Tuesday 8 October 2019

Snapstar Dolls Review

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My six-year-old daughter adores playing with her dolls, she likes fashion dolls and spends hours changing their clothes, making up imaginative games with them and playing happily on her own or with her friends. Now there is a new fashion doll in town for children to play with called Snapstar dolls, a squad of six 'influencer dolls' with their own app - yep really. 

There are six Snapstar dolls to collect and each doll looks different and likes different things such as music, make-up, travelling, animals, fashion and crafts. The dolls are a similar size to other fashion dolls and they have moveable limbs and look really appealing for children with lovely sparkly eyes and nice outfits. 

pink snapstar doll box

However, they are different from other dolls on the market as they have removable wigs - something my daughter really likes. They also come with a green screen and stand and a free to download app called Snapstar studio, where you can place the doll in front of the green screen and style the doll on the app, with different backgrounds, hair, makeup and accessories.

two snapstar dolls and two outfit packs

At 6 years old, my daughter doesn't have access to a mobile but she does know about snapchat filters thanks to her teenage sister. So this is kind of like that but for dolls. We downloaded the app on my iPhone and it was really easy to use, however at six my daughter wasn't that interested in the app and she just wanted to play with the dolls and dress them up in the different outfits. 

snapstar doll using the snapstar studio app on a iphone

We received two dolls which were Echo and Yuki, plus two separate outfit packs for the dolls. Sophia loves Echo the best, she really likes her long icy-blue hair and outfit but she has played with both dolls non-stop for the past week. 

snapstar studio app features on a iphone app

She really likes changing the outfits on the dolls and the fact you can take the wigs off and swap them with other Snapstar dolls or just have them with short hair.  

snapstar yuki doll with wig removed

Snapstar dolls are recommended for children aged 5+ and whilst I agree that children this age will enjoy playing with the dolls I would personally say they are probably a bit better suited to slightly older children of around 8 + who would enjoy the app and understand what social influencers are. Even though I am a blogger myself my daughter doesn't have a clue what a social influencer even is and has no interest in using the green screen and playing around with the app.  

two snapstar dolls yuki and echo

Snapstar dolls are available now from Amazon, Argos, Smyths and other leading toy retailers priced at £18.00. I can see them being a popular toy this Christmas and perfect for a girl aged 8-11 years old, although some younger children will still enjoying playing with them too. 

Disclosure I was sent these dolls for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.  



  1. These look really good. Will have to show my sister this post as her daughters would love these!

  2. Eliza loves playing with these, the only problem is that I lose my phone in the process LOL

    1. I think if my daughter was a little older I would lose my phone too lol x

  3. Alice loved these dolls. I agree they are better suited to slightly older children.

    1. Glad you agree, I think children 8+ would really get full use of them x

  4. Oh these look brilliant . Will have to show Alessia , I bet she will love them !

    1. I think she would as she is the right sort of age x

  5. I love the dolls a lot. They look so pretty.


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