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How I Make Money From Blogging

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As a blogger one of the questions that I get asked all of the time is how do I earn money from my blog? And the answer is lots of different ways, such as writing sponsored posts, working on brand campaigns, reviews and social media promotion. I have worked with huge household brands over the years such as Jet2, TikTok, Arla, Smyths Toys, Debenhams, ASDA, Pampers and McDonald's to name just a few. Other bloggers also add adverts to their blog or YouTube channels which generate income or they use affiliate links. 

The second question I get asked a lot is, can you really make an income from blogging? Again the answer is yes and most months I earn more then I would working part-time in a traditional job. Some months I even earn more then I did working full-time. 

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I have been blogging for almost 6 years now and I have been earning money from blogging for about 5 years. In the whole time, I have been blogging I have done it part-time around raising my family and studying for my degree,  full-time bloggers earn a lot more then I do! I love the flexibility that blogging offers, when my children are unwell I can take the day off and I can pick and choose what jobs I accept. Obviously being self-employed means there is no guaranteed income and some months I earn a lot more than others, some months last year I earned £2,000 other months zero. 

So where do I find work?

I would say about 90% of my work comes direct via companies emailing me to work together. The other 10% comes from me replying to brands asking for bloggers to work with, I never approach brands to work with them myself as that's just not for me, although I know plenty of other bloggers do it. 

There are blogger networks out there that you can join and they will advertise blogging jobs that you can then apply for. Some of the networks I am a member of are 

  • Get Blogged, a network that is open to any genre of bloggers and has paid blogging opportunities. It is quick and simple to sign up and they are always advertising different jobs. 
  • Tots100, this is a network for parenting blogs (they also have food, travel and lifestyle networks), you sign up, add a badge to your site and they will email you weekly blogging opportunities you can apply for, brands will sometimes email you directly via Tots100 too. I have worked with them a few times and fees vary depending on the campaign I have recently worked on an England Hockey Campaign with them which paid well.
  • Mumsnet Bloggers again this is another parenting network, you sign up and add a badge to your blog and you will get a weekly email with current opportunities you can apply for. I have worked with them in the past and they do pay well. 
  • Britmums another parenting network you sign up to, Britmums will email when they have campaigns and you apply for any that you are suitable for. 
  • Bloggers Required, you sign up for a weekly newsletter which advertises paid campaigns and reviews and you can apply for any that you like the look of. 
  • Tribe, this is an app that you download for free and you can apply for Instagram jobs. A lot of them have minimum followers numbers so if Instagram is your strong point then this is worth a look at. 

When things are quiet blog-wise I also keep an eye on Twitter as often PRs will advertise on Twitter using hashtags such as #bloggerswanted #bloggersrequired #PRrequest. A lot of bloggers have started using them to tout for work but sometimes if you look through you can find some genuine opportunities. 

I am not a big blogger and I don't work on my blog full-time but I still earn a decent income via my blog that enables me to stay home with my children and I also get to review some lovely attractions, hotels and restaurants. At the moment I am working on a £200 sponsored post, a paid Nintendo game review and I have a review week in a UK holiday park booked in. As cheesy as it sounds there is plenty of blogging opportunities out there and if I can manage to run a blog and earn an income from it then anyone can with a bit of determination and hard work. 


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  1. I really struggle to make money from my blog. I apply to loads of campaigns bit very rarely get contacted. I've resigned myself to the fact that it's just a hobby now haha!


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