Monday 17 November 2014

Review: Jellycat Soft Toy

As you can imagine being a mum of three I have bought a lot of toys over the years and we have a ton of soft toys in our house, mostly of my oldest daughter who has built up quite a collection over the years. But one make of soft toy we have never had is Jellycat. I only heard of Jellycat a year or so ago, when I saw them out shopping and I instantly fell in love with the cute and quirky designs.

Jellycat was established in London in 1999 and now has a huge range of animal soft toys that are so cute and different, from Bashful Bunnies and Fabulous Fillies to Frederick Frog and Larry Lizards. Some even come with super cute little outfits their really is a Jellycat to suit everyone.

Jellycat ted in a blue bag

So imagine my delight when I was  when my children were recently sent a Jellycat to review from Bella Kidz. We did not know which Jellycat we would be receiving, So I was excited to see which one we would get. When it arrived it was in a lovely little drawstring bag and inside the bag was the very beautiful and oh-so-soft and snuggly Bella Bunny Night Time, which costs £20. Sophia my youngest daughter fell in love with her the minute she clapped eyes on her (and secretly so did I)

Bunny soft toy in pink and white striped pjs

Bella Bunny comes in little pale pink and white, striped, cotton button-up pyjamas - they are just so adorable. She is white and so, so, soft and has lovely long floppy ears, she is just the right size for children to hold and cuddle up to. She is nice and soft and snuggly and has a squishy bum filled with beads that Sophia loves to squish. Sophia also loves taking the Pyjamas off the bunny, as they can be removed and put on again easily, perfect for teaching children how to start dressing themselves.

What I noticed about Bella bunny is that compared to other soft toys she feels more luxurious and very well made, you can tell that this bunny will last a long time. Which is good as Sophia loves her so much I am sure that they will be lifelong friends. And because Bella Bunny is wearing pyjamas she makes the perfect bedtime companion too. She is already a much-loved toy in our household as she is just so perfect for small children due to her perfect size, her super soft fur and her oh so adorable little pyjamas.

I am now a huge Jellycat fan and I will definitely be buying some more Jellycats in the future. I am already planning on buying my 3-month-old son a comforter one for Christmas, as I think that these would make such a lovely gift that can be treasured forever.

Disclosure: I was sent this Jellycat toy for the purpose of this review, however, all views are my own.



  1. We love jellycat here too! Indiana won't go anywhere without her jellycat bunny comforter. This one is super cute xx

    1. aw bless her does she , I was thinking of getting Jacob a comforter one for Christmas xx

  2. Jellycat products are the best! My son has a few and we love them all - their Boing! balls are fantastic too. I'm popping over from #TriedTested

    1. They are so nice aren't they, im now a huge fan too. I have never heard of the Boing balls I will have to check them out xx

  3. Aw cute! Jellycat are fabulous, we have two comforters and a teddy and they're all lovely. Their bunny comforter is perfect, my little boy takes it everywhere with him.


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