Friday 18 February 2022

Hoover H-Free 500 Pet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

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As a family of five with two dogs and a pet cat in the house, I feel like I am forever having to vacuum and sweep the floors and sofas for crumbs, hairs, and astroturf (if you have a child who plays football you will know what I'm talking about). We have a mix of wooden flooring, tiles and carpets in our home, and despite only being two years old our current vacuum cleaner is just not up to the job and I am always left feeling that the floors are never properly clean. 

So when I was offered to review the Hoover H-Free 500 Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner I obviously agreed. Hoover is such a well-known brand that people even use it when referring to other brands of vacuum cleaners, I bet we have all heard people saying "I'm just going to hoover the floors". My dad has a Hoover vacuum that he has had for about 20 years and it is still going strong now, which just proves what good quality products they are.  

Hoover H-Free 500 review The box

First Impressions

When the box first arrived I admit I was confused as the box was tiny and I thought there was no way a vacuum can be in there, I was wrong as there was. The box contained everything needed it was just very well packed. The box contained The H-Free 500 Handheld vacuum stick, 3 different nozzles - a floor nozzle, mini turbo and a long crevice tool. There was also the charger, accessory bag, spare filter and a cleaning tool. Setting everything up was so quick and super easy to do and it even came with a bit of charge so I could give it a try straight away.  

Hoover H-Free 500 in box

Using The Hoover H-Free 500 Vacuum

The first thing I noticed when using this vacuum was just how lightweight it was, I used to hate vacuuming the stairs as our old vacuum was heavy but it was a breeze with the Hoover H-Free 500. It was so lightweight I could even lift it up to reach dusty hard-to-reach corners with ease. It is also so slim and compact that it easily fits in our pantry cupboard for storage and the accessory bag is perfect for storing the charger and smaller nozzles so they don't get lost. 

Hoover H-Free 500 fully assembled

I really liked that with the different attachments you use this vacuum in different ways as you can use it as an upright vacuum for carpets or as a handheld device which is ideal for vacuuming the sofas or the car. It also has a turbo button which you can use to get rid of stubborn areas which I found brilliant for getting rid of all the tiny black bits of astroturf my son brings home on his clothes after football training. 

Hoover H-Free 500 review light to show charged

It charges fairly quickly and the charge lasts for about 40 minutes. I really liked that it has lights and it is blue when it is fully charged but turns red when the battery is running low. There is a light on the floor nozzle attachment so you can see under dark beds and furniture when vacuuming to make sure you get all the debris vacuumed fully. 

Hoover H-Free 500 floor attachment with light on

Pet Feature 

The Hoover H-Free 500 is a pet vacuum so it is ideal for getting rid of pet hair on carpets and furniture. We do have two pet dogs but they are poochons so they are hypoallergenic and don't shed any fur, however both my daughters have long hair and I am forever finding loads of it on their bedroom floors. If you use the mini turbo nozzle with the turbo setting it easily sucks it all up and leaves the carpets hair free in no time. It was also really good for getting rid of the cats fur off his bed, which I had previously found impossible to shift. 

Hoover H-Free 500 bag and attachments


So what did I really think of the Hoover H-Free 500 Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner? Honestly I love it! I have used it multiple times per day for the past week and I have found it so easy to use, it is lightweight and has great suction and can be used on pretty much any service in our home. All of the attachments and the fact you can use it as a handheld or upright vacuum make it ideal for a busy family home.   

hoover h-free 500 review

I only found two small niggles with this vacuum and they were that if you are doing a big clean the dust tube is fairly small so does fill up easily, but it is a compact model so it is to be expected. The other thing was when we used the floor nozzle in my teenage daughters room it really quickly got wrapped in hair which was a bit of a nightmare to get off but it was our fault and using the turbo nozzle when cleaning her floor easily solved this issue. 

I really do like this vacuum and I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking for a lightweight, cordless vacuum as it really does make housework that little bit easier and is a perfect family vacuum we can use throughout the home. 

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