Monday, 29 September 2014

My Third Birth Story

Jacob is now five week's old and i have been wanting to write his birth story for week's but being a busy mum of three i just have not had any time at all lately to blog. I was induced with Jacob at exactly 39 week's pregnant due to having high blood pressure in pregnancy and being on medication to control this and you can read all about my induction experience and the lead up to the actual birth here .

I had been in hospital since 11am and the day seemed to drag waiting for labour to start and it was a strange feeling knowing that i would be having my baby within 24 hours of arriving at hospital and even though i had given birth twice before i was expecting my labour to be long and i think i was half expecting something to go wrong in labour due to being induced before my due date.

I had been feeling really uncomfortable since i had the pessary inserted at 12pm but there was no sign of labour but after my waters were broken at 6pm i felt lots of pressure type pains at the bottom of my bump and once i was moved to the delivery ward at 7pm these started getting stronger but they did not feel anything like contractions i had experienced in my previous labours . I still thought that labour was hours away at this point and that i would not have my baby until the following day, but i think i must have knowing something was happening as i refused to let the other half leave me at all to go for a coffee break.

At 8pm there was concerns for my blood pressure as it was getting higher and higher and i was hooked up to monitors to keep an eye on baby's heartbeat and it was found i was contracting seven times every ten minutes. So the doctors were called and they were thinking of given me drugs to slow down my contractions but thankfully lying on my side on the bed slowed them down a bit. But the doctors were not at all happy with my blood pressure and they told me it was dangerously high and i was at risk of a bleed to the brain if they did not lower it, so a cannula was inserted in my hand, bloods were taken and i was injected with blood pressure medication to try and lower it.

At this point i was still not in established labour i was getting contractions and they were two minutes apart but they weren't showing up as strong on the machine and i was not in a lot of pain the contractions just felt like a lot of pressure at the bottom of my bump but they were starting to get more painful. I asked for some pain relief but the midwife said i was not in labour and to wait a few hours until i was in labour but i could have some paracetamol and gas and air.

I was so happy to have the gas and air, i seriously love the stuff as it takes the edge of contractions the gas and air made me feel really light headed and like i was very drunk though this time around.
By now it was about 8.50pm and the contractions were getting stronger and i was starting to feel tired so i asked for some diamorphine to help with the pain. By now i had a different midwife as they had a shift change and she examined me and said i was 5cm and she would get me some diamophine but even though i was only 5cm she asked if i was sure i wasn't getting the urge to push as they can not give me it to close to baby's birth. I had no urge to push at all so i was given the diamorphine at about 9.15 and told that it would take half an hour to work.

No sooner had i had the diamorphine and i started going a bit crazy saying i couldn't do it any more i didn't want to give birth as i knew it was going to hurt and could they not get the baby out  for me. And as soon as i started saying this the midwife quickly started setting her trolley up and getting everything sorted for the baby's arrival and said the baby would be arriving soon as i was in the transition stage and asking if i wanted to push and i said yes but i'm not going to or you will take the gas and air off me but she said i could keep the gas and air if i pushed as baby was not happy as baby's heart rate was starting to drop.

While this was going on my blood pressure was still dangerously high and i was getting my blood pressure taken every ten minutes and i was keep being injected with blood pressure medication to try and lower my blood pressure by the doctor who was in the room the whole time as she was concerned about it and she was keeping a eye on baby's heart rate too.

I was examined again and told i was only 7cm but if i felt the need to push then to just go with what my body was doing, so i pushed and i remember not wanting to as i knew it was going hurt but the midwife the doctor and the other half were all telling me to push and i glanced over and seen the heart rate machine drop from 150 to 80 so i knew i had to get the baby out quick as he was not happy. And his head came out and they were telling me to push quickly to get the rest of him out and i didn't know this at the time but it was because the cord was around his neck and the midwife was trying to get it off. And then after a few more pushes baby was born he was passed straight to me and the midwife said he is defiantly a boy as i had not been convinced he was even though i had been told he was at two scans.

He was passed to me and he let out a little cry and then started making strange noises and was not breathing and i started to panic and kept saying he is not breathing there is something wrong with him and the midwife quickly cut his cord and told the doctor to go and get help and started rubbing him on the back and he started to scream and then i eventually got to give him cuddles.

I then had to delivery the placenta which seemed to take ages , i was then checked over and told i had torn but that it was best to let things heal on there own, and as soon as i give birth my blood pressure dropped back down to normal i think it was just so high off the pain of labour and the pain relief not working in time and the midwife checked the blood from Jacob's cord in a machine due to his heart rate dropping in labour but thankfully everything was ok although has apgar score at birth was quiet low.

Then we were left on are own in the room with are baby boy for a while just cuddling him and getting to know him. And we were brought tea and toast which was lovely as i was starving after giving birth, and Jacob demolished a bottle of milk. He was then weighed and he was 8lb 6 1/2 oz so much for the small baby that they kept saying that i was having throughout my pregnancy, he was my biggest baby! Jacob was then dressed and checked over and his temperature was low so he was wrapped up in blankets and we were told to cuddle him to try and warm him up which his daddy done while i went for a shower and i felt fine after the birth.

We then went to the post natal ward at around 1.30am where we had to spend two days as the doctors wanted to keep an eye on me for 24 hours after birth due to my blood pressure and also because Jacob had hypothermia and needed to be kept warm in a special heated cot and he also needed to be monitored.

And that is how my little boy Jacob entered the world at 9.31pm weighing 8lb 6 1/2oz. My whole labour was recorded as being 1 hour and 1 minute long from being 4cm to delivering the placenta but was only 40 minutes from being 4cm to Jacob being born it was so quick and the easiest and less painful of all my births. But looking back now at how high my blood pressure was and Jacobs heart rate dropping it was probably my most dangerous, i am just glad that i was not fully aware of how dangerous things were while i was in labour and that Jacob was born as quick as he was so that we avoided any intervention.

And two day's after he was born we were able to take him home and start are new life as a family of five.

Newborn Jacob 

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Review - Baby Natal Newcastle Practical Baby Care Workshop

When i had my first daughter Chloe i attended NHS ante-natal classes and read every baby book and magazine that i could get my hands on but when Chloe was born i was shocked that i did not have a clue what to do with her. I had never been around a newborn baby before so i was frightened to pick her up , i did not know how to feed her or change her nappy or dress her and i felt totally clueless for those first few weeks while i figured out these things. Even when i had my second daughter Sophia i was still a bit unsure of things as so much had changed in regards to baby care in the ten year gap between my children. And i bet i am not the only new parent who has felt like this, so this is where Baby Natal comes in.

Baby Natal offers new parents or parents to be a range of different classes to help prepare them for there new arrival and one of these classes is a Practical Baby Care Workshop. I was contacted when i was pregnant off Katy who runs these classes in Newcastle and asked if i would like to attend one of her classes, i was actually meant to attend this class before Jacob was born but due to the other half working and me struggling at the end of my pregnancy i never got to attend until after Jacob was born. 

Katy runs these classes either as a group or you can book a private class, we were lucky that Katy offered us a private class and came to are home. The morning Katy came was rather hectic as the house was a mass of destruction off Sophia and having a newborn baby and Katy did not even bat an eyelid - you can tell she is a mum to a toddler herself. Katy was lovely and while she was professional the whole time she was so lovely and friendly and easy to talk to. 

The practical baby care workshop is basically a three hour workshop that helps to teach you about caring for your newborn baby. I honestly thought that as a mum of three i would not learn anything from this workshop but i really did. The workshop covers things that i would have found so useful when i had my first baby which i mentioned i found difficult at the start such as it shows you how to hold and pick up a baby properly , how to dress a baby, change a nappy and how to bath them. And you practise these things yourself on a doll - it might sound daft practising on a doll but it really does help you learn what to do and it is not as daft as it may seem.

The class also covered things like how to use a cloth nappy as well as a disposable which i found useful as i honestly thought cloth nappies would be so awkward and messy but they seemed really easy to use. And it covered how to use a sling and Katy brought with her a selection of different slings and showed how to use them and the correct way to wear them which i found very useful as Jacob is a clingy baby and with having a toddler to run around after i think a sling is something i may have to invest in. 

Another thing i found really useful was how to swaddle a baby and the different types of blankets you can use to swaddle a baby in as i honestly never knew how to swaddle and i know that lots of newborn baby's love being swaddled as it makes them feel safe. 

Other things that are covered in the workshops are things like the role of the dad and how he can bond with baby and help out with the baby. Learning about what a newborn baby is really like and what to expect with there first nappy explosions, how to care for there cord, tests and checks that your baby may be offered after birth, baby sleeping and what there cry might mean and feeding. 
Everything covered in the workshop is so useful and the classes cover everything that you will need to know in those first few precious weeks with a newborn baby. 

What i liked about Baby Natal was that they offer you choice, they show you and tell you about lots of different ways of caring for your newborn such as they show you how to use cloth and disposable nappies. And Katy was brilliant at showing and explaining things - you can tell she use to be a school teacher as she speaks with confidence and explains everything so well. 

I really think that these workshops are great and i only wish that they had of been around when i had my first baby all them years ago as the NHS classes never covered any of the things that i learnt through baby natal. I also believe that these classes would have been a huge help when i had my second daughter due to the big age gap between my children. I would defiantly recommend them to anyone as they will make those first few weeks with your newborn baby so much easier as it will help new parents feel more confident and informed about life with a newborn baby. 

Baby Natal offer classes all over the country which you can view on there website . And if you live in the Newcastle area Katy offers group classes of the Practical Baby Care Workshop on the first Wednesday of every month at Tesco Kingston park and on the second Saturday of every month at the Thistle hotel in Newcastle opposite central station at a cost of £40 per couple she also offers private classes at a date and time to be arranged with her at a cost of £60 per couple all classes must be booked in advance and you can book them either via the Baby Natal website or  you can contact Katy via message on twitter  to book or ask any questions. 

I really enjoyed this workshop i found it useful and informative and found Katy really friendly and knowledgeable about what she was talking about.

* Disclosure - I was offered a free Practical Baby Care Workshop class for the purpose of this review , however all opinions are my own honest account of this Workshop and i was not paid for this review. 

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My Second Induction Experience

Baby Jacob is now four week's old and thing's have been rather hectic at home with a newborn a toddler and a tweenager so i am only just slowly getting back into blogging when i find the rare hour or so of peace and quiet which is not very often.

As any of my readers or anyone who follows me on twitter or facebook will know i was suffering from pregnancy induced high blood pressure and put on blood pressure medication at the start of my pregnancy, my blood pressure was fine and well controlled throughout my pregnancy. But due to the medication i was taken ( 200mg of labetolol twice a day) i was under consultant led care and classed as a high risk risk pregnancy and had to have extra midwife appointments and growth scans throughout my third trimester. The growth scans showed that baby was measuring small throughout my pregnancy and so it was decided that i would be induced at 39 week's pregnant as this was felt to be the best thing for baby and me due to the risk of pre-eclampsia and due to the medication i was taking.

I had been induced in my first pregnancy with my oldest daughter Chloe which you can read about here so i knew what to expect but as with every birth my second induction experience was completely different to my first so here is what my recent induction experience was like.

I received a phone call from the hospital the afternoon before my induction date telling me to arrive at the delivery suite for 11am the following day. So on the next day me and Lee set off to hospital leaving the girls at home with Lee's mum and made are way to the delivery suite.

Me on the morning of my induction
When we arrived at the delivery suite we were met by the midwife who had delivered Sophia just 14 months beforehand which was so strange but nice to see her again as she remembered us. We were shown to the induction room which was a four bedded bay on the labour ward and was opposite the room i give birth to Sophia in, and it felt so surreal being back there again so soon. I was introduced to the midwife who would be looking after me who was another midwife i had met when i was pregnant with Sophia which was reassuring.

I was then showing to my bed and i was asked lots of questions then i was weighed, fitted with surgical stockings and had bloods taken, my urine and blood pressure were checked then i had swabs taken to check for mrsa and then i was given a quick ultrasound to check baby's position before being hooked up to monitors to check baby's heartbeat.

I was then examined and told my cervix was closed and they could not break my waters which is how they like to induce you if you have had a baby before so a pessary was inserted which was really uncomfortable, and i was hooked back up to the monitor to check baby's heartbeat for a hour.

I was then told i could go for a walk which i gladly accepted as the induction room was so hot and stuffy. We went for a walk around the hospital and then we went for some lunch in the hospital cafe, after lunch i started feeling really uncomfortable so we made are way back to in the induction room at around 3pm i was getting niggling pains by now every two minutes but they were not painful i just felt like i needed to wee a lot and could not get comfy at all.

 At 5pm i was hooked back up to the heart rate monitor to check baby and everything was OK and at 6pm i was examined again to see if they could break my waters the first midwife could not do it so she asked another midwife who managed to break my waters and said i was 2cm dilated. Breaking my waters was not painful at all it is just uncomfortable and i have had it done with all three of my children now. I was hooked back up to the heart rate monitor for half an hour to check baby was OK which he was.

I was then moved to a delivery room and told that they would leave me for a couple of hours to see if labour started on its own and if not they would attach me to the drip to kick start my labour. By now it was around 7pm and i was feeling really uncomfortable, i had loads of pressure at the bottom of my bump every few minutes so i bounced on a birth ball and walked around the room and i started getting pains every few minutes.

The midwife came to check on me and she took my blood pressure and it was really high so she decided to attach me to the monitor to check baby's heart beat which was fine but it showed that i was getting seven contractions every ten minutes which she was concerned about so she called for a doctor to decide if they should give me some medication to slow my contractions down or not. The doctor was concerned with my blood pressure as it kept rising so she took some bloods to get checked and inserted a cannula in my hand to administer some liquid blood pressure medication to try and lower it.

By now it was 8pm and there was a switch over of midwife's and i was told to lie on my side to try and slow my contractions down which it did and i was given some gas and air. At this point i was still not in established labour as my contractions were irregular and i was not in much pain i just felt really uncomfortable and the medical team were more concerned about my rising blood pressure then anything else and baby was happy.

I remember asking the midwife if the baby would be arriving soon and she said third baby's are very unpredictable and i would either have a very fast easy labour or i could end up having a long one but the fact that i had given birth only a year beforehand meant that i would probably have a quick labour and she was right about that.

I went into established labour at 8.50pm and at 9.31pm baby Jacob was born!  So my time line of induction was

11am arrived at hospital
12pm pessary inserted
6pm waters broken
8.50pm in established labour
9.31pm Jacob born
Newborn baby Jacob

I have to say my second induction experience was better then my first as i did not have to have the drip this time around and the fact that all i had was one pessary and my waters broken made labour seem like just a normal labour. It was not any more painful then a natural labour. I just could not believe how fast things progressed and how easy my labour and Jacobs birth were. So that was my induction experience it was nowhere near as bad as i was expecting and i would happily go through induction again - not that i am planning any more baby's mind. 

Were you induced ? if so i would love to know if your experience was as nice as mine or not.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Mumkind Giveaway *Closed*

I have now been blogging for six month's and i am pleased to be hosting my very first giveaway on the blog from Mumkind for one lucky reader to win two of there Ginger Me Baby Lozenges and two of there Water Our Way water enhancer's which contain vitamins to help any mums to be or new mums feel less tired.

So who are Mumkind ? Mumkind are a new pregnancy nutrition brand for mums to be and busy new mums who say "Our mission is to make it easier for women to take care of themselves " and who have some great products such as flavoured water enhancers, bedtime drinks, nutrition bars and ginger lozenges which are designed so that pregnant women get there nutrition from food and drinks rather then tablets. They have been created by pregnancy nutrition experts and have the backing from nutritionists, doctors and midwifes including Dr Emma Derbyshire who works in maternal nutrition.

So what can you win? One lucky reader can win two tubs of Ginger Me Baby Lozenges which are perfect if you suffer from morning sickness as ginger is great at  helping with sickness and these will be available to buy in over 300 Sainsbury's stores and online from Amazon from the 17th of September 2014. The winner will also win two Water Our Way - water enhancers, you just add a drop of these to water for a great berry taste and they contain vitamin b to help combat tiredness and fatigue and contain 0 calories. And these will be available to buy online from Amazon from the 17th of September 2014 also.

I wish that these had of been around a few week's ago when i was struggling with tiredness and fatigue towards the end of my pregnancy as they sound the perfect pick me up for mums to be or for busy new mums like myself who are feeling tired after birth and coping with sleepless nights.
You can check out the Mumkind website and all of there products here .

So all you mum's to be , new mum's or anyone who just wants a bit of a energy boost why not enter this giveaway and good luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* The prize is for one winner and will sent direct from Mumkind and is open to uk entry's only, the prize winner has 14 day's to respond before a new winner will be drawn.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I Am A Babies R Us Babyologist

I have only been blogging just under six month's as a way to record my last pregnancy and i am not the best of bloggers as i have so much still to learn and i need to post more regular then i do. But i really love blogging and have enjoyed the last few month's and have made some lovely blogging friends and have been lucky enough to review some great products and service's. One of which is top secret until November.

But i am so pleased to announce that i have recently been selected to be a Babies r us Babyologist tester. I never thought that i would be picked by Babies R Us i just seen that they were advertising for Babyologist testers on the Toys r us facebook page and filled in the application form to apply and i was so shocked yet over the moon when i received the e-mail recently letting me know that i had been selected. I will soon be testing out some baby monitors which is perfect for are new arrival Jacob to try out so keep an eye out for a review coming soon.

And i just want to say thank you to everyone for reading my little blog and for being so nice and supportive because i would not be getting such great blogging opportunities if it was not for my lovely readers and the blogging community.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Review- Pop Goes Your Name Children's CD

When i was a child i use to love receiving gifts with my name on and now i am a parent i love buying personalised gifts for my children as i feel they are more special. Since starting my blog and joining twitter i have discovered some rather lovely company's who make personalised children's gifts and one of these company's pop goes your name contacted me on twitter and kindly asked if i would like to review a one of there personalised children's CD's.

Pop goes your name is a new family run company based in Hertfordshire which was set up by parents Lucy and Richard after the birth of there son Noah, and Richard is actually from Durham in the north east which makes the company even more likeable to me as i love supporting small family run and local company's, plus they are really nice friendly people. They sell personalised Cd's for young children which are a mix of upbeat pop type songs and nursery rhymes and each song has the child's name in it throughout.

You can buy the CD's from there website where they currently have 800 children's name to choose from and if they don't have your child's name you can fill in a form on there website and they will record it for you next time they are in the studio, or if they do not have your child's name spelt the way you spell it they will change the spelling on the CD for you which is a nice touch.

We received the CD for Sophia who is just over one year old and it arrived really quick within a couple of days and the CD came in a nice case with Sophia's name on the front. There is 12 songs on the CD and they are all upbeat catchy songs that toddlers will love, when Sophia heard her name in the first song her little face lit up and she was soon bopping along dancing away to the tunes . Her favourites songs off the CD were 'wiggle time' and 'your song' as she seemed to dance non stop to these songs.

The CD has fantastic sound quality and the tunes are really catchy i am sure every toddler will love them and after a few listens i even found myself singing along as they really are so catchy and uplifting.

Would i recommend this CD ? Yes i would as they are a perfect mix of songs for young children and they have the child's name throughout each song which will delight the listener. The quality of the CD is faultless and i personally think that these CD's are a brilliant idea.

As i mentioned before the CD's are available to buy from and are priced at £12.95 which is what you would pay for a CD in the shops so i think they are good value as they are personalised CD and i normally expect to pay more for personalised products. And with Christmas fast approaching these would make great gifts for young children and are a nice change from the usual Christmas presents that children receive,

Disclosure: I was kindly sent a CD free of charge from pop goes your name for the purpose of this review however all opinions and words in this post are my own.