Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Encouraging Your Family To Eat More Vegetables

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When it comes to your family's health, you want to be giving them the best possible chance in life. A good diet not only keeps our bodies healthy, but it can also keep us mentally healthy as well. It can even improve how children perform at school. It can be hard to keep preparing fresh food and sometimes it is easier to just go for a quick option. A good idea is to prepare your meals on one day and have spares in the freezer just in case. 

Recently there were reports of people contracting Cyclospora from packaged salad mix - 600 people have been reported ill so far and the parasite can be particularly dangerous for people who are very young or very old. If this has affected you then you should find out if you can sue for Cyclospora. Although cases such as this are rare, it highlights the importance of washing all of your fruit and vegetables, even if it claims to have been washed. 

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When it comes to how many vegetables you should be eating it depends on several things such as your age, how active you are and any dietary restrictions. For example, a vegetarian or vegan will need to eat a lot more vegetables to get everything they need. However, there is a risk of overeating and even if what you're overeating is healthy it is still bad for you. Here is a great guide for how much fruit and vegetables you should be eating depending on your age.  

And it's not just the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat, variety is important too. Different products produce different minerals and vitamins which are all important to your health. An easy rule to remember is to include lots of different colours. Generally, a colourful plate of fruit and vegetables is a happy one. Some of the best vegetables to get all the nutrients you need are spinach, kale, beetroot, carrots, sweet potato, peppers and cauliflower. 

However, you can't skip the vegetables for lots of fruit. Fruit is great, but it is also full of sugar. Vegetables contain lots of things which you can not get from fruit. Also, be aware that dried fruit changes the chemical makeup of the fruit and so it has more bad sugars and is not as good for you as fresh. You can read more about dried fruit here

If you struggle to get fruit and vegetables into your diet or if you struggle to get your children to eat them then here are some tips. 

  • Keep fruit out so that everyone can see it (we have a fruit bowl on the kitchen bench)
  • Freeze fruit as a great alternative to sweets.
  • Make smoothies and include vegetables such as spinach and kale, you can still make it taste great with berries, banana or maybe even peanut butter. 
  • Hide vegetables in your favourite dishes, such as grating carrot into a stew.
  • Choose something new, there are lots of exciting and exotic things in the supermarket, keep it exciting by choosing something new each week. 

If you have any more tips be sure to let me know in the comments below. 



  1. I've gone down the route of hiding veggies in other food and I've started to make a lot more smoothies thanI used to - some nice ideas and thanks for the tips x

  2. Love this. It isn't only the littles in the family who struggle with getting enough veg in! Thanks for the tips x


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