Saturday, 29 February 2020

Hockey Heroes Helping Children Discover Their Hidden Super Powers


Do you have children aged between 5 and 8 years old? If so then you need to read on and learn all about Hockey Heroes which my 5-year-old son has just taken part in and thoroughly enjoyed. Hockey Heroes is a fun way for children aged 5-8 years of age with no previous Hockey experience to learn about the sport in a fun way, the programme lasts for 6 weeks and is a great introduction to Hockey and team sports for young children.

J taking part in Hockey Heroes lesson

What is Hockey Heroes? 

Hockey Heroes is a fun and empowering program aimed at children aged 5-8 that aims to develop both their physical skills and character 'super powers' helping them unlock the hero inside them! It is a six-week introductory programme for beginners.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

How I Make Money From Blogging

Collaborative Post.

As a blogger one of the questions that I get asked all of the time is how do I earn money from my blog? And the answer is lots of different ways, such as writing sponsored posts, working on brand campaigns, reviews and social media promotion. I have worked with huge household brands over the years such as Jet2, TikTok, Arla, Smyths Toys, Debenhams, ASDA, Pampers and McDonald's to name just a few. Other bloggers also add adverts to their blog or YouTube channels which generate income or they use affiliate links. 

The second question I get asked a lot is, can you really make an income from blogging? Again the answer is yes and most months I earn more then I would working part-time in a traditional job. Some months I even earn more then I did working full-time. 

laptop on table

I have been blogging for almost 6 years now and I have been earning money from blogging for about 5 years. In the whole time, I have been blogging I have done it part-time around raising my family and studying for my degree,  full-time bloggers earn a lot more then I do! I love the flexibility that blogging offers, when my children are unwell I can take the day off and I can pick and choose what jobs I accept. Obviously being self-employed means there is no guaranteed income and some months I earn a lot more than others, some months last year I earned £2,000 other months zero. 


Friday, 21 February 2020

A Year To Change My Life

The past few months have been rubbish, I have been poorly again! This time with a nasty chest infection which I am currently on antibiotics for. Since October I have been unwell, I had flu which totally wiped me out for two months and as soon as I started to get better I came down with this chest infection which has floored me for the past four weeks. I am fed up and I feel awful complaining about it but being unwell has started to affect my ability to be a good mam and that is something that is getting me down. We had so many plans this half-term and they have all been ruined by me being unwell. 

I have decided enough is enough and I need to change my life, not only for myself but for my family too. So I am giving myself a year to change my life for the better. Now before I start I know I am so lucky to have the life I do, I have just got married and have three happy, healthy children. My husband has a good job and I am a stay-at-home mam and we have a nice home and are able to have holidays. But I need to change things in my life to make me healthier and happier and a better mam to my children. 

So what do I want to change?

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Things I Loved January 2020

Can you believe we are almost half-way through February already? Once again this year is just whizzing on by at super-speed. I had so many good intentions for this year and once again they have been scuppered by ill-health, I honestly don't know what is going on with me lately. I had flu in October which totally wiped me out and I haven't been the same since and now here we are in February and I am unwell again, this time with a bad chest and cold that is zapping all my energy and I just can not seem to shift for the last few weeks. 

Anyway due to feeling rotten and a tad sorry for myself we haven't done a great deal recently if I am honest as Sophia has been poorly too and the husband had an accident at work and has hurt his knee and is off work unable to walk. Which is probably why I am not better really as I haven't had time to properly rest. So to cheer myself up and get out my gloomy mood I thought I would come on here and write something positive about the things that I loved in January 2020. A way to remind myself that even when you're having a bad month that good things can still happen too. 

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