Thursday, 11 March 2021

All That Matters Is Health And Family

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Has anyone else started worrying more about their health and that of their loved ones since the pandemic started a year ago? I certainly have. I hold my hands up and admit I am not the most healthy of people, I don't exercise, I eat way too many treats and could do with losing some weight. The current situation has made me realise that I need to change and I have slowly been making changes, like walking a lot more as I now take the dog out on a big walk most days. I am also making small changes like drinking more water, cutting down on caffeine (I used to drink a lot of coffee) and trying to eat healthier. 

I have worried about my families health more though as I am starting to realise that my dad is getting older (he is in his 60s) and so are my in-laws. They will kill me for saying it but I have noticed that they are not as agile as they used to be, you can see them struggling with stairs slightly or their legs going a bit stiff when they stand up and they tire more easily. They are fiercely independent people who are still active and working but I think in a few years we may have to start looking into supporting them a little more to enable them to carry on being independent. 


This is something that I am actually very familiar with as I used to work as a community  enabler. I basically helped people live independently in the community by ensuring that the environment they lived in was adapted to help them do things on their own. Things such as having walk-in baths or showers, rails near steps, stairlifts, special beds or chairs to sit in etc. Something that Age UK Mobility specialise in.

I don't currently work as an enabler anymore but I am studying for a health and social care degree with the Open University. I really enjoy studying and I am in my second year now and I am hoping it will lead to better job opportunities in the health and social care field. Over the past few months of studying, I have realised that health is so important and is often something we take for granted. But the whole pandemic has made so many of us realise that what is important in life is health and family. 

I think that the past year has made me reassess a lot of areas in my life and going forward I am not going to get hung up on the little things, I am not going to take on too much and get stressed. I want to concentrate on the important things in life, which for me is being healthier, keeping my family healthy and spending time with loved ones. You honestly don't know what is around the corner but hopefully, this year will be better and we will get to spend time with our older relatives and parents again as I know my own children are missing their grandparents. 

Has the pandemic made you reassess your health? 


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