Monday 10 December 2018

The Christmas Clean With Regina


Christmas, the most magical time of the year filled with lots of family time, festivities and yummy food. Like most parents, I am on the Christmas countdown and really looking forward to seeing my children's face's light up when they get that longed for toy, lazy days watching films together, visits with loved ones and all the festive build-up and activities that the big day brings. However, I am sure I am not alone when I say I am also feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all too as I still feel like I have so much to do and I haven't even started on getting the house in shape for Christmas yet. 

Cup of tea and pack of Regina Blitz kitchen towels

Every year I always have a huge clear out and tidy of the house ready for Christmas, with family visiting I like the house to be clean and tidy often resulting in me missing out some of the festivities. I am not alone in this as a recent survey by Regina found that 63% of UK residents miss out on family time during the festive season because they begin to tidy the house at least a week before the big day. With one of the top five stresses, UK residents face in the lead-up to the festive season is getting the house ready and keeping it tidy. It is, without a doubt, one of my biggest stresses too. 

cleaning up mine pie crumb with Regina Blitz kitchen towel

With this in mind, Regina recently sent me some of their Regina Blitz kitchen roll to see if it could help make some of the festive cleaning (#TheChristmasClean) easier to manage and take away some of #TheStressofMess. Regina Blitz's triple layer sheets with super-strong unique emboss are almost 70% bigger than standard kitchen roll and have been specially designed to use inside and outside the home. They are stronger and more absorbent than regular kitchen roll which makes cleaning up spills and mess so much quicker and easier and they are also ideal for household chores such as polishing and cleaning the windows too. 

spilt flour on kitchen bench when baking

At the weekend we did some festive baking with the children and as you can imagine with a four and five-year-old there was a whole heap of mess, normally I would get stressed out and spend ages cleaning up. However, using the Regina Blitz made cleaning up so much easier as the sheets soaked up all the liquid and as the sheets were so big they were ideal for cleaning up spilt flour too. It took me half the time it normally would to clean up and was much less messy as I could just use the Regina Blitz sheet to mop up the mess and throw it straight in the bin. 

After seeing how absorbent and useful Regina Blitz is I have already added some more to my Christmas grocery list as I just know they will come in super useful for cleaning up all the drink spills, crumbs, polishing, the aftermath of the children's creative projects, sticky chocolate covered faces and fingers and  whatever mess they decide to create this festive season. As I will be saving time on the cleaning thanks to Regina I might actually get to enjoy some festive family films and activities this year too instead of always being busy cleaning up after everyone. 

You can buy Regina Blitz from all leading supermarkets as well as many independent retailers with prices starting at £2.50. You can find out more at

This is a collaborative post with Regina and Tots100. 


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