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A Look Back On 2019

At the start of the New Year, I always like to look back on the year gone by, it doesn't seem so long ago that I wrote about 2018 and now here we are in 2020 writing about 2019 - time please slow down a little. 2019 was a funny old year for us, it started off well and the highlight was most definitely our wedding in the summer (best day ever!). Thing's kind of went down-hill a bit after the wedding though and it has been a very stressful few months and my mental health has suffered massively so I took a huge step back from blogging and online life last year. I ended the year feeling thankful that I have my family and determined to make this year a much better year for us all. 

Anyway here is a look back on 2019


January was a nice month for us, yeah we were mega skint after Christmas and I broke all of my new year resolutions within hours (as always) but we had loads of family time and the other half had a week off work. We visited Preston Park in Teeside for the first time on a blog collab, the park was amazing and well worth a visit if you have adventurous little ones. Jacob started football training in January and he is now football crazy and is in a local football team. 

the giant climbing frame at Preston Park Museum Teeside

I also started writing for Your North East Wedding magazine, which I did for most of the year. Wedding planning was in full swing and I got Sophia's flower girl dress, ordered all our wedding invitations and spent hours on wedding Facebook groups and Pinterest (avoid if you're planning a wedding as they will make you go way over budget and want things you didn't even know you wanted). I loved wedding planning, but it was so time-consuming. 


February we were still busy wedding planning and all of our spare income was now going on paying for the day as I went massively over-budget - was worth it though! Luckily I was busy and had a few well paying blog jobs this month. 

wedding planner and magazine

It was half-term and we did not really do a lot as the other half was working so we had lazy days at home. We visited a local trampoline park which Sophia really enjoyed and the teen decided she was going to go to a new school to study for her A-Levels in September instead of college like she originally planned. 


Yep, you guessed it another month taking up with wedding planning! This month we organised things with suppliers and started buying all the little bits like shoes, table plans, post box for cards etc. We started paying things off and getting things in place for the big day - there were so many little things to organise. 

We were struck down with illness, I had some kind of sickness bug and felt so run down with flu-like symptoms for a couple of weeks. The other half ended up in the hospital with kidney stones and the teen ended up in the hospital for her asthma. Despite all the illness, it was an ok month as all three children had good parents evening reports, the teen got a conditional offer at 6th form. 

We went on a couple of blog review meals out as a family, I went on a spa day and we celebrated Mothers Day. The little two celebrated World Book Day on a collab with Asda and I read some great books and rediscovered my love of reading again. 


I had my hen party out in Newcastle with 14 family and friends, we got a limo into Newcastle went for an Italian meal and then went drinking it was a canny night. The other half also had his stag party at the races and came home mortal drunk and fell asleep on the bedroom floor. 

wedding hair & makeup trial for hen party

Poor Sophia was really poorly with an awful sickness bug, she didn't stop being sick for days and couldn't keep any water down. I was really worried and almost took her to hospital for dehydration until Susan K Mann recommended giving her a sugary drink like Oasis to drink which actually worked and after a few hours the sickness stopped. 

The children were off school for the Easter holidays and we had a few nice days out. The other half won £1000 on a scratch card which massively helped us with the wedding costs. 


May is Sophia's birthday and she turned 6, we celebrated by going for pizza (her favourite) and going bowling which she enjoyed. The kids were off for May half-term and we had a few days out and we worked with The Gate and had a nice family afternoon at the cinema. The teen started her GCSE exams and spent all of her spare time revising. 

Wedding planning was super busy as we paid all the remaining suppliers off, met with the suppliers to plan the day. We had meetings with the registrar to pick vows and I had my final dress fitting. We were all feeling super excited for the big day and every spare moment was taken up with sorting things out for the day. 


We got married! The day was perfect, everything went to plan and the sun shone and it was so nice having all our family and friends together in one place. It is a day we will all remember forever. 

outdoor shot of our wedding venue

June is also the month the teen finished her GCSE's and she had her prom which she enjoyed and she got herself a little part-time job. The other half turned 30 and he had loads of time off work so it was nice to actually spend some time together. Jacob had his first football presentation night and June was just a lovely month for all of us. 


July was the start of the 6 week holidays and we had some lush days out at the beach thanks to the heatwave we had during the summer. We went to the cinema to see Toy Story 4 and the children had fun playing in the garden, visiting the park and spending time with friends. The teen went off on NCS which she really enjoyed and she also took part in Go Ape at Matfen

We booked a two week summer holiday to Greece and celebrated by going out for a Greek meal which was delish! 


The kids were off school all month and the teen was away on NCS and the other half was working non-stop so it was just me and the little two for most of the month. Jacob turned 5 and we went to Flamingoland for the day to celebrate, it is always hard him having a summer birthday as most people are away or busy so he rarely gets a party - we have promised him one for this year though. 

child plane ride at flamingoland theme park

I went to see Kynren again and enjoyed it just as much second time around - even though it was pouring of rain. We also got our wedding photographs back and they are perfect. 

The teen got her GCSE results and done great, getting the grades she needed to study at 6th form. She is studying Fine Art, Sociology and Geography for her A-Levels. I am so proud of how she is turning out as she is doing great things with her life. 


The kids went back to school and the biggest started her new 6th form which she seems to like. We were invited to Linden Hall to enjoy their Harry Potter Package and we had a lovely day out at Alnwick Castle. The other half had a week off work so we had a night away in Newcastle staying at The Sandman Hotel without the kids and had a nice meal at Turtle Bay. Jacob started hockey (part of a blog campaign) but he really enjoyed it and has asked if he can start playing properly. 

broomstick lesson at alnwick castle


The teen turned 17 and has started her driving lessons. Sophia started swimming lessons and I started studying with The Open University in a bid to finally finish my degree! We went to see Disney On Ice which Sophia really enjoyed. The kids had a week off school but we didn't do much as I was poorly with the most horrific illness (I think it was flu as I was so ill and it took me weeks to feel better) I even missed the teens birthday as I could not get out of bed which I felt awful about.

rainbow over the sea at whitley bay coast


November I was still unwell and we also had some money problems due to a very big unexpected bill. I contemplated stopping blogging as I was owed so much money which was all late and very stressful when you need it to buy your kids Christmas presents. I think I was just very stressed as we had a lot going on and I was unwell and life was a bit rubbish if I am honest. It was my birthday but we didn't do anything. 

charlie and the chocolate factory theme Fenwicks window newcastle

It wasn't all doom and gloom though as we finally finished decorating the lounge. We went to see Santa, took the kids ice skating and to see Fenwick's window. Me and the girls went to see Frozen 2 at the cinema (it is fab) and our wedding featured in Your North East Wedding magazine. 


Decembers highlight was definitely Christmas, the excitement from the children was just infectious. We had a lovely Christmas at home just the five of us and it was really lush, I hope next Christmas is as nice. We went to see pantomimes, visited Santa (again) and the children had so many parties and festive events to attend in the run-up to Christmas that during the holidays we just rested at home and it has done all of us the world of good. 

outdoor ice rink at woodhorn museum

Overall 2019 was not a bad year it was just a bit stressful at times and we were unlucky with illness (especially me), the wedding was definitely the highlight for us. I am so proud of the teen passing her exams, learning to drive and getting a job. Sophia is learning to swim and is enjoying school and trying her best (we are waiting to see if she is dyslexic). Jacob is flourishing at school and adores his football and I love watching them grow. We didn't have any fancy holidays or lavish days out but this year I am just super thankful to have my family and home and really that's all that matters in life. 


  1. What a lovely round up of the year, though I am so sorry you have been suffering lately. You look so beautiful on your wedding day, and glad the sun shone for you. I wish my teen would start driving lessons, though not looking forward to the cost. He was 17 in August but has no desire to start yet. Here is to a happy and healthy 2020 x

    1. Thank you so much Tracey. Mine was desperate to start, it is so expensive as she has two hour lessons, dread to think how much car insurance will end up costing too. I hope 2020 is a much better year for you too health wise xx

  2. Ah some definite highs! The wedding and lots of trips. Shame about the illnesses but I swear just part and parcel of kids eh? Have a fab 2020

  3. It sounds like you had a crazy-busy year, but lots of good times in there with the stress! Your wedding looks like it was beautiful, and you must be so proud of your daughter for doing so well at school (and the little ones' achievements too, of course ). When you're so busy, things like illness and money can feel overwhelming when you still have to cope with everything else too. Hopefully your restful Christmas has set you up for a great 2020 though!

  4. What a full on year! I feel like this could be how my 2020 will look! We get married in December.

    Congratulations, you looked beautiful x x

  5. I think a lot of people had a mixed bag of a year where 2019 was concerned. And I'm glad your wedding went well. I was so ready to see the back of 2019 as it was a horrendous year for our family x

  6. Sounds like a very busy year, congratulations on your wedding, it sounds like you had an amazing day. Also well done to your teen for getting great GCSE results. Here's to 2020.

  7. Aww you all sound like you absolutely smashed it in 2019! Congrats for all your achievements 💖⭐️💖

  8. How exciting that you got married it sounds like a lovely day. I am sorry you were so poorly through out the year. I hope 2020 is kinder to you on the front. Late payments drive me mad, I still have a few to chase from well before Christmas! xx

  9. Sounds like an eventful year. Congratulations on getting married!


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