Thursday 30 October 2014

Jacob's Newborn Photoshoot

* Note - Tina has since changed her photography business name to Capture Forever. 

When I was pregnant with Jacob I came across an advert on facebook from a local photographer who was advertising for newborn babies who were going to be born at the end of August to take part in a free photo shoot. As you may know, Jacob was due in late August so I contacted the photographer and was lucky enough to be offered a free photo shoot once he was born.

newborn photo shoot, Jacob as a batman

The photographer was Tina, a fantastic local photographer who was branching out into newborn baby photography. As I knew I was getting induced before my due date Tina provisionally booked a date for 10 days after baby would be born. However, due to a dreaded sickness bug hitting our whole household we had to cancel the shoot. But luckily we were able to reschedule for a few days later when Jacob would be exactly two weeks old.

newborn Jacob as batman

Tina is a mobile photographer so she comes to your home, so you and baby are more comfortable. She brings all her props with her which is a brilliant idea, as the last thing new mums want is to be going out with a new baby somewhere unfamiliar.

Newborn Jacob as an owl

As soon as we met Tina she immediately put us all at ease, as she was so friendly, chatty and  lovely. It is best for newborn babies to be asleep for the photos, but typically Jacob was being rather unsettled and would not go to sleep. Tina was so patient while we tried to settle him and once he was settled she was so gentle at handling him - you can tell she is a mum to two young children herself.

The photo shoot lasted around two hours and Jacob was put in lots of super cute little outfits. As you can see from the photos it does not look like we are in a house at all, it looks like the photos have been taken in a photography studio. The photos are amazing, I am so happy with them and everyone has commented on just how nice they are.

If you are looking for a newborn photographer and you live near the Whitley bay area then I can highly recommend Tina. She is super lovely, the photos are amazing, as are the props she uses and she visits you at home. If you check out her facebook page here you can see all of the amazing photos she has taken. What I also like is that you pay for your photo shoot and then you are e-mailed the photographs from the shoot later on, you can then select which photographs you want, what size and how many. So you are not stuck paying a fortune for a package that you do not really want. We brought some small photos to add to a photo album and also a gorgeous canvas to put on the wall, the quality of the photos and canvas are amazing. Tina often has special offer deals advertised on her Facebook page, you could even book a photo shoot for someone you know who is having a baby as a gift which I think is a wonderful idea.

 * Please note I have left the watermarks on the photos so that they can not be taken and used by someone else. I did get a free photo shoot for Jacob but I paid for the photographs from the shoot myself. I was not asked to write this review, I just loved the photos so much I thought I would share them in case anyone in the North East was looking for a newborn photographer. 



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