Tuesday, 9 March 2021

I No Longer Want A Carpet, Which Flooring Do I Choose To Replace It With


Guest Post. 

Like many of us, you have probably have had it up to your eyeballs in carpet cleaning. Chances are that if you understood every little instance that would lead you to be on your hands and knees for thirty minutes trying to remove stubborn stains, you probably wouldn't have gone for it - no matter how fluffy it was at first. 

Guaranteed you have not so fond memories where mud, sauce, wine and animal prints have had you close to tears, and I bet you have at least one area of that carpet hidden from the world due to some form of an incident where discolouration has occurred.

You are not alone, many other homeowners have that exact same spot somewhere in the house. Deep down, you want rid of this attentive piece of flooring and want your time back but with something that looks great too. 

Now some people love the thought of laying down real hardwood flooring. Others opt for products like Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring. 

Hardwood Flooring

No doubt about it, having a beautiful hardwood floor in light or dark is among the most eye-catching flooring choices you can get and provides a great feel to any room. 

Whilst it is not the cheapest option, it definitely sends a strong message. When it comes to caring for this model it saves time, but it will require a certain amount of expense in specialist cleaning materials and chemicals to keep it in tip-top shape. What you need to consider is that hardwood is not necessarily waterproof, so mopping can lead to wood rotting and wearing away in time. Replacement boards can also be expensive and could require the movement of other boards to replace. 

Undoubtedly it is a great effect, but it could be a bigger effect on your bank balance over the years. 

Luvanto Luxury Vinyl Flooring 

A lot of people roll their eyes at the word's 'vinyl flooring' and it is understandable when looking back at how flimsy the product used to be when it first rolled out. The eye-opening part of today's vinyl product is that it has undergone decades of design and transformation to be among the most stable flooring products on the market. In fact, many interior designers recommend vinyl due to its advances in protective measures such as stain resistance, waterproofing and anti-scratch technologies, which obviously is of great benefit to those sick of cleaning out those stubborn stains. 

Luvanto Endure Pro is a great example, of a luxury vinyl wood flooring that perfectly replicates real hardwood flooring in look whilst also costing a fraction of the price of it. 


Getting shut of those carpets that leave a sour taste on our room of choice is obviously the starting point, but we all want an option that suits our requirement in looking great whilst providing us with the time needed in maintaining it. 

Whilst real hardwood flooring is a great choice for the look, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring can also provide a lot more for less. 

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