Wednesday 16 May 2018

SwimFin Review

We have recently returned from our first family holiday abroad to the beautiful island of Majorca. We stayed at Pirates Village which is a brilliant hotel for children as it has a fantastic pool area with slides, splash buckets and pools of varying depths. When we booked I knew my youngest son Jacob, aged 3 would want to be in the pools all of the time, however, at just 3 years old he can't quite swim yet. So I began searching for pool aids to keep him safe and to help him feel confident in the water, as he finds armbands and rubber rings restrictive. 

So when we were recently offered a SwimFin to review this seemed like the perfect swimming aid to help Jacob build water confidence and enjoy himself in the swimming pools. The SwimFin comes in a range of different colours, we got an orange one which is his favourite colour. As you can guess from the name it is shaped like a fin and you attach it to your children's back with the velcro straps provided, meaning that it does not get in the way when they are swimming. 

orange swimfin

As I mentioned Jacob is only three and he cannot swim yet, but the swimFin did make him more confident in the water. He wore it a lot in the toddler pools on holiday where he pretended to be a shark - great fun! He also used it in the deeper pool and it helped him so much with his water confidence, as instead of clinging onto his dad (like he normally does) he was happy treading water as the swimfin helped him stay afloat.

Jacob was really happy to wear the swimfin, he thought it was something fun and he didn't complain about it getting in the way at all. His water confidence has come on so much during our time away, he will happily jump into a pool now and will paddle around a pool on his own (with adult supervision). I think I will definitely be looking into booking him some swimming lessons now we are home and taking him to the local leisure centre pool with his swimFin. 

wearing a orange swimfin in the pool

We actually saw a few other children around the pool on holiday wearing SwimFins, they seem like a popular choice. I was a bit worried it would be bulky and take up loads of room in the suitcase but it didn't at all and it is so lightweight too. 

I really liked that you could adjust the straps easily so that it fits your child nice and securely. It is really quick and easy to put on too. Another thing I really liked was that it helps get children into the right swimming position and we found it much better than armbands or holding a float. Overal the SwimFin gets a thumbs up from myself and Jacob. 

orange swimfin

SwimFin retails at £22.99 and it is available in nine different colours orange, red, blue, green, purple, grey, pink, black and a yellow/orange marble effect. You can buy them directly from the SwimFin website or on Amazon, at Argos and from other swim product stores. 

Disclosure We were sent this product for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own. 


  1. The boys love their swimfins too! Our eldest gained so much confidence wearing his. A great holiday essential! x

    1. They really are a great holiday essential, I think we will be taking it away next year too x


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