Monday, 3 August 2020

A Little Update August 2020

It feels like such a long time since I last typed up a blog post, other than a few brand campaigns that were agreed at the start of the year I haven't blogged much this year. With the coronavirus pandemic taking hold it did not feel right for me to blog about days out or product reviews, it all seemed a bit pointless when so many people have lost loved ones, jobs or businesses. I had been following the pandemic since earlier this year and was worried about it - I think I drove my husband and teen mad talking about it, but I don't think any of us realised just how bad things would get. I suffer badly with anxiety and it was just too much for me, I even took my children out of school almost two weeks before they officially shut as the whole thing scared me. 

Having the children home for such a long time has been challenging at times, I suck at home-schooling and I will be honest we didn't do an awful lot of it. The teen had online lessons (she is studying for her A-Levels) but the little two didn't do a lot. We baked, we watched films, we went on family walks, the children played. Sophia has flourished and enjoyed being home, Jacob not so much as he has missed school, his friends and football. It has been very chilled out and it has been so lovely to have all three children home and to have a break from normal life, after school clubs and busy weekends. 

I just feel very lucky that my husband still has a job and none of our family has been affected by the virus. 

So what is new? 

Well, we had two holiday's cancelled (one of which was our honeymoon) so we decided to get a puppy instead. Yep, I know everyone is buying lockdown puppies but luckily we got him at the start of lockdown before the prices went crazy. My husband had always wanted a dog but the teen is allergic but like fate, we found Teddy who is a poochon (his mam is a Bishon and dad is a toy poodle) and is hypoallergenic. We have had him since May and he is part of the family and he has stolen all of our hearts. 

The teen lost her part-time job due to the pandemic as she worked in hospitality, so she has decided to set up a craft business and already has an Etsy store up and running. I have been roped in to help her - but I am not at all crafty so will just be running the social media, doing orders and the accounts. She also passed her driving theory test and I am just so proud of her as she is doing brilliantly with life. 

We haven't really been anywhere yet, we have been on walks, to the beach and the park but that's about it as I personally just don't feel safe going on family days out just yet as both the girls have asthma. Jacob is back at football which he really enjoys and we have gone on walks with one of Sophia's friends, it has done the children so much good seeing family and friends again. 

As for me, lookdown has made me realise I need to change my life, I was always stressed and busy and I have felt so much better without any of that in my life. I have decided to cut down the number of after school clubs the kids do and spend more family time at home instead of always making plans and burning out. I want to get healthier and have been making small change to help me do this, such as going on walks and cooking healthier home-cooked meals and eating a lot fewer takeaways and crisps. 

The break from blogging has also made me realise that I do like blogging and I am going to carry on. I started this blog all the way back in 2014, 6 years ago now, when I was pregnant with my youngest. Over the years I have spent a lot of time working on this blog and have had some amazing opportunities from it. Over the past 18 months, I have massively neglected it, I got married last year and that took up a lot of time. Then I started an Open University course which took up a lot more time then I thought it would. I thought about giving up this blog so many times over the past 18 months as I just didn't enjoy it as much anymore, I didn't have time for it, I was getting stressed over late payments, another blogger kept stealing some of my ideas and I just couldn't be bothered. 

But I am back, obviously, the children are home for the summer so I won't be blogging much over the next month. In September I am going to be back blogging more consistent and I am going to go back to what this blog used to be about. Family days out and places to eat in and around Newcastle, maybe the odd travel post that the average family can afford when things are a bit more 'normal'.  Family-friendly recipes lots of dog-friendly posts - local walks, dog-friendly days out etc. I will do some reviews and brand work (gotta pay the bills) but not loads. I also want to do more mam life posts - getting healthy, getting organised, cleaning, saving money etc. 

So that is what has been going on. I hope you are all keeping well in this uncertain time. 



  1. So lovely to read a blog post from you and have a catch up. Lockdown has been hard but lovely having everyone home at the same time.
    Your puppy is so cute. He sounds like a lovely addition to the family.
    Well done to your teen for setting up a craft business. Good on her. You must be very proud.
    I am glad the break has made you realise that you still want to blog. I am so glad you're back. x

    1. Thank you Kim. The puppy is adorable but he is such a little tinker and harder work than I imagined , I am so so glad we got him though. xx


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