Sunday, 8 March 2020

My Teen Is Learning To Drive and Finding Out The Most Expensive Cities To Own A Car

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My seventeen-year-old daughter is currently learning to drive, she has had just over 20 hours worth of lessons so far so hopefully, she should be passed before the summer. She is really enjoying learning to drive and as it won't be long before she is on the roads we have started looking at first cars for her and looking into insurance and how much it is going to cost to run her car. Whilst searching online I came across a report by Kwik Fit on the Most expensive cities to own a car and luckily Newcastle was one of the least expensive cities to own a car in the UK. 

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The report found that Birmingham was the most expensive with average running costs such as fuel, insurance and parking totalling £3,326.87 which I found surprising. Newcastle was around £1,879.11 and Exeter was the cheapest at £1,675.75. 

Learning to drive is expensive we pay £45 a week for a two-hour lesson, however, I am glad that she is learning to drive at 17 as I didn't and it is something I really regret. I think learning to drive at 17 and getting a car will be good for her confidence and it will help her with employment and university in the future. It also helps that as she is just 17 she can concentrate on driving as she has no responsibilities or bills to pay, which is what has prevented me from learning to drive myself.  

 She already has money saved towards her first car and she has a part-time job to help towards petrol and insurance costs, although we will be helping her towards these as she is still studying at sixth form full-time. We are expecting her insurance costs to be pretty high when she first passes so we will probably end up paying for this for her. And I have to admit I never even factored in parking costs, but when you are paying a few pounds here and there for parking it does soon add up over the course of the year. 

I am just glad the average costs for running a car are a lot lower here in Newcastle than other parts of the UK. If you drive how much do you think you spend in a year on running costs? 

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  1. It must be nerve-wracking to know your daughter has reached the age of learning to drive, but exciting at the same time. This will be my turn in a couple of years when my son starts learning - I'm dreading it! But it's great to know the costs and what to expect.


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