Monday 23 March 2015

A Taste Of Newcastle - Mozzarella And Parma Ham Salad

Since baby number three is now seven months old I have decided it is now time to diet, as I have a lot of baby weight to lose and can no longer keep using the excuse "I have just had a baby". Whenever I think of diets I always think of boring tasteless salads that taste nothing at all like the yummy ones I have when I eat out. So when Joe Blogs contacted me to see if I would like to take part in recreating a salad recipe from Newcastle's Copthorne hotel's head chef Andrew Scott, I thought it would be the perfect to time to see if I could make a healthy salad taste tasty. 

The salad is made up of buffalo mozzarella with Parma ham, asparagus and cherry tomatoes on a bed of mixed lettuce leaves drizzled with a lemon, lime and olive oil dressing and with a pea puree side and a scattering of pine nuts. 

We were sent the ingredients to recreate the recipe and it looked and sounded easy enough to make, even for a terrible cook like myself. Firstly I had to blanch the asparagus, then I was meant to make a pea puree, I was unable to as my daughter is allergic to peas. I then arranged the salad on the plate and added the chopped cherry tomatoes and topped it off with the mozzarella, parma ham and asparagus before drizzling over some dressing and a few pine nuts. 

The salad was super easy to make and very quick and took me less than ten minutes to prepare. It tasted delicious and all the ingredients worked wonderfully together and it is a perfect quick and easy meal for spring and summer.

Disclosure I was sent some groceries to create this post. 



  1. Ohh that looks really tasty! In fact I think yours looks nicer than the one on the website...Good luck with the diet x

    1. Thank you Kim, it was lovely . I need all the luck in the world to stick to my diet lol xx

  2. I keep meaning to go on a diet, but I just have no will power! I'm pretty sure your daughter is the first I've ever heard of with a pea allergy bless her. My boyfriend has convinced my children he has an allergy, just because he hates them but we force them to eat them lol Stevie x

    1. I am the same, i have no will power at all. I think i need to re-join slimming world as that is the only way i can stick to a diet. I know i have never heard of anyone with a pea allergy either but she is allergic to peas and lentils and has been since she was a tiny baby and comes out in a rash and her eyes go all puffy, it is very strange. xx


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