Thursday, 1 October 2020

Thinking About The Photo's We Share Online

 Collaborative post.

I am a normal 36-year-old mam of three, I am happily married, living in our forever family home with a pet cat and puppy and I am lucky enough to work part-time from home. I enjoy normal everyday family things like days out, meals out and holiday's abroad (although not so much this year thanks to coronavirus.) Life is pretty good and I feel very lucky every single day for what I have. 

You see, life wasn't always like this for me. I spent most of my 20's single. I didn't meet my now-husband until I was in my late 20's. All of my friends were in long-term relationships and I was single and it was lonely at times. I dated but I never met anyone that I clicked with, and I give up on meeting anyone until I unexpectedly met my husband, 9 years later we are married with kids and life is very different. 

You are probably wondering why I am telling you this but I was talking to one of my friend who is currently single but feels ready to date, and it got me thinking. These days a lot of people meet on apps or dating websites like Match Me Happy and it was not something that happened a lot when I was dating many moons ago. With the rise in smartphones, technology and online dating it got me thinking about the images we share online. Obviously, for a dating site, you want your photographs to look like the best version of yourself but you still want to look like you, there is no point using filters as when your date turns up they probably won't recognise you. I also think it is super important to use up to date photographs as you can change a lot over the years - I know I certainly look a lot different in my 30's than I did in my 20's. 

You also want to think of the kind of photos you share on dating sites or social media as using flirty photos might backfire on you as employers and family members could come across them. You want to portray who you really are - if you love adventure have photos of you on adventures, if your fun-loving have photos of you having fun, if your sporty have photos of you being active. Really let people see who you are and what you enjoy. 

Years ago all of my social media photos were of me on nights and day's out with my friends as that was what was important to me then. These days all my images are family snaps or wedding ones - still milking those wedding photos a year later as they are my most favourite photos ever. 

Think about who you are and how you want to portray yourself online, and make sure you stay true to who you truly are. 

And you never know you might end up meeting your special person someday soon too.  I truly believe there is someone for everyone and that you will meet them when the time is right, whether that is via a free dating site, mutual friends, a night out, a holiday romance or like myself meeting your future spouse at work. 

If you are married or in a relationship let me know where you met your partner in the comments below as I love finding out how people met, as I do love a good love story. 


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