Sunday, 12 January 2020

Taking Care Of My Health In 2020

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Now that it is a brand new year and everyone is talking of resolutions and goals for the year ahead it got me thinking about what my goals for the year ahead are. I am so bad at always making New Years Resolutions and breaking them so I much prefer the idea of creating achievable goals for the year ahead that I can work on throughout the year. This year my main goal is to work on my health. 

So many people have goals and/or resolutions this year to lose three stone or drop two dress sizes or run a marathon. I don't have any of those goals, me and fitness do not go well together and while I would like to lose weight that is not what I am focusing on. I am simply going to focus on being healthier. 

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I am not sure if it is the fact I am getting older (I am in my mid 30's now) or the fact that I have been so run-down and caught so many bugs this year but I have realised I really need to be healthier and take better care of myself. I am overweight, I have hypermobility so my joints ache so bad somedays, I don't get enough sleep or drink enough water or eat my 5 a day every day, I get stressed easily and never have any 'me time'. So this year I plan on changing all of that. 

It has got to the point where I am always tired, I have hardly any energy somedays as I just feel sluggish and lack motivation. I know this all down to my bad diet and lack of water - I don't drink nearly enough as I should do. I have noticed lately that my digestion problems seem worse than normal, since getting my gall-bladder removed six years ago I have suffered digestive problems that I have just lived with and put up with but it has got to the point now where I think I need to go and see a Digestive Health Specialist as there are so many foods I am unable to eat these days. 

To make 2020 a healthier year I am going to make sure I drink enough water each day and cut down on the amount of coffee I drink (I drink a lot). I am going to make sure I properly meal plan and do grocery shopping on a set day each week as this will stop us getting takeaways or having convenience food. I am going to make sure that I plan my 5-a-day into my meals each day as some days I eat loads of fruit and veg and other days none at all. I am also going to walk more as I don't always do 10,000 steps a day, so I will take the long way on the way home from the school run or take the kids on a walk along the coast on weekends. 

I am also going to make sure I get some earlier nights and stop staying up late binge-watching Netflix shows every few weeks. Lastly, I am going to make sure I make more time for myself, something I massively struggle with as I always, always put the kids first. I am going to make time to meet up with friends, have the odd date night and do more things that make me happy. 

Hopefully, all of these small changes will result in me being a healthier and happier mam and with a bit of luck, I might even lose a bit of weight and get fitter at the same time too. 

Are you planning on leading a healthier life this year? 


  1. I think it's better to focus on being healthy and the chances are that if you eat better and exercise a bit you lose a little weight anyway.
    My new years resolutions are to be in bed by 11pm on a school night and always eat lunch, I sometimes skip it. I feel if I do those things I will be healthier. x

  2. I think we have quite similar goals for 2020 Lindsay! I like the fact that you are working on the whole "being healthier" in general goal, which is mine too and the small changes will all add up and make a big difference come the wend of the year x


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