Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Overprotective Mum

I don't write much about my oldest daughter Chloe on my blog as she is 11 year's old and in a few year's time she will probably be on social media sites and she will more then likely be very embarrassed of me writing a blog post about her. It will be like your embarrassing childhood photo album's on the Internet for all to see and lets face it most teenagers are already embarrassed by there parents. 

Day's out and activity's we have done together i think she will fine with as as they will be lovely to look back on in year's to come, but anything personal and i think she will rightly so go in a strop about - i can so remember being embarrassed by anything personal being mentioned as a teenager parents can be so cruel at times. When i take a photograph of her she likes to approve them and any she is not happy with have to be immediately deleted from the camera/phone forever so no one can see. The joy of having a tweenager!

my girl chloe aged 11
 Having an eleven year old is such a awkward age, in some ways she is still my little girl she still loves her toys especially Lego friends and monster highs and any kind of art and craft activity. She still loves family days out and she will come to me for a hug if she hurts herself or she is upset about something. She still loves Disney films - admittedly so do i and i am thirty. She still looks like a child and she is still in primary school. But in the last six months or so she is starting to change into a teenager before my very eyes. She is almost as tall as me for a start, she starts secondary school in September, she is union j ( a band) crazy she loves painting her nails and experimenting with make - up and perfumes.She likes to pick her own clothes and knows her style- which is leggings or skinny jeans with a hoody and converse.She spends hours on her tablet playing games and watching her frave t.v shows icarly, victorious and Sam and cat. She wants to stay in bed until midday on weekends and she is also starting to get a bit of a attitude - "you are so embarrassing" and "you never listen" are just some of her favourite phrases as is huffing and stomping up the stairs to her room when she cant get her own way.

 But to me she is still my baby. I really can not believe that i almost have a teenager i honestly do not know how that happened , i still feel like a teenager myself - admittedly i don't look like a one any more and i even have the odd grey hair but i still remember being at school like it was yesterday.

 The problem that i am finding is when and how do you learn to let go of your grown children? Many of Chloe's friends walk to and from school on there own, a few even go shopping into Newcastle all by them self! And the idea of both of these things fills me with dread.

When she starts secondary school in September she will be going to and from school on her own (thankfully it is closer then her primary school and just 5 minute walk from are house) so i know i have to start letting go of her before September but i am finding it so hard. The idea of her walking to school on her own at the moment brings me out in a cold sweat! her current school is a 15 minute walk away and you have to cross two busy roads to get there without a lollipop lady or a traffic light in sight. I have visions of her being hit by a car or being kidnapped by a stranger, i know i am crazy to think these things but i just cant help it i am a born worrier in life.

 Don't get me wrong i don't wrap her up in cotton wool , o.k maybe i do a little bit but i did let her go to France for a week with school a few months ago ( yes i cried when she went and i missed her like crazy and worried about her everyday with thoughts of ferry sinking's and kidnaps and terrorist attacks and all sorts of crazy thoughts running through my head that could harm her) she plays out with her friends and i have even started to let her go to the local park with her friends for a hour , i clock watch until she gets home.

 But i know that i need to stop worrying so much and i need to start letting her go more places on her own now she is starting to grow up , but i am just finding it so hard. You think the baby years are the hardest as you worry about newborns so much then you worry when they start school and then you worry even more when they grow and start to be independent i dread to think what i will be like once she reaches 18 and wants to go to university and out drinking & clubbing.

 I want to keep her young and innocent for as long as possible i don't ever want her to turn into a streetwise cheeky 13 year old hanging around street corners caked in make up drinking and terrorising old ladies. If she ever turned out like that i would be so ashamed and feel like a failure of a parent. But she is a good kid so i think it is very unlikely she will turn out like that so i no i need to stop worrying and give her some independence as it is all part of growing up but it is so hard to let go.

 How did you cope with your child grown and letting them start to go places on there own? I would love to know as i feel like the most over protective silly mum at times.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

My 15 Tips On Preparing For Baby's Arrival

As i am currently almost 23 week's pregnant with baby number three i have started to plan things for baby's arrival. As this is my third baby and my youngest was born only 11 months ago i feel that i am now quiet experienced in planning for baby's arrival and no what i do and do not need to do. I often get asked off friends and family who are having there first baby on how to plan for baby's arrival and baby books/magazines are often full of tips ,although half of them i never do like cook and freeze a month's worth of meals - does anyone actually do that? i would never find the time. So i thought that i would share my top tips that i have found useful to me for helping to prepare for baby's arrival.

1.) Buy a diary or a calender. 

When you first find out that you are pregnant if you do not have a personal diary or calender go and buy one. You have to attend so many midwife & hospital appointment's throughout you pregnancy, as well as midwife appointments you also have dentist appointment , antenatal appointments and near the end of your pregnancy all of your baby equipment will start to get delivered so you need to make a note of when it is getting delivered. Then you have all your usual appointments hairdresser etc and when bills need to be paid, birthdays and other family commitments. Plus when baby brain sets in you really will become forgetful , without a diary i really would be lost and never remember any of my appointments and end up missing them all .

2.) Do a first aid course.

If you are not already first aid trained then i really would recommend doing a first aid training course during your pregnancy ,as you really never know when you will need your first aid training. Luckily i have to be first aid trained for my job as when Sophia was two weeks old she actually choked on her sick and stopped breathing and went blue and floppy, it was the scariest moment of my life. But thankfully i knew what to do off my first aid training and she made a full recovery. It probably is best avoided near the end of your pregnancy as if you are anything like me you will be big and uncomfortable and there would be noway i could get down onto the floor and practise chest compressions on a dummy , i would be stuck on the floor forever. You can normally do first aid courses in a day or spread over a few evenings and they are either cheap or free to do, the local council adult learning centres and sure start normally offer them as do some private company's.

3. ) Make sure you send off for your nhs exemption card. 

At your booking in appointment with the midwife you will be giving a form to apply for a free nhs exemption card so you can receive free prescriptions and dental care throughout your pregnancy and until baby is one year old. Make sure you fill it in and post it off as soon as possible as i forgot with Sophia and had to pay a fortune on a visit to the dentist.

4.) Sign up for baby club's.

When you have your booking appointment at the midwife's you will also be giving Bounty & Emma's diary form's where you can sign up to there club's for free and receive a free goody bag which you can collect from boots full of leaflets and samples. Signing up to these club's is good as they will e-mail you weekly pregnancy updates & baby updates once your baby is born and they offer loads of advice and money off coupons. There is also lots of other baby club's that you can sign up to for advice, updates and money off vouchers . Such as Kiddicare and Mothercare, Boot's baby club where you get extra advantage card points on baby buys, most supermarkets have baby clubs as do most baby milk & baby food company's too. 

5.) Record your pregnancy.

 With my current pregnancy i have been recording my pregnancy on my blog as with my previous two pregnancy's i did not record it and have hardly any photo's and no written updates. Looking back i really wish i had as pregnancy is such a special time and every pregnancy is different. Also take lots of pregnancy photo's as it is amazing how your body changes each week and they are lovely to look back on.

6.) Sort out your finances & make a baby budget.

Early on in pregnancy it is good to sit down and look at all your expenses as maternity pay is not great and your income will change once you go on maternity leave and baby arrives. We drew up a budget and worked out all are in going's and out going's and cancelled direct debits for things we no longer needed and cut back on are spending as we use to waste a lot of money on eating out and things we did not need. We then wrote down everything we needed for baby and wrote up a baby budget as in my first pregnancy i just went mad and brought everything for baby and i didn't even need or use half of it . So in my second pregnancy i stuck to a budget (kind of) and just brought what we needed. Although i did end up spending more then i needed on baby clothes , but baby clothes are just so cute!

7.) Clear out your house and decorate.

Everyone i know seems to decide to have a big clear out & spring clean of there house when they find out they are having a baby before redecorating nearly the whole house. I always have a big clear out in my second trimester as this is when i have the most energy , and we only have a small house so we need to clear out to make way for baby. Also decorating wise i always think that is best done in the middle of your pregnancy as last time around i said i would decorate when i started my maternity leave but i was just so tired and uncomfortable , i couldn't do anything. I think the end of your pregnancy you should be resting , nesting and enjoying your last few weeks of pregnancy instead of decorating & stressing your self out that everything will be ready in time for baby's arrival.

8.) Ante-natal classes & hospital tour.

If this is your or your partners first baby or there has been a big age gap between pregnancy like i did then i would highly recommend ante-natal classes. I went to a free nhs one at the hospital and it was on a Saturday morning and i found it really useful even though it was my second baby, there was no watching birth video's or practising breathing or anything like that it was just a quick talk about the pain relief they offer, when to go to hospital, if anything goes wrong etc. And then we had a tour of the maternity department which is brilliant as you know where to go when in labour and what the rooms are like and where everything is. which was one less thing to worry about when i did go into labour as i knew exactly where to go.

9.) Plan your hospital route.

It is always good to practise your hospital route so that you know how long it takes you to get there and where to park so you are not driving around lost or looking for parking spaces when you are in labour . It is also handy to have a list of local taxi firms saved on your phone and spare change for a taxi in your hospital bag just in case you need it, it is also good idea to have back up birth partners in place just in case (i had two people on standby )

10.) Hospital bag. 

Have your bag packed early i did not pack my hospital bag until i was 40 week's pregnant with Sophia and i wish i had of packed it sooner as i would have found it useful having my hospital bag with me when i was admitted to hospital at 32 weeks pregnant for five days. Also baby could arrive early so it is best to be prepared. Have another bag packed with extra things just in case you need to stay in hospital longer then you planned. I will be writing a post about my hospital bag essentials as i plan on packing my third hospital bag soon so that i am prepared.

11.) Prepare other children.

 As this is my third baby i have my two girls to think about when i go into labour and i also need to prepare them for a new arrival in the family. Obviously Sophia is so young she will not realise until the baby comes home and i am unsure how she will react to another baby in the family. But with Chloe we involve her in things she came to the 20 week scan in both my pregnancy's, she helps to pick baby things. And we made sure she was the first one to see Sophia when she was born and Sophia had a present and a card to give Chloe when they first met and we are planning on doing the same again this time around, so both girls are the first to meet there brother or sister and we will involve them. I am already worrying about who will look after them when i go into labour even though its four months away but luckily we have a few people who have offered to watch them for us.

12.) Know how to use your equipment.

Make sure before your baby arrives that you know how to fit your car seat, fold your pram , use your steriliser etc. As there is nothing worse then having a crying baby when you are trying to figure out how to use something. I practised how to use all my new baby equipment before Sophia was born, i washed all her baby clothes and i also set all her things up like her cot and packed her changing bag with things i would need when she was born and we took her out for the first time so that i didn't have to worry and rush about once she was here.

13.) Camera.

Make sure your camera works and is charged or you have plenty of batteries for it . Keep your camera in your hospital bag as you don't want to miss those first precious photographs of your newborn baby. Make sure you have lots of batteries at home as you will take loads and loads of photographs of your newborn.

14.) Read up on labour.

I found it really useful to read birth story's and watch one born every minute when i was pregnant as it prepared me for labour. It made me realise that every labour is different and to just be relaxed about labour and that anything can happen and to just go with whatever the midwife's told me to do. If i needed to be induced again or needed a c-section or assisted delivery i was fine with that as long as my baby was OK that was all that i cared about.

15.) Relax & spend time with partner. 

This is probably one of the most important things to prepare for baby's arrival is to just relax , enjoy your pregnancy get some rest and spend some quality time with your partner as you wont get to do it much once baby arrives. And if you do go overdue like i have twice just remember the end is in sight and you will soon have your baby in your arms so just rest as much as you can and spend time with family and friends and enjoy the last few day's of your pregnancy as you will miss being pregnant once it is all over.

What did you do to prepare for your baby's arrival ? i would love to know as i am feeling a lot less organised this time around.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Are Easter Weekend 2014

Last weekend was Easter and we had such a lovely time together as a family, it was Sophia's very first Easter and it was also the first Easter in a long time that both myself and the other half have actually had the weekend off from work. Also last Easter i was actually in hospital all weekend suffering from gallstones so we decided to make sure that we had a nice weekend together as a family this year, long gone are my days of spending the bank holiday weekends out drinking i just love spending quality time with my girls on bank holidays these days.

 We started off are Easter weekend with a trip to the fair on the Thursday as every Easter there is a fair in Whitley bay on the seafront. Chloe and Lee had a great time going on the rides even though she was a bit frustrated that i would not let her go on the upside down ones as i am such an uncool horrible silly over-protective parent - her word's. I don't know if it is just me but i always have visions of her falling off or the ride falling to bits when she is on something scary at fun fairs , i really need to learn to chill out a bit.

easter 2014
Sophia was obviously way to young to go on rides yet but she loved watching the rides going around and the flashing lights and was totally amazed by it all having a good look about and Chloe went on hook the duck and won a Peppa Pig teddy for her which Sophia fell in love with on sight and kept tight a hold of. We then had chips on the seafront and visited the arcade to play on the 2p machines and Chloe filled her self up with candy floss and Sweet's from the fair.



      On good friday we had fish and chips which is a must on good friday and we visited family. On the Saturday lee had to work so me and the girls had a lazy day at home watching frozen on DVD as both the girls love it, we made some Easter nests and painted some hard boiled eggs (which i forgot to take a photo off - i really must start to remember to take more photo's as my blog looks very bare at times)
chloes easter nests
Then on Easter Sunday we had a lovely day at home just the four of us we had a roast lamb dinner and watched films and Chloe ate lots of chocolate eggs and Sophia had some chocolate we have only just started giving her it but she loved it i think i might have a future chocoholic on my hands with her. We did not buy the girl's much for Easter we got Sophia one egg and a outfit from next and we also got Chloe a outfit from next and 3 eggs, they were so spoilt of other people both girls ended up with about 15 eggs each which is crazy with Sophia being so small so her daddy has been helping her to eat them, they also ended up with about 6 new outfits each.

just some of the girls eggs
On bank holiday Monday Chloe went to my aunty's caravan for the day with her cousin so we just had a trip to the park with Sophia as it was lovely and sunny and she loves the swings and seeing other children. Sophia also started to walk properly over the weekend she had been taking one step and then sitting down but she has now started to walk across the room although she still likes to bum shuffle about more then actually walking as she is such a lazy baby at times.

learning to walk
We had a really nice Easter weekend, i hope everyone else had such a nice and relaxing weekend too.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My Second Birth Story

Sophia Ella's birth story

My second pregnancy had been awful i suffered from sickness the whole nine month's, i had sciatica and spd and could hardly walk and was in pain every single day and i also found out i had gallstones at 32 week's pregnant which was the most horrible pain ever - even worse then childbirth! I was counting down the day's until my due date. Everyone kept telling me that second baby's arrive early and baby's head had been down for weeks but once again my due date came and went with not even a twinge or a braxton hick in sight. 

I thought that i would have to be induced again and felt a bit of a failure that i couldn't even seem to go into labour on my own like other women do. When i was three day's overdue my midwife offered me a sweep and i jumped at the chance of anything to try and kick start my labour as i had tried every single old wife's tale and none of them had worked. I was given the sweep and oh my gosh it really hurt which i was not expecting at all, i think i was half expecting my waters to go or something after my sweep but nothing at all happened.

 The following night there was still no sign of baby so i went to bed to watch my sisters keeper DVD and had a bit of a cry and resigned myself to the fact that i would be getting induced again and a induction had been booked in for two weeks past my due date. Then while i was watching the film at 8pm four days past my due date i started to get period type cramps and my bump kept going tight at first i thought they were probably just braxton hicks but they carried on so i started to time them on a pregnancy contraction app i had on my phone, they were every 7 minutes and lasting about 30 seconds i knew i had to wait until they were closer together and lasting about a minute before ringing the hospital and i was not in any pain they were just slightly uncomfortable. I started to get excited thinking baby was finally going to make an appearance and i would have my baby girl by the next day, the contractions lasted all night and i could not get any sleep because of them but they were still only every seven minutes and lasting 30 seconds.The next morning at about 6am they just suddenly stopped, i was so disappointed and felt like my body was playing tricks on me so i tried to get some sleep , i was woken up a few hours later with more contractions and this time they were a bit stronger and more painful then the last time but still only lasting about 30 seconds.

I spent all day bouncing on my birth ball trying to hurry baby up and it was the only place i could get comfortable sitting down was far to uncomfortable and once again at about 3pm the contractions stopped again. I was getting so fed up now i was tired and just wanted the contractions to either go away so i could rest or speed up so i could have my baby. Then about a hour later they started again and this time they were every five minutes and a lot more painful but still only lasting 30 seconds. I carried on bouncing on my birth ball and had a hot bath and we got a takeaway although i had gallstones so all i could eat was a grilled chicken kebab and salad, but i couldn't even eat it i was in that much pain. 

The contractions were getting closer together so Lee rang the hospital for advice and they said to come in and get checked out, so Lee's mam came to are house as she was watching Chloe and we went to hospital and as soon as i got to the hospital my contractions stopped again! I was examined and was told i was only 3 cm and to go home get some rest and stay at home as long as possible.

 We went home and as soon as i got into bed my contractions started again but this time they were a lot more painful i woke Lee up and he shouted at me to go back to sleep as the hospital had said not to go back in until the next morning at the earliest but there was no way i could lie down i was in agony and the contractions were coming every few minutes. I had a bath to try and see if that would help but i just could not get comfortable at all, so we set off for hospital once again.

 I was examined and told i was only 3 and a half cm but because my contractions were so close together and my blood pressure had went very high i was admitted to the delivery suite at about 4.30am, i had the same midwife who had examined me and sent me home the first time. I was shown to the delivery room and i remember thinking it looked so bare and nothing like the high tech rooms we had been shown on the tour of the maternity ward.

 I was attached to monitors on my tummy to keep an eye on baby's heartbeat and a doctor came to see me as my blood pressure was high and she took some blood to be checked and prescribed some medication for my blood pressure. I was given some gas and air which took the edge of the pains and made them so much more manageable, apart from when i was having a contraction my labour was fine and so much different to being induced i could talk between my contractions for a start. The midwife i had was lovely and her sister was actually one of Chloe's teachers. Then at 7 am i was examined and found to only be 4cm but the pains were getting worse so i asked for a shot of diamorphine which helped with the pain so much.

The midwifes had a shift change and i had a student midwife who actually lived in the same town as we did and she was amazing i would defiantly agree to having a student present in my next labour as it was lovely having two midwife's looking after me and the student was explaining everything and offering loads of support. The midwife's explained that i was not dilating and they might have to break my waters as baby was not happy her heartbeat was not going up and down as she was getting tired so i was made to lie on my left hand side propped up with pillows which was uncomfortable and i was attached to a drip of fluids to see of this would wake baby up. 

It got to about 11am and i was examined again and i was only 5cm so i was told my waters needed to be broken to try and speed things up and baby was still was not happy. My waters were broken and i had to have a fetal heart monitor clip attached to baby's head while she was still inside me and i have to say that was the worse part of my labour it really really hurt.

 My diamorphine was wearing off by now so i was given some more and within about ten minutes of my waters being broken i felt like i needed to push but i wasn't fully dilated and baby's head had not even dropped down yet. I started to freak out saying i couldn't do it and the midwife said i was going through the transition stage and baby was going to be on its way very soon and they started getting everything set up for baby. 

I was pushing but nothing was happening as baby's head had not dropped down . Eventually her head dropped they said push to see if she has any hair and the next thing i knew i had a baby placed on my chest she had came out all in one go. I remember looking at her and shouting she's not crying she's purple is she OK and then her daddy spoke and she looked up at him and wouldn't take her eyes off him and let out a tiny cry and she has been a daddy's girl ever since. Are little princess Sophia Ella was here six days late and after almost 40 hours of labour on Saturday the 25th of may 2013 at 11.48am weighing 8lb2oz.

first photo of sophia
She was totally perfect and healthy, her daddy cut her cord which i was amazed at as he has a huge blood phobia. And then daddy got a cuddle while i delivered the placenta which was really quick and easy i was checked over and everything was fine. Lee dressed Sophia and he was to scared to pick her up so the midwife helped him. I rang Chloe to tell her that her sister had been born ten minutes beforehand. Then i went to have a shower as i was covered in blood and baby wee and poo (Sophia had a wee and poo all over me as soon as she was born) i really struggled walking and standing up i felt like my pelvis had been split in two of the labour due to my spd. But apart from that i felt pretty amazing and not like i had just given birth at all i had no after pains, hardly any bleeding and no stinging when i went for a wee.

Apart from the start of labour being long my second labour had been so much nicer and so much easier then my first, i said i would defiantly do it all again which is a good job really as i will be in august when baby number three arrives. Chloe arrived at the hospital an hour after Sophia was born and she was the first one to see her and she fell in love with her straight away.

meeting her sister for the first time
Then we were taken to the post natal ward where i had to stay over night. The next morning Sophia was checked over and then we were aloud to go home 24 hours after she was born and we started are new life with her as a family of four, and now i really couldn't imagine life without her we all love her so much and she has fitted into are little family perfectly it is like she always been here.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Pregnancy Number Two

My Pregnancy With Sophia

I found out I was pregnant with Sophia in September 2012, I had a feeling I might be pregnant as I had been sick most day's and had been sent home from work with sickness. I was so tired all the time and was avoiding my morning trip to Costa coffee on the way to work, as the smell was making me feel ill. I had done two pregnancy tests but both times they had came back negative but I just had a feeling that I was pregnant, so I kept taking tests and on the third attempt at taking a test it was positive!

 Lee was waiting outside the bathroom while I done the test and as soon as the two lines appeared he was over the moon hugging and kissing me, I done another test just to be sure and I was defiantly pregnant and we were so happy. We had only been trying to conceive for about a month and we could not believe that it had happened so fast!

We told are family straight away and they were all so happy for us but we did not tell Chloe until we had a scan and knew everything was OK with the baby. The experience of finding out I was pregnant was so much nicer and so different to when I found out I was pregnant with Chloe, as I was only 18 and a single parent when I had her; this time around I was 28 and in a serious relationship with my own house and a good job.

I was so happy to be pregnant but a few years beforehand I had suffered a miscarriage at 11 weeks pregnant, I was so scared that the same thing was going to happen again. I couldn't relax and enjoy being pregnant so I booked in for a private early scan, to make sure that there was a baby there and everything was normal. I had the scan and was found to be about six and a half weeks pregnant, as the baby was so small we could not see much on the scan just a heartbeat but it was well worth the money I spent on it and I felt much more positive about the pregnancy from then onwards.

six week pregnancy scan
The first trimester was hard, I was so sick, I was being sick about four times a day and sometimes I was even waking up during the night to be sick. I went off so many foods and drinks and smells were making me feel ill. I was also so tired, I was starting to struggle with my shifts at work so I dropped my hours down to part time hours.

 My bump seemed to show up more or less straight away and I had to go and buy some maternity trousers and tops when I was about 11 weeks pregnant. Even though I had already had a early scan I was so scared when I went for my 12 week scan, I nearly didn't go to have it done I was just so scared I was going to find out that I had lost another baby. Thankfully everything was fine and I was giving the due date of the 19th of may 2013. Finally we could tell everyone that we were having a baby and Chloe was so excited she told all her friends and kept a copy of the scan in her bedroom and she had her heart set on having a little sister.

Once my first trimester was over I thought that my morning sickness would disappear, it never I was sick right the way through my pregnancy up until the day Sophia was born! I also started to suffer from sciatica in my second trimester and I had to go to the doctors as the pain was so bad, some days I could not even climb up the stairs; I had to crawl up as I had shooting pains all the way down my right leg and in my bum. Going to work doing my job, which at times can be quiet demanding and physical was a nightmare. The doctor prescribed me codeine for the pain which I tried not to take too much off, as I didn't want to risk harming baby and I was also referred for physio to see if that would help with the pain.

 I was 20 week's pregnant on new year and I had my 20 week scan on the 2nd of January which I was so excited about as we agreed we wanted to find out if baby was pink or blue. The scan was amazing and we found out we were having a little girl and Chloe was so happy. We went out after the scan and brought some cute little sister tops and baby grows for baby from next. We had already agreed very early on in my pregnancy that if we had a girl we would call her Sophia as we were reading the 100 most popular baby names to try and pick name's and we came across Sophia and we both loved it and so did Chloe and it just stuck and Lee said Ella went with Sophia so she was Sophia Ella and we never once thought about changing it.

20 week scan
 Just after my 20 week scan as my bump was getting bigger my sciatica was getting worse and I had also started to suffer from pelvic pain as well, so I was having weekly physio at the hospital. I had to wear a support band on my bump as I could hardly walk with the pain, so I was signed off work on the sick at about 24 weeks pregnant until my maternity leave started. I was so bored being off work, I hated it but it meant I had a sparkling clean house, I use to clean non stop and I had everything organised for baby's arrival.

 Even though this was my second baby because there was such a big age gap (10 years) between my two pregnancy's and because I was having this baby at another hospital and it was Lee's first baby we booked antenatal classes through the hospital. It was a free course run by the hospital and was on a Saturday morning and covered pain relief etc, then we went on a tour of the hospital there was a birthing centre which was lovely and then the normal delivery suite. I found the tour really useful as otherwise I would not have knowing where to go when I was in labour.

 I was lucky enough to be offered a 4D scan for free when I was 28 weeks pregnant, as I had taken part in a pregnancy research trial at the hospital. It was amazing, I would recommend them to anyone. We could see what baby looked like and it was confirmed I was defiantly having a little girl. When she was born she actually looked just like she did on the scan which was amazing, we felt like we already knew her when she was born. I also had a scan at 32 weeks which my hospital offered all pregnant women to check the growth of the baby and she was already 4lbs at 32 weeks.

When i was 32 weeks pregnant, my pregnancy which was already pretty horrible with the sickness, sciatica and spd was made even worse. I was woken up one night with the most horrendous pain ever - even worse then childbirth! And I ended up going to hospital, at first they thought I had pre-eclampsia as my blood pressure was high and I  had a trace of protein in my urine and I was getting pain below my ribs and my liver enzyme's were high.

But baby seemed fine so they sent me home. However two days later I was back in hospital in even more pain and this time I was admitted to the ante-natal ward where I ended up spending 5 days. They ruled out pre-eclampsia after tests and then thought I had obstetric cholestasis, a pregnancy liver disease as my liver enzymes where 280 and a normal persons is under 40. After an emergency scan they found out I had gallstones. I was put on a very low fat diet nothing over 5 per cent fat and I was aloud home. Thankfully my new diet kept the gallstones at bay for the rest of my pregnancy and I had surgery to remove my gallbladder once Sophia was born. I only actually put on 7lbs in weight when pregnant as i could not eat very much.

 The rest of my pregnancy went by quiet normally, although I had to keep going to hospital to get baby monitored every now and then and to check how I was coping with the gallstones as the consultants  wanted to keep a eye on my liver enzyme results.
I was fed up of being pregnant and was ready for it to be over and I had endured another horrible pregnancy. And once again my due date came and went,  I was so frustrated this was happening again as every one said your second baby is normally early, but i think someone forgot to tell Sophia that bit of information! I tried everything to bring on my labour and none of them worked. My midwife offered me a sweep when I was 3 days overdue which I accepted but it really hurt which I was not expecting, I was booked in to be induced at 2 weeks past my due date. 

Nothing happened at first of the sweep and i just give up completely on baby arriving and resigned myself to another induction, so I went to bed watched my sisters keeper DVD had a little cry and my contractions started that night! Once again no one told Sophia second baby's are meant to arrive quicker, I was in labour with her 8pm on the Thursday night until 11.48 am on the Saturday morning, so I was in labour for almost 40 hours. Eventually six days late little princess Sophia Ella was born weighing 8lb 2oz at 11.48am, she was perfect and healthy and we fell in love with her there and then and we were a proper little family of four.


Saturday, 19 April 2014

My First Birth Story

Chloe Rose's Birth Story

As i have mentioned before i love watching one born every minute t.v program and reading and hearing other people's pregnancy and birth story's , as i am more then half way through my third pregnancy i have been looking back at my previous pregnancy's and i have decided to write about my first birth story with my oldest daughter Chloe all the way back in 2002. Even though Chloe was born almost 12 year's ago i still remember the day that she was born like it was yesterday.

 I was seven day's overdue and i had been to the hospital to see the consultant that day as my blood pressure was high and i was diagnosed as having pre- eclampsia as i had high blood pressure, protein in my urine, bad headaches and my hands and feet had swelled right up and a blood test at hospital had confirmed i had pre- eclampsia. which i had been at risk of as my mum had suffered with it during her pregnancy with me. So it had been decided by the consultant that it was unsafe for me to carry on with my pregnancy and i needed to come into hospital and be induced that day.

  I arrived at hospital that night at 8.30 pm and i was shown to the induction room which was a 4 bedded bay on the delivery suite. I was examined and was found to be 3cm dilated which was a surprise as i had not even had the slightest twinge, i was told that as i was already dilated i would not need the pessary they use to induce labour and to wait and see if labour started on it's own that night and to try and get some sleep and i would be induced the following morning if i had not made any progress.

Trying to sleep on a delivery ward was impossible i could hear women screaming all night, baby's crying and people coming and going, and i was feeling a bit nervous off all the women screaming thinking what had i let my self in for and that it was going to really hurt. At 7am after a night of no sleep i was examined and told i was still only 3cm and i had not experienced any pains during the night and was feeling a bit disappointed that there was no sign of my baby making a appearance any time soon. So my waters were broken, i was dreading this as the long knitting needle type instrument they use to break your waters looked like it would really hurt but it did not all it just felt slightly uncomfortable. After my waters were broken i was told to walk around a bit to see if this would help bring on my labour, i started to get mild period type cramp's but when i was examined 4 hours later i was still only 3 cm dilated. So it was decided that i would be induced by drip to try to speed things up, i rang my mum to come to hospital as she was my birth partner and also rang baby's dad to tell him baby was on its way.

 I was taken to a delivery room and attached to monitors to keep a eye on baby's heartbeat due to being induced and i was hooked up to a drip, more or less as soon as i was attached to the drip i started to get contractions and they were strong and powerful nothing at all like period pains. I felt like my bump was getting squeezed in a vice, the contractions were coming one after the other with no break between them and they kept getting stronger and more powerful.

I had gas and air to start with but it was not even hitting the pain so i was given diamorphine. The drugs, gas and air and the pain all mixed together made my labour pass by in a blur. I remember baby's dad turning up halfway through my labour which was really strange after not seeing him for nine months. And i remember begging for a epidural to take the pain away but the midwife kept putting me off which looking back now i am glad she did but at the time i hated her for it.

 Then before i knew it i was getting told to push and after half a hour of pushing i had a baby girl which was a huge shock as i had been sure i was having a boy. Chloe rose was born at 4.29 pm on Tuesday the 22 October 2002 , 8 days late after a four and a half hour labour weighing 8lb 3oz and she was perfect and healthy. And it really is true what people say as soon as your baby is born you forget all the pain and it is all worth it as you have a baby.

chloe 10 minutes old
I had a injection to help deliver the placenta which was really quick and easy. then i was checked over and i had a small tear and grazing but was told it was best to leave this to heal on its own. I was then encouraged to get up and have a bath then i walked to the post natal ward where i had to spend two nights as i was losing a lot of blood and Chloe was refusing to feed. Finally two days after she was born i was aloud to take my baby girl home and start my new life as a mummy.

chloe one week old

Chloe now

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Pregnancy Number One

Pegnancy number one with my big girl Chloe all the way back in 2002!

Now that i am more than halfway through my current pregnancy and i keep saying that this is the easiest pregnancy yet and i don't even feel pregnant ( i really hope i do not regret saying that) i thought i would look back on my previous two pregnancy and birth's. So this post is all about my very first pregnancy with my eldest daughter Chloe all the way back in 2002 , twelve years ago! Appologies for the lack of photo's but i do not have any photo's as this was way before iphone's/ digital camera's and social media were about , my god that makes me sound so old!! so here goes......

I found out that i was pregnant all the way back in February 2002 when i was only 18 year's old and it was a massive shock! I had just broke up with my very first serious boyfriend after a on/off year together a few day's beforehand and i was due to start studying to be a nurse in a month's time and a baby defiantly was not planned as a part of my future anytime soon. I always thought that i would be like my parents and have children once i was older and was married and had a good job and nice house , not when i was a 18 year old single student living at home with my parent's.

 I actually found out i was pregnant in the local Sainsbury's toilets with my friend Karen (aren't i just so classy) i was in total shock and i did not no what to do or think . The baby's dad did not want to no as far as he was concerned we had broke up and that was it i actually never seen him at all during my pregnancy and him and his family never brought a single thing for baby while i was pregnant.Luckily my parents were really helpful and supportive especially my amazing mum.

 The first few week's of my pregnancy went by in a blur as i was still in shock . Then when i was 10 week's pregnant i started to bleed , i was convinced i had lost my baby. I felt like it was all my fault that i was going to lose my baby because i had not been happy about my pregnancy. Luckily an emergency scan the next day showed that baby was fine and from that moment on i fell in love with my little baby and i vowed to be the best mum that i could be and that my baby would have the best of everything , just because i was young and on my own i was not going let that hold my baby back in life.

 My parent's had recently separated and i moved in with my mum and set about turning my bedroom into a beautiful lemon nursery, i was lucky enough to have savings (which was supposed to be for a car and driving lessons) but i went out and blew the lot on a mama's and papa's nursery , matching pine bedroom furniture and a wardrobe full of baby clothes, pram, car-seat and probably every baby product that you could buy i spent about £2500! which looking back now is absolutely crazy.
I knew nothing at all about baby's or pregnancy, so i spent all of my free time reading pregnancy book's and magazine's trying to find out and learn as much as i could.

At my 20 week scan they thought there was something wrong with baby's heart and i had to go back to hospital a week later to see a specialist to have another scan and thankfully everything was fine and normal but i didn't find out if baby was pink or blue i was having a surprise baby.

At around 16/17 week's i started feeling baby move about which was so strange and at about 20 week's i started to get a bump. My bump quickly got huge and everyone thought i was having twins, i actually put on 4 stone in pregnancy weight i was the size of a house! I craved snicker's and ice cold milk (i hate milk) from 20 week onwards my pregnancy started to get tough. I had really bad heartburn and i use to sleep with a bottle of gaviscon by my bed each night and i use to practically drink it. I struggled walking because i was just so huge, i even got a varicose vein in my leg (thankfully it went after i had given birth) most 18 year old's don't even no what a varicose vein is they are to busy having fun partying and there was me looking and feeling like a grandma.

 Being pregnant so young was really tough, i was scared as everything was new to me and it was really hard coping with my changing body at such a young age. I also lost touch with most of my friend's as i couldn't do thing's a normal 18 year old could do like going clubbing, holiday's, dates and uni. I use to just sit at home every night watching the soaps and i felt so lonely and down about thing's and being a single parent as i had no one to share things with. I also felt that when i went to medical appointments the doctor's / midwife's etc would talk to my mum who came with me rather then to me even though i was the one who was pregnant. When i went to ante-natal classes it was all couple's and there was me there with my mum.

 When i got to the third trimester my blood pressure started to get high, up until then i had been a low risk pregnancy under midwife led care but i started having to go to hospital every week so that baby could get monitored . In the last few week's of my pregnancy i was put on bed rest and the midwife use to come out to check my blood pressure at home a few time's a week and whenever it was high which was quiet often i would get sent to hospital to get checked out , but the hospital always sent me home again. I use to get so sick and wished they would just keep me in instead of having to go back and forth to hospital all the time.

 I was upset and frustrated when my due date came and went, i thought i would be pregnant forever and never meet my baby. My blood pressure got higher and my hands and feet swelled right up and i was sent to see a consultant at the hospital when i was seven day's overdue. The consultant said i had pre-eclampsia and i had to go home get my hospital bag and come back to hospital that night and be induced .

I was so relieved my pregnancy was finally going to be over i had hated every minute of it and found it so hard. I was also very scared that i was going to lose my baby due to pre- eclampsia even though my mum had it with me and i was fine i had read so many horror stories about it and i was petrified.

 I went into hospital that night but i was not actually induced until the next day and when i was eight day's overdue and after a four and a half hour induced labour i was a finally a mummy to a lovely healthy little girl weighing 8lb 3oz called Chloe Rose i loved her loads and she changed my life forever.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Already Halfway There 20 Week's Pregnant!

20 week pregnancy update

I am now 21 week's pregnant and i am now more then half way through my pregnancy it really has flown over and i cant believe that in just 19 weeks time baby should be on its way and i will be a mum of three! As i type this i am watching one born every minute on t.v and i really am starting to think i must be crazy to go through all that pain from labour again so soon after my last baby and wonder how on earth i am going to cope with a newborn a 1 year old and a almost 12 year old i really truly believe i am crazy.

my 20 week scan
 Anyway enough of me babbling on here is what happened in my 20th week off pregnancy.
I had my 20 week scan when i was exactly 20 week's pregnant which i wrote about last week and everything was perfect with baby although we could not find out if it was pink or blue as it had its leg's crossed and it's hand and cord in the way also , it looks like baby wants to keeping us guessing if its pink or blue and surprise us when it is born.

After my scan i had a appointment in the ante-natal clinic with my consultant as i have said before i am under consultant led care due to my blood pressure being high. The consultant said that everything seemed perfectly normal and as it should be and there was no concerns so they have just told me to carry on taking my blood pressure medication and aspirin and i can drop my weekly midwife appointments down to fortnightly appointments. Then i have to go back to hospital at 28 weeks for another consultant appointment and another scan to check on baby's growth.

 I have still done no baby shopping at all apart from one baby grow from next i haven't even been to look in any baby shops so i really must drag the other half shopping when he is off work and start picking a double pram and baby clothes. We still can not decide on a name for baby either we have 2 boy names we like but we just can not agree on a girls name the other half has mentioned a few he likes and i like them but i just cant find a name that i totally love i hope that i make my mind up soon i don't want to have a nameless baby.

It's half term this week so i have been loving spending time with Chloe and we have had a few nice days out i took her to the cinema to see Rio 2 but i was so uncomfortable sitting still for 2 hours now my bump is getting bigger.

How i am feeling this week

I am still feeling pretty good this week i still have a lot more energy and i have had no sickness and no mood swings which is brilliant. I have not really craved anything this week and i am not eating big meals but lots of snacks as i am constantly hungry but i get full so quickly. I have also been waking up during the night quiet a lot and then finding it really hard to get back to sleep again and when i do sleep i am having really real vivid dreams i actually wake up in the morning and wonder if the dream was real or not see i told you i must be crazy!

 I also have major baby brain lately i keep repeating things and forgetting things and getting words mixed up i am actually quiet worried about it but everyone keeps telling me its normal but i don't remember this from my previous pregnancy's unless i have just forgotten.

Baby is moving around lots now which is lovely i feel movements really low down little wriggles and kicks and prods, i think because baby is low down it is causing me to get lower back pain if i sit for more then half a hour or if i am doing housework it really aches. I am also getting really bad cramps in my feet a few times a day which is horrible and i have also started to get nosebleeds a few times this week also. Ah the joys and glamour of pregnancy ! no one ever tells you about these lovely side effects of pregnancy.

What baby is up to this week

At 20 weeks pregnant baby is about 16.4 cm long , its hair is growing and its teeth buds are in place. Baby is all formed and looks like a baby now just smaller all it needs to do now is grow and get chubby ready for the outside world in 4 months time.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Planning A First Birthday Party

My baby girl will be one year old next month on the 25th of may so we have started to plan her very first birthday party. A lot has changed since my oldest daughter Chloe had her first birthday party all the way back in 2003, back then there was no facebook or twitter and most first birthday party's were just a simple tea party in the house with close family and a cake from marks and Spencer's. But now due to the popularity of social media the internet is full of idea's to celebrate a first birthday party in style, from fancy decorations and custom made cakes to cake smash photo shoots and expensive party's.

 We want to give Sophia a special first birthday but we also don't want to go mad and spend a fortune as she wont be able to remember it. I am no expert at throwing party's i hate organising them and i nearly always opt for a party at a soft play that has everything included and all i have to do is turn up on the day and pay. But with a bit of forward planning , budgeting and organisation this is are check list on how to throw a brilliant first birthday party without spending a fortune and going bankrupt.

1.) The first thing to do is draw up a guest list of who you want to invite to the party for a first birthday you should not have to many guests compared to when your child starts school and wants to invite the whole class to there party and you end up having to invite 30 + children. We have just invited family who have young children and the few friend's that we have that have children of a similar age to Sophia. There is about 14 children in total invited to her party. I have not invited any of baby's from the various baby groups she attends as she is not really friends with them she just pinches there dummy's or pulls there hair and hasn't got a clue who they are.

2.) Once you have a guest list you then have to think about a venue as we only have a fairly small house a party at home was out of the question there is noway we would fit 14 children plus parents into are house. So we decided to think of a suitable venue and we decided on the local leisure centres soft play as it is for under 5's and has bouncy castles which Sophia and her friends will love. We were going to have it in one of the large indoor soft plays in the area but i think they are more for older children.

3.) The next thing you need to think about is entertainment obviously as we are having the party at a soft play we do not need to provide any entertainment , also remember to pick something age appropriate  as most one year old's are too young for magicians and discos ( i have been to first birthday party's which had these and the baby cried) If you are just having a small party in the house i have been to a party where the only entertainment was a ball pool and a box full of toys and some music on in the background and the children loved it. So you really don't need to spend a fortune.

4.) Decide if you want a theme for the party this seems to be really popular these days .I never use to pick a theme for Chloe's party's i just brought any old invites, but nearly every party i have been to lately there seems to be a theme. I quiet like this idea and we have decided on a Sofia the first theme for Sophia's party because she likes it and it is also her name. We haven't went overboard though all we have done is brought Sofia invites and Sofia goody bags and napkins  all off e-bay which were really cheap and we are also getting her a Sofia the first cake made. I just think it nice for things to match but that's probably just me being weird.

5.) food. Every party needs food luckily as we are having the party at a soft play food is included and we have picked party foods that are suitable for small children . The thing to remember is to always pick foods suitable for the child's age so we are having soft foods for the younger guests rather then the beef burger in buns and chips that the venue was going to provide for us, i don't want any chocking baby's thank you.If you are doing the catering yourself you could always make some yummy snacks for grown ups too.

6.) The cake ,  i always get Chloe a cake from good old Marks and Spencer's for her birthdays but i have noticed lately a huge rise in people getting custom made cakes made for children's birthdays there is loads of cake making business popping up on facebook. At first we were not going to get Sophia a cake made as we thought it would be really expensive ( her christening cake was £70) and i didn't want to spend that much, but i really wanted her a Sofia the first cake and there is none in the shops and i can not bake to save my life and i don't no anyone else who can either. A few people on my facebook recommended a local cake maker who makes lovely children's cakes and they are quiet reasonably priced so i have booked her to make a Sofia the first cake i just wont tell my dad how much it costs as he thinks i should just buy a Victoria sponge cake for  £2 as Sophia won't remember and doesn't need a cake ( he is such a Scrooge at times)

7.) Another first birthday theme that i have noticed is big at the moment is first birthday cake smash photo shoots. I have seen a few friends post these on facebook recently and they look amazing!  I no that getting professional photographs taken is expensive but i just love these photos and i think they will be lovely to look back on in years to come and will make a lovely canvas for the wall so much to the other half's dismay i have booked a one in for Sophia for a few days after her birthday, now i just need to convince him she will look nice with a hairband in and a tutu for the photos
8.) The outfit i always think it nice to buy children a nice outfit for there birthdays so they look nice and smart i really wanted to get Sophia a pretty dress but because she is having a soft play party i think i am going to have to get her leggings and a top from somewhere i have been looking for the last few week's but i cant seem to find anything that is really pretty and special enough for a first birthday.I will still be getting her a pretty dress though as every little girl needs lots of pretty dresses i just wont tell her dad its new i will say she has had it for ages and he probably won't no the difference.

9.) Presents i always struggle with buying presents for really small children as they don't really need anything and they are too young for a lot of things and they cant ask for anything.This year we have decided as Sophia has lots of toys off Christmas we are going to buy her garden toys as she is a summer baby,we are getting her a baby swing as she loves the swings at the park,a smart trike bike so we can push her to the shops or the park instead of using the buggy all the time, a doc mcstuffin ride on as she is doc mcstuffin mad and we are going get her some books and  wooden puzzles as she loves them.

10.) Goody bags every children's party needs goody bags . Sticking with the Sofia the first theme we are having we got some Sofia goody bags off eBay and we are just going fill them with milky buttons , packets of baby biscuits and bubbles as most of the guests are too young for sweeties and party bag toys.
at 2 weeks old , can't believe this was almost a year ago!

After eleven years of hosting children's birthday party's the thing i have realised to be the most important of all is to remember to just  have fun and make sure your child has an amazing day whatever you are doing and take lots and lots of photographs and don't forget to buy batteries for the camera!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Pregnancy weeks 17.18 and 19

Week 17, 18 and 19 Pregnancy Update

I have not done a pregnancy update for a few weeks now as they were all starting to sound a bit the same, as nothing much has been going on pregnancy wise. I am now 20 week's pregnant so I thought that I would do a update on what week's 17,18 and 19 were like all in one post. As you know I have to have weekly check-up's at the midwifes to check my blood pressure and urine, as my blood pressure has been high and I am on medication for it. I am also at increased risk of pre-eclampsia, as i had it in my first pregnancy and my mum had it with me. Each week my blood pressure has been fine so my medication is working and my urine has been fine too. I also get to hear  baby's heart beat each week which is always lovely.

 I have been feeling fantastic the last few week's, I have had no more morning sickness (thank you baby) my skin has been feeling super soft and my hair has been soft and shiny and I finally have a lovely 'pregnancy glow'. I am much more aware of baby's movements now and I am starting to feel it wriggle around a lot more which is amazing, even though its my third baby I am still amazed when I feel it and think there is a little person inside me.

My mood swings are so much better now I haven't snapped or burst into tears at anyone for week's and I really do feel back to my normal happy self. I also have loads more energy as well and I am staying up later on a night time .

 Everyone in are household was struck down with a cold and sickness bug recently which was not great as I could not take anything for it with being pregnant. It also meant I did not get any time to rest and relax as I was so busy looking after the girls, but when you are a mum you just don't have the time to be ill you just have to soldier on I suppose. It was also mothers day and Lee and the girls spoilt me with some lovely presents and took me out for a meal and i had a very rare and much needed day off from mum duties no cooking or cleaning was such a treat, they even got me a mothers day card off bump which was so sweet and thoughtful.

mothers day card off bump.
Lee got promoted at work and i am super proud of him i wanted to take him out for a meal to celebrate but we did not have a babysitter so we just got a Chinese take away and had a nice night in together instead. We still have not started baby shopping yet ,luckily we have most of the stuff off Sophia that she no longer needs but we still need to look for a double buggy , clothes , moses basket , bottles etc or poor baby wont have anything when it is born. Now lee has got a promotion and a pay rise i suppose that's a great excuse to go shopping and spoil baby!

How i am feeling this week

My bump is definitely much bigger and it seems to be growing by the day at the moment and you can defiantly tell i am pregnant now and not just fat . Although i am craving some really bad foods like ready salted hula hoops, crumpets with butter and chicken kebabs wraps , so i dread to think how much weight i will gain and how big baby will be if i carry on. But i have gone off chocolate and sweet stuff now which i guess is slightly good.

 Absolutely none of my normal clothes fit me now and i am living in leggings i brought in a size bigger and a few stretchy tops i have and the two maternity tops i brought when i was pregnant with Sophia. I didn't put on much weight when pregnant with Sophia (7lb) and i had a small neat bump with her so i got away with just wearing my normal clothes and a few things in a size bigger, but this time i seem to be getting bigger all over. I keep saying that i am going to go maternity clothes shopping and i really must now that nothing is fitting me so i think that is my goal for next week to buy some proper maternity clothes. I also need to get fitted for some new maternity bras as i am sure my boobs are starting to grow daily along with my belly which is a bonus! I think i also need to buy some new shoe's too as even my feet seem to be getting bigger as i am struggling to get them on my feet and they feel a bit tight which is weird. Overall week's 17,18 and 19 have been really easy and straight forward and pretty good week's ( apart from being ill for a few days)

bump at 18 week's
Baby update

  • At 17 week's baby is forming taste bud's and is about the size of an onion and is 5 inches long and weighs about 5 oz in weight which seems tiny.
  • At 18 week's baby is starting to mimic breathing and is about the size of a pepper is 5 and a half inches long and weighs about 7 oz.
  • At 19 weeks baby is starting to swallow amniotic fluid and it's kidneys are producing urine and it is about the size of a mango and 6 inches long and weighs about 9 oz

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

20 Week Scan

Today I am 20 week's pregnant exactly, I can not believe I am exactly half way through my pregnancy it really has flown over! Today I had my 20 week scan. I was feeling a bit nervous before my scan, just due to it being the anomaly scan and in case something was found to be wrong with baby due to my high blood pressure, and being on medication for that. Luckily I had an early morning appointment so I did not have too much time to worry beforehand. As soon as I arrived at the hospital I was called into the scan room, Lee had came with me and so had Chloe and Lee's grandma. As soon as I lay on the bed they put the probe on my tummy and up popped baby, I couldn't believe how big it was since I last seen it seven weeks ago, it filled the whole screen up. We could see its little heart pumping away and the sonographer turned the sound on so we could hear its heartbeat, even though this is my third baby I still felt amazed and a bit emotional watching baby.

20 week scan pic

Friday, 4 April 2014

Sophia At 9 Month's Old.

Sophia turned 10 months old recently and I can not believe that in just two months time my baby girl will be one year old! The time really has flown over and it does not seem so long ago that I was pregnant with her. I really wish I had of started this blog sooner, so that I could have recorded more of the girl's childhood for us to look back on in years to come. So I am going to make a start now at recording what Sophia was like at 9 months old.