Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Week's 23 & 24 Pregnancy Update

I am now 25 week's pregnant, i really can not believe how fast this pregnancy is going by! I have totally forgot to take any bump photo's lately - i am blaming baby brain! so here is a quick update on what week's 23 and 24 of my pregnancy were like.

I have had my fortnightly midwife appointment and everything is fine my blood pressure is still normal thanks to my blood pressure medication and we got to hear baby's heartbeat which i love. Baby is getting so much more active now i get really big kicks and i can see my belly move i even feel when baby has hiccups. Baby is defiantly getting into a pattern of kicking , normally not long after i have ate i will get kicked for a while i think it must like being fed! Bath time is always fun too as baby likes the bath and wriggles and kicks lots and also when i go to bed it thinks it is play time and kicks non stop for about 45 minutes.

 I actually am starting to feel pregnant at last which is crazy as i have a bump and have felt baby moving inside me for age's but it just did not seem real until recently and now i really do feel pregnant and i am really starting to look forward to baby arriving.

We still have not picked a baby name though we have a boy name but no girl name at all as we have gone off the few names that we had picked out. We haven't started baby shopping yet either but i have made a list of what we need which is a start i suppose. I cant wait to start baby shopping and buy lots of cute baby things it is one of the best parts of pregnancy i just love buying for my children they are better dressed then i am these days. I am really starting to enjoy being pregnant lately after having two horrible previous pregnancy's this one has been so lovely and straightforward and enjoyable.

How i am feeling

I am feeling pretty great i am loving every minute of this pregnancy. I have had the odd bout of morning sickness but on a night time not a morning ,but fingers crossed it seems to be passing. My skin and hair are still looking better then ever and i have loads of energy. I haven't had any craving's and no mood swings or tears.

Although i have been getting more stressed lately of thing's that would not normally bother me such as we applied for Chloe a passport renewal a few weeks ago as she is meant to be going away on a last minute holiday to Spain. But it hasn't come back yet and it is impossible to get through to Durham passport office to see what is happening and i have been worrying about it non stop which i wouldn't normally do. Also when i resigned from work they have put the wrong day on my p45 so i don't know if i will qualify for maternity pay and this has been worrying me a lot as well. I think i need to try and relax more, i have been thinking of going for some kind of pregnancy spa day but that's probably just wishful thinking i can do something like that with two children to look after.

I am still suffering from sciatica pain but thankfully it is nowhere near as bad as it was in my last pregnancy and i haven't had any more pelvic pain so hopefully i wont develop spd again this time either. I have been feeling a little bit dizzy now and then but i think that is probably just down to my blood pressure medication .I am still getting the odd cramp in my leg's and foot but walking a lot and keeping my feet up when resting are helping as i have not been getting them as much as i was.  I think i have been quiet lucky so far in this pregnancy as i have sailed through it with no problem's at all i really hope i don't regret saying that.

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