Monday 27 November 2023

Treetop Mini Golf Metrocentre

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Treetop Mini Golf has branches around the UK and it recently opened a branch here in the North East at the Metrocentre. There are two 18 hole courses to choose from - Tropical Trail which is rainforest theme and Ancient Explorer which we decided to try out and was ancient Amazonian themed. 

Treetop Mini Golf

Treetop Golf 

Treetop Golf is located upstairs in the cube area of the Metrocentre, near all the restaurants - next door to the Chinese buffet. You don't need to pre-book you just turn up and play, they are cashless though so make sure you bring your card with you to pay. You can pick to play the Ancient Explorer or the Tropical Trail course or you could even play both. If you are unsure what course to play the staff are really friendly and will be more than happy to help you pick a course. 

treetop golf lockers

They have free lockers available so you can leave any bags or coats and don't need to carry them around with you, I really liked this. They also have a bar area where you can enjoy a hot or cold drink before or after you play. 

What We Thought 

Arriving at Treetop Mini Golf we were immediately impressed with the theming and decor, there was so much attention to detail. Everywhere we looked there was something to see. We made our way to the desk and the staff member was really friendly and knowledgeable about the courses and explained everything to us. We were given clubs, balls and a score sheet and pencil and off we went. 

The children picked the Ancient Explorer Trail, each trail is 18 holes and starts upstairs before you make your way downstairs for the rest of the course. There are lifts available as well as the stairs if you have a wheelchair or pushchair and the courses are accessible. 

The course was brilliant it was interactive, trees moved, there was lights, statues talked to us it was just lots of fun for the whole family. There was four of us playing and it took us about an hour to make our way around but we probably could have done it a bit quicker if we weren't so terrible at mini golf! 

treetop golf metrocentre ancient course

When you finish your course there is a free bonus 19th hole where you can win a free game of golf next time. None of us managed to win but the people behind us did. There is also a free photobooth you can use and the photo is emailed to you which is a lovely touch to remember your visit. 

treetop golf metrocentre review

The Tropical Trail Course looked amazing and we will definitely be returning soon to try that one as we had such good fun. It was hard to believe we were in the Metrocentre as the theming was so good and you totally forget your in the middle of a busy shopping centre. 

treetop mini golf mocktails

We visited the bar area after we had played and the children had some delicious mocktails and it was a great way to end the game off. 

Need To Know 

Treetop Golf Metrocentre is open 7 days a week opening hours are 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 11am - 10pm 
Thursday and Friday 11am - 11pm 
Saturday 10am - 11pm 
Sunday 10am - 10pm 

Please double check with the venue on their website before visiting in case these times change (correct November 2023). 

It costs £11 per person aged 6+ children 0-5 are £5.50 students and those aged 60+ are £9.50 and a family ticket (must include a child aged 12 or under) costs £32.50 for one course. For both courses it costs £16 per person, £7.50 for 0-5's, £13.50 for students and those aged 60+ and £51.50 for a family of four (with a child aged 12 or under). 

They do sometimes have deals on so check their website and social media links for details of any offers they may be running. 

Would We Recommend 

Yes I would definitely recommend a visit to Treetop Golf Metrocentre it is good fun for the whole family and the theming is brilliant. We all really enjoyed the course and can't wait to go back again soon to complete the other course. Treetop Golf is a great new edition to the Metrocentre and is probably the best indoor mini golf course we have ever been too. 

We have a video over on TikTok if you fancy a watch 

Treetop Golf 
56 Upper Cube 
NE11 9YZ


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  1. What a fun day out. I love the decor and the cost of it isn't bad at all. It sounds like you had a great time. x


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