Monday, 8 March 2021

A Little Update 2021

 Hello, long time no see. 

It feels like forever since I last sat down and wrote a blog post. This little old blog of mine (the blog is 7 years old now) has been very neglected the past couple of years - first the wedding, starting a degree and then of course the past year we have been living through a pandemic. I just haven't had the time nor the inclination to blog apart from the odd post here and there. 

The past year has been tough, hasn't it? 

Like a lot of people my mental health has suffered, I suffer from anxiety (nope not just saying that to jump on a band waggon I genuinely have it after my mam's sudden, accidental death when I was younger). My anxiety centres around me dying and leaving my children without a mam or my children dying, I know that sounds crazy and morbid but when you lose a loved one so suddenly it changes you forever. So people dying in the news every day and hearing about people on life support machines has been a huge trigger for me, as my mam was on life support and it is not nice and it is not something you ever forget.

The children went back to school today after month's of homeschooling and the house is so quiet without them. Although I am so glad home-schooling is over as I found it hard this time around, as I have children in year 2 and 3 and I had to sit with them one by one daily and it took hours and hours to complete. I have mixed feelings about them being back at school. On one hand, they need it, but on the other hand, I want to keep them home and safe. I have two in primary school and one in sixth form, who travels via public transport into Newcastle daily and attends a huge sixth form and mixes with hundreds of others, plus a husband who works in food production with hundreds of staff - the odds are not in our favour! 

Anyway enough of the doom and gloom. What's new? 

For us, not a lot. The whole pandemic has terrified me so we have stayed home a lot! I feel sorry for the children as they have missed out on so much but hopefully, next year will be better, fingers crossed as we have booked a 2022 holiday to look forward too. We have gone on so many walks with the dog exploring the local area and they have had fun playing in the garden and just being kids having fun. The teen is in her final year of A-Levels and is hopefully off to university in September she has offers from 3 universities and an interview for her 4th choice, so it is still a bit up in the air where she will be going and if she will be moving out or not. But she is doing well and I am proud of her as she has even started up her own little hand-made gift business Rainbows and Daydreams and is doing well on Etsy. 

I think the best thing from the past year has most definitely been our dog, Teddy the Poochon. He is almost one now and he has brought us all so much joy the past year and encouraged us to get out on walks every day. Not going to lie he is such a tinker at times and it is very much like having a naughty toddler but we couldn't imagine a life without him now. If anyone is contemplating getting a dog I would recommend it, although maybe wait until dog prices aren't so high. 

I am still doing my Open University Degree and I am in my second year now and enjoying it. Trying to juggle studying and home-schooling was hard work and I nearly quit but I have kept at it and it feels good to be doing something for me for a change and hopefully it will lead to better job opportunities in the future. 

 As for blogging, well I have been wanting to start blogging again for ages, but for me personally, it just didn't seem right to blog about days out, wedding's, toy reviews etc when we are in the middle of a pandemic. Life is a little bit rubbish right now for most people and the last thing I want to do is encourage people to go places when they are meant to be staying local or to spend money they may not have. Plus social media seems a bit toxic lately, with so many people having arguments and judging people. I honestly just can't be bothered with it all. 

However I have missed it and I am starting to get emails offering me work again, which is nice after hardly earning anything the past year due to the pandemic. I have plans to build this little blog of mine back up again - not going to say what as whenever I mention anything another blogger steals my ideas! But I am back blogging and raring to go, lets just hope I don't end up having to home-school again anytime soon as it most definitely is not one of my strong points. 

Here is hoping things start to improve soon and the vaccine rollout continues to lower cases and we can hopefully see our family and friends again soon and enjoy days out and travel again in the not too distant future. 



  1. Lovely to see you blogging again.
    Sending love and hugs. It sounds like you've had a rough time with your mental health.
    I have mixed feelings about the return to school too. I am worried about Covid but my girl has really missed her friends. She had a great day yesterday.
    It sounds like you are all doing great. Hang on in there with the Open University Degree. x

    1. Thank you so much Kim.

      I am glad your daughter enjoyed being back at school. I think they need to see friends and just be children don't they, must be hard on them all. xx


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