loved them, again this is a product that we actually do buy .
    One Enhancer drink RRP £2.49. You add this to water to give it a fruity taste, as soon as my oldest daughter seen this she took it and put it in her school bag so she can add it to her bottles of water at school at lunch time, so this was a big hit with her and i will be buying this again.
  • One Get Buzzing flapjack bar RRP £1.30 . The other half loves flapjacks and is always buying them so he had this and said it was really nice.
  • One Solo Marshmallow Crème RRP £1.99  This is an American product we have never tried before but we love American foods and drinks in are house and Chloe already has eye on this. 
  • One packet of Bear Paws fruit snacks RRP £0.55 The girls loved these and i liked the fact they are a more healthy snack for children as they are made of pure fruit, i will be buying these again.
  • One packet of Jelly Belly jelly beans RRP £2.50 We have had these before and we all loved these and i am sure we will be buying these again.
  • One loaf of Brioche Pasquier sliced Brioche bread RRP £1.69 I have never tried this before and it is not something i would have brought but we all really enjoyed it especially the children so i will be buying this again when I go shopping. 
  • One packet of Brioche Pasquier pain au lait RRP £1.60 Everyone loves pain au lait and these were demolished straight away as they were so soft and yummy.
  • One bar of  Dr Oetker dark chocolate RRP £2.49 I keep meaning to do more baking so this will come in perfect for making a chocolate cake with.
  • Three sachets of Dr Oetker coco powder RRP £1.89 again i will use this when baking soon.

We also received a voucher to get four pack of Benecol greek style yogurts and we received a sample box of Bear Alphabites cereal.

Good Point's
  • I loved the surprise element of not knowing what was in the box
  • There was a great selection of products and a good mix of savoury and sweet items
  • Everything was from well knowing brands
  • The box was not full of samples it was full of proper sized products
  • We will use everything in the box
  • Everything had a long sell by date on them
  •  Free delivery
  • Amazing value
Bad Point's

None at all ,are products arrived quickly and in perfect condition, everything had a long shelf life so everything was fresh and we will use everything in the box and it is such amazing value i really can not fault this box in anyway.

My Verdict

This was my first Degustabox and i really am very impressed there was so many items in the box and it is amazing value as the contents are worth more then double what you pay for the box. Everything in the box is products that we have or will use and they are well knowing brands some of which i buy anyway, and it was really nice being able to try some things that i would not normally buy and that we will now definitely be buying in the future. I will definitely be buying more Degustabox myself and i really do highly recommend them. I will be doing some cooking with the things i received in my box so keep an eye out for a recipe or two soon. I gave Degustabox a 10/10

You can buy your own Degustabox from there website where you will be sent between 9 to 14 surprise food and drink products each month for just £12.99 including delivery. And you can cancel your subscription at any time as long as you cancel before the 10th of the month. If you place an order before the 20th of the month you will receive your box at the end of that month and if you place your order after the 21st of the month you will receive your box by the 8th of the following month. You can also follow Degustabox on Facebook and Twitter and see for yourself just how many people love these boxes as i am not the only one who is seriously impressed with them. So if you fancy buying a one to try out yourself I have a discount code that gives you £3 off your first order which is L10JM meaning you will pay just £9.99 for a box full of treats just in time for Christmas or to give to someone as a Christmas gift.

Disclosure: I was sent this Degustabox free of charge for the purpose of this review, however all views are my own.

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  1. my wife keeps asking me to subscribe to this i like to see the reviews each month (mark sorrell)


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